30+ Best The Green Knight Movie Quotes

Most Iconic The Green Knight Movie Quotes

If you like to watch fantasy movies then you must have seen this movie. If you have seen this movie then you are definitely looking for The Green Knight Movie Quotes so keep reading this post and you will get many quotes.

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King: Another year is nearly gone already. You must seek him out.
Gawain: Was it not just a game?
King: Perhaps, but it is not complete. 

Fox: You will find no mercy. No happy end.
Gawain: Why do you stop me?
Fox: Your doom is at hand. ~~~The Green Knight Movie Quotes

Scavenger: You rest your bones. I’ll finish your quest for you.

Green Knight: [holding his decapitated head in his hands] One year hence.

Green Knight: Are you ready?

Lord: And what do you hope to gain in facing all of this?
Gawain: Honor. That is why a knight does what he does.

King: Tell me a tale of yourself, so that I might know thee.
Gawain: I have none to tell.
Queen: Yet. You have none to tell yet. ~~~The Green Knight Movie Quotes

Gawain: I fear I’m not meant for greatness.
King: We all fear, but fear can be a gift.
Queen: Do not waste this. 

Essel: Christ is born.
Gawain: Christ is born, indeed. ~~~The Green Knight Movie Quotes

Essel: You a Knight yet?
Gawain: What?
Essel: Are you a Knight yet?
Gawain: Not yet.
Essel: Better hurry up!
Gawain: I’ve got time. I’ve got lots of time. 

King: Friends, brothers, and sisters. Who can regale me and my Queen with some myth or tale? ~~~The Green Knight Movie Quotes

Green Knight: O greatest of Kings, let one of your knights try to land a blow against me.
Indulge me in this game.
Gawain: I will meet thee. ~~~The Green Knight Movie Quotes

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