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Most Iconic Still Water Movie Quotes

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Life is brutal.

She agrees to see you tomorrow at 6.


Maybe God answered your prayers.

Allison: I loved her!
Bill Baker: I know you did.
Allison: But everybody thinks that I killed her. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

Lawyer: We have exhausted every possible legal action. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

You f*cking lied about all of it.

Virginie: [referring to her daughter] She’s very protective of me. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

Virginie: No one will talk to you, trust me. You’re not from here. It’s not safe for you. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

Bill Baker: She’s my little girl. I’m not going to give up. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

Dirosa: It will be a serious mistake to commit a crime to prove your daughter innocent. It will
not get her out of jail, and it will send you in. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

Bill Baker: Lord, please keep a watchful eye on Allison. Amen. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

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Virginie: Did you ask her to lie? ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

Bill Baker: I’m trying to get my little girl out of jail, that’s all I give a damn about!
Virginie: You sound very American right now.
Bill Baker: Good. I am!
Virginie: Yeah, and you’re also a stranger here!

Allison: What did you do?
Bill Baker: You just have to trust me ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

It would be a serious mistake to commit a crime to get your daughter out of jail.

He’s a bad man. He will be gone soon but it’s our secret.

You just embrace your fate and have peace with it.

That’s how I felt for a really long time. Powerless and forgotten.

You’re innocent, so we have to keep fighting.

It’s not about justice, it’s about finding peace.

I never meant to involve you or Maya.

I’m so sorry. I love you.

This is the best possible outcome for your family.

I told you we were going to bring our girl home and that’s exactly what we did.

I didn’t want it to happen. I didn’t want her to die. I loved her.

What is wrong with us?

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Everything looks the same here, nothings changed.

It all looks different to me, I hardly recognize it anymore.

Allison was raised by her grandmother, I wasn’t around much.

He told her friend he stabbed a girl and the police never got him.

This is not how it works here.

No one will talk to you, trust me.

The press was against us. All they cared about was that Allison was sleeping with an Arab girl.

No one is working on getting me out of here for good.

That’s what a rough neck does, we make holes.

Why are you being so stubborn about Allison?

Bill, did you vote for Trump?

He just wants to put an Arab kid in jail, he doesn’t care which one.

You sound very American right now.

That was my chance.

I was trying to help.

Virginie: Is the lawyer not helping you?
Bill Baker: I’m doing it myself for now.
Virginie: I could help.

I hate myself for ever trusting you.

You are done f*cking up my life.

You gotta have the want to, you got the want to?

When I see what you guys eat, I understand why you guys pray.

I’m sure you have a gun.

You are my favorite American.

Bill Baker: The day you left for Marseille, I drove you to the airport, I went to the gift shop,
and I saw this necklace. It was gold, said “Stillwater” on it. I thought it would be a little piece of
home to take with you. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

What are you going to do? Arrest me?

You really are a local now.

I never had a chance to mourn her.

I just want to see her. I just want to be with her. So much.

So you two really aren’t having sex?

But he’s here now.

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He’s a f*ck up, always has been.

It’s more beautiful on this side of the wall.

I’m just trying to do it right.

Do you really own a gun?

Can’t get a real human being if you tried.

She’s good. Still got the oxygen tanks. Still got plenty of opinions.

I’ll do it today. I’ll make sure she reads it.

I’m sorry Mr. Baker but I can not honor your daughter’s request.

This letter tells me your daughter has not accepted her sentence and she must.

There is a time for hope and a time for acceptance.

You are the father of the girl? The American student?

My father I can not trust with this, he is not capable.

Please don’t say anything to anybody about this.

She can not pursue the case.

She didn’t want to make any promises. She didn’t want to give you any false hope.

Bill Baker: Allison came here for college, and that’s where she met this girl, Lina. One night
she found Lina dead and called the police. All they cared about was Allison sleeping with some
Arab girl.

I see why your daughter doesn’t want to help.

Are you rich, Mr. Baker?

You believe your daughter is innocent? Then my pay is not so much to see her go free.

To be honest, I always felt guilty about what happened to Allison.

There is a lot of resentment toward the cultural elite.

I can not be associated with you or your daughter after what happened.

Virginie: You’re in Marseille for vacation?
Bill Baker: No, to visit my daughter.
Virginie: You’re the father of the girl? The American student?
Bill Baker: Yes, ma’am. ~~~Still Water Movie Quotes

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