250 Best The Witcher Quotes & Remarkable Dialogue

I was skeptical of the show for a long time, as so often an adaptation of a book or otherwise doesn’t live up to its namesake in filmography. Especially you get to know a character, but what you see on screen is someone completely different. But just started watching and was very pleasantly surprised that they have adapted it so well to the screen.

Henry Cavill in particular deserves commendation for his role as Geralt. Apparently, he’s played the game himself, and shows. The voice acting is indistinguishable to the point I had to google if it was the same person.

The same soundtracks in the game are utilized throughout the season, and the atmosphere of a Temerian village or a Nilfgaardian court that was so well created while playing is recreated on screen. Fans of the games will not leave disappointed. I would definitely recommend it.

The Witcher Quotes About Destiny

People linked by destiny will always find each other.

Every time I’m near you, I say more in five minutes than I’ve said in weeks. And I always regret it.

Sometimes a flower is just a flower, and the best thing it can do for us is to die. 

Nobody smart plays fair.

Destiny is just the embodiment of the soul’s desire to grow.

It’s like ordering a pie and finding it has no filling.

Happy childhoods make for dull company.

You have the most incredible neck. It’s like a sexy goose.

Life-holding dustpans while you brush off forgotten bones? That’s not destiny. It’s slow suicide.

There is not a person alive that does not look into the mirror and see some deformity. Except for us. We remake ourselves on our terms. The world has no say in it.

I’m sorry you didn’t have a life. But if truth be told, you’re not missing much. I know it’s easy for me to say with warm breath in my lungs, and you with nothing. Still, what would you have had? Parents? Well, they’re the ones who wrote your last act, so not much lost there. Friends? Most likely fair weather. Lovers?

Fun for a bit, I’ll admit, but all eventually disappoint. And let’s face it, you’re a girl. Your mother was right about one thing. We’re just vessels. And even when we’re told we’re special, as I was, as you would’ve been, we’re still just vessels, for them to take, and take, until we’re empty and alone. So, count yourself lucky. You’ve created the game and won without even knowing it.

I need no one. And the last thing I want is someone needing me.

They created me just as they created you. We’re not so different.

Blessed silence.

Whatever you lack in talent, you make up for in confidence.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

There is a vortex of fate around all of us, Geralt, growing with each and every one of our choices, drawing our destinies in closer.

The girl in the woods will be with you always. She is your destiny.

The Continent is vast. Just because you don’t know of a cure doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It’s simply beyond your scope.

Sometimes there are monsters, sometimes there’s money. Rarely both. That’s life.

Respect doesn’t make history.

My world is cruel. Unpredictable. You enter, you survive, you die.

Magic is organizing chaos. And while oceans of mystery remain, we have deduced that this requires two things. Balance and control. Without them, chaos will kill you.

If I have to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.

Destiny helps people believe there’s an order to this horse ***. There isn’t.

As in life, it is impossible always to be fully prepared for battle. Keep your sword close, and keep moving.

Toss a coin to your Witcher O’ Valley of Plenty O’ Valley of Plenty O’ Toss a coin to Your Witcher O’ Valley of Plenty – Jaskier (The Witcher Quotes)

Toss a coin to Your Witcher

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Best The Witcher Quotes

Think for yourselves. It’ll save you a lifetime of heartbreak.

That scent. The moment I dread most every time you leave… is when it fades. When you’re really gone.

Pretty ballads hide bastard truths.

Not answering questions is a pillar of your brooding charm.

I will take the girl, protect her, and bring her back unharmed.

I dreamed of becoming important to someone. Someday.

How am I to know? When I cut my finger, I bleed. That’s human, right? When I overeat, my stomach aches. When I’m happy, I laugh. When I’m upset, I swear. And when I hate someone, for stealing my whole life from me, I kill him.

Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling, it’s all the same.

A true man would state his desires.

You can’t outrun destiny just because you’re terrified of it.

Wizards are all the same. You talk nonsense while making wise and meaningful faces.

When you live as long as I do, all the names start to sound the same.

We have to cling to something. If we don’t, the world descends into chaos.

They took my choice. I want it back.

There’s no power in puppeting fools, especially one who’d sooner fondle his sorceress than listen to her.

There is no “us”. There is only me.

There is a cost to all creation. A sacrifice that is always made.

The bond that will come into being between you and this child, when it is born, will be extraordinary.

The ability to create life, real life, they take that from you. And then send you out, so the only family, the only loyalty you have, is to them. And you’ll trade it all for what? Looks that never change. A court is full of idiots.

Sometimes, you have to compromise in order to survive.

No treasure is worth dying for.

My sweet child, when I go, it will be far more dramatic than this.

In the face of the inevitable, good leaders should always choose mercy. In the future, you will be wise to do the same.

In Nilfgaard, there are no limits. Only power and potential.

Ill winds follow grave robbers.

I’m supposed to be going towards someone, but instead, I’m running from someone else.

I’m done apologizing. I’m done with all of this. I have to move on.

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The Witcher Quotes About Love

I suppose that’s one way of getting some rest.

I find royalty best taken in small doses.

Find Geralt of Rivia. He is your destiny.

Chaos is the same as it’s always been. Humans just adapted better.

Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world. It is all around us all the time. Volatile and powerful.

You’re making me uncomfortable.

You are a first draft of what nature intended.

There is no conjuring something from nothing. There is a give and a take.

The army whose stink I can smell on a strong breeze is one I worry about.

States rise and fall like the tide. Nothing new.

Not many of my likeness left.

If Ciri survives, then Pavetta lives on too.

I had them filed down.

I bow to no law made by men who never bore a child!

Huh. Then you don’t know Yennefer of Vengerberg.

Because then I am what they say I am.

A reclusive sorcerer uses an alias and hires a young girl to procure him a witcher. You don’t want my monster. You want me to kill yours.

A dynasty can’t survive on arrogance alone.

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