Best New Movie The 355 Quotes 2022

Can’t wait to see this. Beautiful women from races & different parts of the world, all different age groups and all are great actresses. It looks like it’s going to be great.

Mace: Remember the story that they told us about in training? About Washington’s first female spy during the revolution. Agent 355 called her. Because nobody knew her real name. Well, somebody did. They just didn’t want the world to know it. But her legacy lives on.

Khadijah: We all work for different intelligence agencies. American. British. German. Colombian. Chinese. But now, we have a common enemy. And if we don’t stop them

Khadijah: I’ll be back for dinner tomorrow.

Mace: Hands!

Marie: Put your gun down!

Graciela: Please.
Marie: Five!
Mace: Four!
Marie: Three!
Mace: Two!

Khadijah: One! Pull the trigger. Or you can listen.

Mace: They’ll start World War Three.

Khadijah: So we need to join forces.

Khadijah: You have cameras in your jewelry. Coms in your earrings.

Mace: This is like half the CIA’s most wanted.

Marie: You bump. I grab.

Mace: Are you under control?
Marie: Are you?
Mace: No.

Graciela: I have two children. I am a normal person. I cannot do this anymore.

Mace: The bad guys are out there right now. You go home, you bring them with you.

Khadijah: The target is on the move.

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Mace: You’re not going in there alone.

Graciela: We’ll go together.

Mace: We put ourselves in danger, so others aren’t. We’

Nick: Always such a tough guy.

Nick: I like the new team.

Larry Marks: Officially, I can’t put you on this. But if you were to go out on your own…

Mace: I would need some help.

Khadijah: I’m guessing this isn’t a social call?

Mace: The old wars. Cold wars. War on terror. We knew who we were fighting. But now the enemy is invisible. They can destabilize entire countries from a simple reach of their keyboard.

Mace: I’m putting together a team, and you’re the best in the world at what you do.

Khadijah’s Boyfriend: I thought this was done.

Mace: We’ll take it from here.

Graciela: I’m not an agent. I’m a therapist.

Luis: They thought I would give you my secrets.

Graciela: Do you have secrets?

Marie: I’ll handle the guns.

Graciela: Are you in therapy?

Marie: I should be.

Grady: I’ve got four more agents out on the street.

Khadijah: I counted six. But thanks for the tip.



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