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I would have loved a season of them going world to world to try to bring former Federation members back into the fold. Instead it’s yet another galaxy spanning disaster that only the crew of Discovery can fix.

Captain James T. Kirk: You won’t get away with this, Spock. You’re just one man.

Mr. Spock: In every revolution, there is one man with a vision.

Captain James T. Kirk: Who told you that?

Mr. Spock: You did.

Captain James T. Kirk: [Shuttle door closes] SPOCK!

Mr. Spock: [On the viewscreen] Captain, long range sensors detect Andorian rebels on an intercept course. Their armaments…

Captain James T. Kirk: If they make any aggressive move, destroy them. Kirk out.

Mr. Spock: Captain, the Andorian government will not…

Captain James T. Kirk: Once again offering your opinion when none is requested. Destroy them!

Mr. Spock: I will not.

Captain James T. Kirk: All right, Spock. You’re angling for something. What is it you want? What did that imposter offer you?

Mr. Spock: What he offered me, Captain, is something you cannot give [viewscreen closes]

Dr. Elise McKennah: We’re each individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses, but we are not defined by our gender.

Dr. Elise McKennah: Those are some pretty nasty bruises. Are you sure you’re okay for a walk?

Lolani: You’re kind to ask, but we Orions are build quite sturdily.

Dr. Elise McKennah: Of that, I have no doubt.

Lolani: What a beautiful ship, and men and women working along side each other equally!

Dr. Elise McKennah: Well, the Federation sees no difference between the rights and abilities of men and women.

Lolani: But biologically and chemically we’re different. One gender isn’t stronger than the other?

Dr. Elise McKennah: We’re each individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses, but we’re not defined by our gender.

Lolani: Sounds like a dream. One I’ve had many a night.

Dr. Elise McKennah: It’s a good dream, Lolani. One worth holding onto.

Captain James T. Kirk: I guess Scotty was right.

Mr. Spock: How so?

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Captain James T. Kirk: You were here, Spock. You saw what just happened.

Mr. Spock: Yes sir. While Apollo clearly had influence over those in the recreation room, I do not believe he intended to behave as he did.

Captain James T. Kirk: So you think he can’t control it. He’s been this divine parasite for so long that he just can’t help himself. Is that it?

Mr. Spock: It has been my experience that humans if not most beings are unable to change their behaviors that are deeply embedded by choice. It is often forced by tragedy or outside intervention.

Captain James T. Kirk: Well, Apollo’s therapy will not be at the expense of the Enterprise’s crew. I can promise you that. Apparently you can’t teach an old god new tricks.

Paladin: I’d like you to take a look at this gun. It’s handcrafted to my specifications. Balance is excellent. The trigger responds to a pressure of one ounce.

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So disappointed that it won’t be on Netflix. It’s just not practical to have 10 different subscriptions to different services because every studio wants to have their own service (which won’t be available to non-US people for years to come anyway).

Captain James T. Kirk: I’m quite familiar with the piece. Perhaps we could talk about this. ~~~ Star Trek Continues Quotes

Paladin: I rarely draw it unless I mean to use it. Care for a demonstration?

Mr. Scott: Freeze program. Was she everything I promised, sir?

Captain James T. Kirk: And more! I’ve never seen a holographic program this detailed before. I swear I can almost smell the gun oil.

Mr. Scott: Aye, well she’s still in the experimental stage, but once we get the bugs out…

Captain James T. Kirk: [Apollo is about to leave for his new home] Godspeed, Apollo.

Apollo: [Smiles]

Captain James T. Kirk: Energize. [Engineer beams Apollo out]

So once again, the savior of the universe will save the universe from a galaxy wide threat while the crew gives each other back rubs and tearful โ€œI treasure your friendshipโ€ speeches.

These people literally have one pencil among them and it only writesโ€ฆthis.

Congrats, you destroyed a cultural institution, you total do

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