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The Tomorrow War Movie Quotes

If you like sci-fi movie then you must have seen this movie. The tomorrow war quotes are given in this post, you can share your favorite quotes.

If you like science fiction movies then this movie is for you and if you have seen this movie then surely you like this movie very much. The story of this movie is very beautiful and unique.

In the future, all the people of the world are dying, that is, the number of people is getting very low, in which case some people from the future are now coming and taking the present people to the future to fight.

If you have seen the movie, then you must share this post with everyone. Order one of them to watch this movie. Because you will rarely see such movies.

All in all, this movie has shown something new and while watching the movie you may think that you have seen this seen because time travel movies are very similar.



Emmy Forester: [to Dan] I am going to punch you in your unfortunately very handsome face. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dan Forester: You know what it takes to be the best. You got to say to yourself, “I will do,” you
have to think this, “what nobody else is willing to do.” ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Lt. Hart: We are you, thirty years in the future. We are fighting a war. Our enemy is not
human. And we are losing. In eleven months’ time, all human beings in the future will be wiped
from the face of the earth, unless you help us. We need you. Our fathers, mothers, and
grandparents, we need you to fight beside us if we stand a chance at winning this war.
Dan Forester: Is this a joke?
Lt. Hart: You are our last hope.

Dan Forester: [to his students] If you open your books to page forty-seven, talking about
photosynthesis and the magic of chlorophyll. It’s really interesting stuff, guys. They say magic,
you know, it’s not like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but it’s magic if you think about it. The stuff
we breathe out, a tree breathes in? I know, you guys are speechless because it’s so captivating.

Dan Forester: [to his students] Listen, guys. I know it seems pretty bad. But if there’s one
thing that the world needs right now, it’s scientists. We cannot stop innovating. That’s how you
solve a problem. Science is important. So we need to focus on up.

Conscription Officer Dean: You meet all requirements for conscription.
Dan Forester: What are the requirements for conscription? A pulse? ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Emmy Forester: Do you know how many of these guys come back? Thirty percent. Thirty
percent of draftees return. I talk to them every day, and they suffer so much post-trauma they
can barely talk.
Dan Forester: I mean, I can see why you don’t work in the recruiting department.

Emmy Forester: We’re going to run. This is what we’re doing. You, me and Muri, we have to
Dan Forester: We have twenty-four hours. I don’t know how to run from the government.
Emmy Forester: You know someone who does.
Dan Forester: No.
Emmy Forester: We have to. Dan.
Dan Forester: I’m not asking him for a goddamn thing.
Emmy Forester: Do not ask for yourself. Ask for me. Ask for me, Dan. Ask for Muri.

Dan Forester: What, are you going to shoot me?
James Forester: I didn’t recognize you. Must’ve been that metrosexual scruffle you got there.
I mean, grow a beard or don’t.
Dan Forester: Oh, it’s my beard? That’s the reason you don’t recognize me?

Dan Forester: Desert Eagle .50 cal. That’s cool.
James Forester: Yeah, it does the job.
Dan Forester: The job of convincing the world you have a small d**k. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dan Forester: I wish you wouldn’t drink while you do this.
James Forester: I wish Stevie Nicks would show up in her birthday suit with a jar of pickles
and a bottle of baby oil.
Dan Forester: What?
James Forester: Yeah, don’t overthink it.

James Forester: You come here, surprise visit, talking about my distrust of the federal
government, and my “no visible means of income”. Yeah, that sounds like entrapment.
Dan Forester: Is that entrapment? Is that what that sounds like, Perry Mason? Is that because
you binge-watch The Sopranos in your trailer?

James Forester: You never wanted my help a day in your life.
Dan Forester: What did you just say to me? There were years, decades, that was all we wanted
from you, was a little bit of help. I could’ve used help, burying your wife.
James Forester: Let me tell you something. You have no idea what went on between your
mother and me. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

James Forester: You’ve been mad at me your whole life because I left you. But I’m telling
you, it would’ve been worse, for you and your mom, if I’d have stayed.
Dan Forester: No. You didn’t leave for us. You quit because you’re a coward. And you still
are. Stop sending Christmas cards to my house. You are never going to know Muri. You don’t
get a second chance. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dan Forester: I don’t know what’s going to happen to me if I go, but you and I both know
what will happen to all of us if I stay.
Emmy Forester: We’ll figure it out together.
Dan Forester: I know how to do this. It’s for seven days. I’ll survive. I’m a pretty tough guy.
Emmy Forester: You’re3 tDou aghv?a Ttaher mfroanm w aho s cirniegsl eth prohuogtho every cold?

Dan Forester: I want you to know something. I will be back.
Young Muri Forester: Okay.
DanForester:  You know I love you, Chickpea. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dodd: You people, you all have something in common. Whatever your age, occupation,
ethnicity, or gender, whatever your background, you are now heroes. You answered a call. It was
a cry for help across time. It’s the voice of your children, and they need you. The sacrifice that
you make now is for them. For the first time in human history, the armed forces from every
nation are united against one enemy.

Dodd: Seven days from now, when you are sent into that war, you won’t be fighting for your
country. You’ll be fighting for the world. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Lt. Hart: What you think you know about basic training does not apply. You will not march,
crawl, or climb. There will be no push-ups, no pull-ups, no obstacle courses.
Cowan: I was kind of looking forward to that. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dorian: You can braid each other’s hair later. Alright, stop talking. Listen.
Charlie: Totally. Sorry. I mean, when I’m nervous, I talk. On a scale of one to ten, I’m like a
ninety-seven on the nervous scale. Or maybe like a ninety-eight. You look like a murderer. No
offense. Well, I mean, you do, so.
Norah: He will kill you before the aliens do.
Charlie: I know. I called him a murderer.

Charlie: Have you noticed how all of us, or at least most of us, are like over forty?
Dan Forester: Yeah. You’re thinking that, in order for the time jump to occur, we have to be
dead in the time we’re jumping to? I mean, I imagine it’s to avoid some sort of paradox.
Charlie: Which would lead me to believe that’s why the people training us are so young.
Dan, Charlie: They haven’t been born yet.
Charlie: I think we’re going to be best friends.

Lt. Tran: Time only flows in one direction. It’s like a river. The Jumplink placed two rafts on
that river, thirty years apart. Now, we can jump back and forth between them, but both rafts will
always keep moving forward.
Charlie: So why can’t we just build more rafts?
Lt. Ikemba: The Jumplink tech is held together with chewing gum and chicken wire. We’ve
barely managed to make one very rudimentary wormhole. If we weren’t in an extinction-level
the event, we’d still be jumping lab rats. Now we can jump you to 2051, and we can jump you back.

Norah: Okay, but why don’t we have pictures or video? You know, it would help us to know
what we’re up against.
Lt. Hart: The consensus was that if the public saw what they’d face when they reach the future,
it would become virtually impossible to fill that hangar.
Norah: Okay, cool. Next time someone asks that you should probably just lie. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dan Forester: What’s going on? I thought we had seven days.
Lt. Hart: The world doesn’t end on a schedule. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Charlie: How do you know how to do all this stuff, man? How are you so calm?
Dan Forester: Long story.
Charlie: What, are you like ex-military?
Dan Forester: Yeah. Kind of a short story, I guess. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dorian: Welcome to Miami.
Charlie: I’m just glad Will Smith isn’t alive to see this. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Charlie: [sees aliens eating the soldiers] Well, I could’ve done without seeing that.
Dorian: Well, if you think this is bad, you don’t want to see what happens next. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dorian: You’re wasting your time training them to be soldiers.
Dan Forester: I’m not. Just trying to keep them alive, man. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dorian: You try to save your friends, you’re going to get eaten. We’re Team Not Eaten.
Cowan: Did he just say they’d eat us?
Norah: Yes. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

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Martin – Volcanoes Are Nature’s Fury, Guys
Probably one of the most underrated lines in the movie is Martin’s quote where he expresses his interest in volcanoes. Although it seemed irrelevant at the start of the movie, Martin came up clutch at the end as his interest in volcanoes made him able to explain how volcanic ash from China appeared in Russia.

Through Martin’s brilliance and assistance, Dan and his team were able to pinpoint the location of the white spike.

Emmy – We Are Looking At The Wrong Year
Although Dan went through the whole adventure with the white spikes, it was Emmy, his wife, who was the one to discover where they should start searching.

Specifically, instead of thinking that they arrived decades later, she realized they should start looking at their own current year as the white spikes are already possible on Earth. Although it’s still uncertain where they came from and how long they’ve been there, Emmy made a great start towards finding the answer.

James – I’ll Get My Coat
Although a simple and seemingly meaningless quote, James meant so much more with this. After Dan insulted James, he came back a week later only to ask an enormous and extremely weird favor: he asked James to transport them illegally to Russia by plane in order to kill an alien colony.

For James, who had no idea about the aliens and whose relationship with Dan was terrible, ‘no’ was the expected answer. Nevertheless, without any questions or hesitation, James said he was in. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dorian – What Kind Of Selfish D**K Doesn’t Help A Guy Save His Kid, Right?
Dorian in the main part of the movie appeared as a selfish guy who had given up hope and who believed that saving the world was impossible and meaningless.

Nevertheless, when Dan mentions that he is doing it to save his daughter, Dorian gains hope and decides to aid him. The tables have turned for Dorian from him being selfish to becoming selfless, only to lead to his heroic finale.

Hart – It Was An Honor To Have Known Her
Hart, when talking to Dan about Muri, mentions it was an honor to have known her since Muri was her supervisor. Although this is a simple quote, such a saying means the world to a father when referring to his daughter.

That’s especially true when it comes to a father like Dan who, after the recent events where he met adult Muri, had the utmost love and respect for her.

Dorian – If I’m Gonna Die, I’m Gonna Die My Way!
One of the conditions for getting recruited to fight was for that person to be dead within the next few years. Thus, whoever got recruited knew that they were going to die eventually, but didn’t know-how.

Dorian, when he was with Dan in Russia fighting the white spike colony, was forced to blow the whole white spike hideout with his c4. However, he knew that doing so would lead to his death as the c4 would detonate immediately. Nevertheless, he didn’t hesitate and died in his way while saving the world.

James – I’m Sorry Son, I’m Sorry For Everything

In one of the most emotional scenes of the movie, James cuts himself to draw the attention of the female white spike, ready to be sacrificed while apologizing for being absent from his son’s whole life.

Nevertheless, Dan jumps on the white spike stabbing it in the neck and the scene ends with both of them surviving and finally defeating the white spike colony in an emotional family moment, despite the slightly confusing ending to the story. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dan – If I Got To Save The World To Save Her, Then I’m Damn Sure Gonna Do It

In one of the most motivational quotes in the movie, Dan talks about his daughter, Muri, and how everything he is doing is first and foremost to save her. The fact that he will end up saving the world as well as only a side effect.

Not only does this show how much he cares for his daughter but it also is the quote to motivate Dorian to help him in his mission. Nevertheless, although Dan succeeded in the end, it is still unanswered if the white spikes are fully gone, as teases for the sequel of the movie reveal them to be the main focus.

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Adult Muri – I’m So Happy To See You Like This

When Dan meets adult Muri in the future, Muri lets him know that he wasn’t a good father in the years to come as he and his wife got divorced, before he passed away in a car accident.

Nevertheless, while Dan is in the future, he does his best to be a great father to Muri and she appreciates that. She is happy to finally see him as a real father while she has grown up, and this ends up being one of the most emotional scenes in the film. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

Dan – Chickpea, I’d Like You To Meet Your Grandpa
The movie started with Dan dismissing his father’s birthday card to his daughter, Muri. However, in the final scene, the tides have turned, and after James’ heroic efforts to stand by Dan’s side, Dan decides to introduce Muri to her grandfather.

With Dan’s and James’ relationship restored, the show ends with James finally hugging Muri, in an impressively emotional finale. ~~~The Tomorrow War Quotes

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