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Iconic Wrath of Man Quotes

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Terry: [referring to Fortico Security] We’re not federal. We’re essentially middlemen.
Hundreds of millions shifting through here every week. We got twelve trucks, two, or three
guards in each. A driver, a messenger, and a guard, each moving up to fifteen mils a day, and
sometimes more, which can attract unwanted attention. I won’t lie. It can be dangerous, which
is why we train you properly and pay the premium rates, so we can all sleep better at night.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Terry: [to H] But just so you know, we lost a couple of guards a while back. Killed on the job. A
civilian too. A f***ing tragedy. And they still haven’t found the scum who did it.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Bullet: Let’s see. Hill. Hill. H. I’m going to call you H if that’s okay? They call me Bullet, which
is ironic because I certainly don’t move like one.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Bullet: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new addition. May I introduce H?  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Bullet: You good?
H: Yeah. Why, don’t I look it?
Bullet: No, buddy. You look like a shrink-wrapped Rolls-Royce, in contrast to this car crash.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Bullet: You’re a c**k, Dave.
Hollow Bob: I reckon our man here could pull yours right off.
Boy Sweat Dave: He looks like he could handle a c**k.
H: Yeah, small hands. Makes me very popular, and you look good.

Bullet: It’s worth getting to know Dave. He’s quite entertaining in an unintentional kind of
Hollow Bob: Yeah. He once killed a hamster because he squeezed it too tight.
Bullet: And he can’t write without sticking his tongue out.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Armourer: [referring to the sidearm] I need you to love it, respect it, and bring it back in one
H: Do they want us back in one piece too?
Armourer: Do you have a problem?
H: I don’t know. Do I?

H: What happens if we’re pulling pistols in a machine gunfight?
Armourer: Then you retort with a positive mental attitude.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Bullet: He’s H.
Armourer: H?
Bullet: Like the bomb. Or like Jesus H.
Armorer: Well, if you can mushroom cloud, or walk on water, what are you worried about
machine guns for?  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Stuart: You’re going to love who your new partner is.
Boy Sweat Dave: Just tell me it ain’t the Limey.
Stuart: The grand old duke himself.
Boy Sweat Dave: F***!

Boy Sweat Dave: Do you have any idea how dangerous this job can be?
H: Some idea, yeah.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Boy Sweat Dave: No. You have no idea. We ain’t the predators. We’re the prey.
Bullet: I like the way you handle that cart. Where did you learn that technique?
H: Spent a lot of time in supermarkets. Shopping.
Bullet: I can picture it now. A paragon of modern man on a wild sojourn, stalking down the
aisles, hunting for Pop-Tarts.
H: Pop-Tarts are not really my poison, Bullet. I prefer to lose myself in the dizzy food coma of
synthetic cheese and impossible meats.
Bullet: What has the world come to? A direct line of evolution, from Paleolithic man to a diabetic house husband.
H: Harsh.
Bullet: But true.

Bullet: You’re going to love him, Dave. He’s got that exotic European thing working for him.
It’ll take you a while to dial in.
Dana: Hasn’t taken me very long.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Stuart: I don’t care what you guys think. That man’s a dark horse.
Bullet: What do you mean by that?
Stuart: That cat’s overqualified for this game. He’s got history.
Dana: We’re all overqualified for this game, and we all got history.

Boy Sweat Dave: Pretty soon you’ll all be working for me. The power’s in this big head here.
Dana: Well, it’s definitely not in your little head, or are you still blaming the beer?  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

John: You ain’t much of a talker, are you, Mary Poppins?
H: Oh, no, I can talk. I just don’t want to talk to you. Let me buy you a beer. Just make sure you
drink it over there.
[John just stares at him]
H: Anything else?

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Bullet: [referring to John] I got to give it to you, H. You’re a real social magician. First, you
take his job, and then you make him cry in his beer.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

H: [to Dave, referring to Bullet] You don’t want to do this, you can get out of the truck now. But
we’re not leaving him behind. He’s one of us. It’s only money. In short, I’m getting him back.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

Boy Sweat Dave: [referring to the money bag] You open it, they’re just going to kill all three of
us and take the money anyway.
H: Dave, you just worry about putting your a**hole back in your a**hole, and leave this to me.

Boy Sweat Dave: [as H shoots the robbers] Who is this f***ing lunatic?!  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

H: Who do you work for?
Robber: Suck my f***ing d**k!
H: What did you say?
Robber: I said suck my f***ing d**k!
H: Suck your own d**k.
[H shoots him]  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

H: You alright, Dave? Did you make poo-poo?  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

FBI Agent Okey: [to H] What I don’t understand is how you managed to take down six men
without even so much as a scratch.
Terry: Well, you got to admit it’s impressive.  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

FBI Agent Hubbard: What about your firearms experience? Your shooting was
unambiguously precise, yet your training scores were decidedly average.
FBI Agent Okey: Barely even passed.
H: Kill or be killed. Seemed to focus the mind.

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H: You hired me to do a job. I did a job.
Terry: No, we hired you to move money.
H: You hired me to protect money.

FBI Agent Hubbard: What do you want us to do?
Agent King: Not a f***ing thing. Let the painter paint  ~~~Wrath of Man Quotes

I’m sorry to hear it went bust.

I’m gonna call you H if that’s okay?

They call me bullet, even though I don’t move like one.

You look like a shrink-wrapped Rolls Royce.

He once killed a hamster by squeezing it too tight.

Try to keep your piece strapped like he should’ve done on prom night.

Do you know how dangerous this job can be?

We are not the predators, we are the prey.

I was supposed to be driving the truck that day.

I spend a lot of time in supermarkets shopping.

Did you make poo poo or is your diaper still clean?

They always have to see the driver and the messenger, otherwise, you ain’t getting in.

Boss has eyes for the new boy.

Let me buy you a beer, just make sure you drink it over there.

You need to pull yourself together.

You just worry about putting your a**h*le back in your a**h*le and leave this to me.

Did you make poo poo?

Kill or be killed seems to focus the mind.

You hired me to do a job, I did a job.

Don’t punish him, promote him.

Let the painter paint.

Seems like you can walk on water after all.

I hear H is for a hero.

He’s a dark f*cking spirit.

You got a warrior spirit.

You killed our son and still, you have nothing to say.

Somebody always knows something.

I’m not allowed to ask hard questions.

I can do in 2 weeks what you only wish you could do in 20 years.

I need to know who pulled the trigger, I need a face.

We scorched earth.

It’s got to be an inside job.

I’m built for combat, not daytime TV.

Boredom is more dangerous than bullets.

Go find another bone to chew before you break your teeth on this one.

There is a man on the inside, he needs a slice.

You’re lucky you still have a seat at this table.

The depot, Black Friday.

Today is not the day to be a hero.

We all understand the risks, we all aren’t gonna make it.

He’s a soldier in the end, he will follow orders.

His name was Dougie.


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