50+ Beautiful Vacation Friends Movie Quotes 2021

Most Iconic Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

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Ron: You son of a b**ch! You said we were best friends!
Kyla: Yeah, it’s like f***ed up.
Emily: What are you two doing here?
[Ron and Kyla laugh]
Kyla: Oh, my God! ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Emily’s Dad: Excuse me. This is a private event.
Ron: Oh, it’s cool. We know the bride and groom. We met these two animals down in Mexico. ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Marcus: Okay. Look, we just got to contain them. This only happened because you said, “See
you later.”
Emily: I said it without meaning it as any decent person would. And somehow he is
charming my dad. ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Ron: Jackpot. The devil’s d**k. The most potent magic mushroom on earth.
Marcus: I ate it.
Ron: Why?
Marcus: You told me to!
Ron: I didn’t say, “Eat it.”
Marcus: Man, everything you touch turns into drugs! 

Emily’s Dad: [as they’re about to play golf] Hope you’re comfortable in a foursome.
Ron: As long as there’s at least one girl involved.

Marcus: Everywhere they go, chaos happens. ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Emily: Well, I like the sound of that.
Kyla: [as Emily kisses Marcus] We do too.
Marcus: Jesus! ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

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Ron: Good evening, everyone.
Emily: What is he doing up there?
Ron: Marcus and I crossed paths in Mexico. Got to know each other, intimately.
Fred: [quietly to Enzo] This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to. ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Ron, Kyla: That is f***ing awesome! ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Bandleader: Ladies and gentlemen, the bride and groom to be, Emily and Marcus!

Emily’s Mom: This weekend is all about you. ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Marcus: Why does the salt not taste salty.
Ron: Oh, because it’s cocaine.
Emily: What?!
Kyla: We actually brought it from home. Very, very easy if you ever want to try it. It’s just a
Ziploc in a full shampoo bottle.
Ron: And it’s so much more comfortable than when I had it in my a**. ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Marcus: I don’t do drugs.
Kyla: Even on vacation? ~~~Vacation Friends Movie Quotes

Ron: Put that bottle on your head.
Marcus: Babe, he’s not serious. We’ve been drinking…
Ron: [suddenly shoots the bottle on top of Marcus’s head] Count it!
Kyla: You hit the bottle this time!
Marcus: What the f***?! 

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