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The Forever Purge Movie Quotes

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Dylan Tucker: Kirk tells me that you were late this morning.
Juan: I’m never late, sir.
Dylan Tucker: You’re never late? Hey, Kirk, Juan here says you’re lying.
Kirk: Juan’s a free man. He can say whatever he wants.

Purge Announcer: This is not a test. This is your Emergency Broadcast System announcing
the commencement of the annual Purge sanctioned by the US government.~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

Adela: Juan, please, where are we? You need to practise your English.
Juan: When in Rome.
Adela: When in America. Just do it for me. Please.

Dylan Tucker: Oh, I hate the damn Purge. It’s hard to be social on that night.~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

Cassie Tucker: I don’t know. I just feel like a goddamn Hoover these days. Everything in my
line of sight just gets consumed. Even things I hate.~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

Kirk: That’s a cowboy~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

Juan: Your son doesn’t like me because I’m Mexican. And I think Dylan believes a cowboy
shouldn’t be from México, or Argentina, or from somewhere else.
Caleb Tucker: I know that a lot of people feel that way, but I’m not sure that’s the case with
Dylan. He’s a very proud man. You one-upped him yesterday. You’re a damn fine cowboy,

Caleb Tucker: I’ve always taught my son to be a proud American, but maybe I didn’t really
teach him what that meant. I don’t even know if I know what that means anymore, proud
American. World’s changing all around us. At each other’s throats. Confusing times.

Kirk: [referring to the Purge protection bonus] That money’s nothing but a way for these
people to keep us alive so they can continue using our slave labor. We’re nothing more than
that. I know what I’m going to use my money for though, and it’s not for protection.

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Radio DJ: We are now just one hour away from the annual Purge. As always, home is the best
place to be, and we sure hope you’re not out there stuck in traffic. We strongly advise you to get
yourself, and those you care about, to a safe place. So lock those doors, set those security
systems, and stay inside for the next twelve hours. And for those of you who are partaking, may
God be with you all.

Chiago: See, my people have been watching from the sidelines, and we see that America’s
reached a boiling point. Hatred like that can’t be contained. You’ll burn your cities to the

Dylan Tucker: I’m going to lock down now, y’all.~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

Juan: [in Spanish] We’re not going to die on the first one, right?
T.T.: [in Spanish] Don’t jinx it.~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

News Anchor: The national holiday celebrating our American freedom is finally back. Good
night, Texas, and good luck.
Dylan Tucker: It’s starting, y’all.

Chiago: The Purge doesn’t release anger. It increases anger. It’s a virus. It’s an American-born
virus of hate and rage, and it’s injected with a bullet, and it’s spreading, it’s growing, it’s
mutating. The Purge is coming.

Juan: [in Spanish] Maybe you’re right. Maybe we have to forget where we came from. And
accept where we are.
Juan: When in America
Juan: [in Spanish] Like you said.
Adela: No, that’s not what I meant.

Caleb Tucker: You’re talking about life in America, the way the rich get rich off the backs of
the poor, the way it’s been ever since we robbed this land from the Native Americans. But you
got no right to complain about the very system you’re supporting by picking up that gun and
sanctioning the goddamn Purge, which is all about money.

Cassie Tucker: Dylan Tucker, cut the s**t. F*** the Purge. F*** the NFFA. They don’t get to
dictate how we live our life. This is our country, okay? And we can choose to bring a baby into a
world of love. Why are you laughing at me?
Dylan Tucker: Damn, honey.
Cassie Tucker: What?
Dylan Tucker: You just kind of turned me on.

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Adela: It’s my first Purge.
Lead Merc: Is it what you expected?
Adela: Well, there’s parts of México that sound like this every night.
Lead Merc: We got a nice spot here. Quiet. Good for you, easy money for us.

Caleb Tucker: You know who created the Purge, don’t you? A bunch of fat, rich businessmen
in Washington, DC. So what would that make you, Kirk? What would it make you? Huh? That
would make you their lackey, and a goddamn hypocrite. They expect you to go out there and do
their violence, so they can play more golf. They’ve never even been in a fistfight. So, from my
family to you, go f*** yourself.
[Kirk shoots him in the head]

T.T.: The day after the Purge should be a holiday.~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

News Anchor: The Purge is over, and now the cleanup has begun.~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

Adela: Help me. Help! You can’t do this today! The Purge is over!
Masked Purger: No, no. This is the Forever Purge. It’s never stopping. Thank you for your

Juan: It’s so quiet. Where is everyone?~~~The Forever Purge Quotes

Kirk: This feels like f***ing Christmas. Any of y’all get me a present? Caleb, I know you did,
and let me tell you, sir, I spent your money well. Today’s your day of reckoning, cowboy. You
become me, and I become you, huh? The old switcheroo is happening on every ranch around
here. You and all your rich-a** neighbors will find out what it’s like to be penniless and
powerless. To be like us!

Kirk: These rich m**herf***ers can hide behind their steel walls no more. This is the way
things are now, boys! This Purge is forever! This is the real Purge. The eternal Purge. Ever After!

Kirk: I’m going to give you a chance to save your family, Dylan Tucker, one by one, but you’ll
have to pay. Let’s start with eeny, meeny, miny, ho! How much would you give for her, Dylan?
How much would you give to stop me from putting a bullet in your baby sister’s head? Let’s say
ten bucks, and she lives. Oh, that seems like a fair market price for this broke-down, useless
woman. Let’s see how much money you got. Aw, s**t, Dylan! I forgot. You’re me now, which
means you’re broke. You have no money. That sucks, doesn’t it?

Kirk: See, Dylan, without money, you have no power. Without money, you can’t save your own
little sister, and she will die because of it. But how does that feel? How does that feel, Dylan?
Feels like s**t, doesn’t it? That’s my life. It’s our life. That’s how we feel. That’s how we have felt
every day since the day we were born! And I want you to f***ing feel that f***ing pain in your
f***ing stomach, Dylan!

Adela: America is México. America is Africa. America is Italia. We can take it all, we can learn
it all, and we can embrace it.
Juan: You really believe that?
Adela: That’s what I choose to believe.

Adela: I have a clear shot.
Lead Merc: Don’t. You’ll start a war and put all your people in jeopardy~~~The Forever Purge Quotes


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