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Quentin Beck: Who are you?
[referring to the Elementals]
Quentin Beck: You don’t want any part of this. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[after a video tribute to Tony Stark]
Betty Brant: Gone, but not forgotten.
Jason Ionello: Thanks to Kenneth Lim and Vienna Hamarky for their help with that touching video
Betty Brant: This year has been nothing short of…
Jason Ionello: **it is crazy. It’s insane.
Betty Brant: Jason!
Jason Ionello: What?
Betty Brant: No swearing.
Jason Ionello: No, it’s a scholastic school. We’re good here.
[Betty looks back at the camera]
Betty Brant: … historic.

Betty Brant: Over five years ago, half of all life in the universe, including our own Midtown High,
was wiped from existence. But then, eight months ago, a band of brave heroes brought us back. They
called it The Blip. Those of us who blipped away came back the same age. But our classmates that
didn’t blip, had grown five years older.
Jason Ionello: Yeah, like my little brother. He’s now older than me.
Betty Brant: Yeah, it’s math.
[Jason looks confused, Betty looks back to the camera]
Betty Brant: And even though we had blipped away halfway through the school year, and had
already taken midterms, the school made us start the whole year over from the beginning.
Jason Ionello: It’s totally unfair. It’s not right.
Betty Brant: Tigers, it’s been a long, dramatic, somewhat confusing road. As we draw this year to a
close, it’s time to move on, to a new phase of our lives.
Jason Ionello: And pray nothing crazy happens again. Because is the Avengers even like a thing
anymore? Does anyone even have a plan?

Peter Parker: [to Ned] I really like MJ, man. Okay? She’s awesome, she’s super funny in a kind of
dork way, and sometimes I catch her looking at me, and I feel like I stood up… Wait. Dude, she’s
coming now. Just don’t say anything.
MJ: What up, dorks? Excited about the science trip?
Peter Parker: Hey, uh, yeah. We’re just talking about the trip.
Ned Leeds: Yeah, and Peter’s plan.
MJ: You have a plan?
Peter Parker: I don’t have a plan.
Ned Leeds: No, he’s just going to collect tiny spoons while we’re traveling to other countries.
MJ: Like a grandmother?
Peter Parker: I’m not collecting tiny spoons. He’s collecting tiny spoons.
MJ: Oh. Okay, well, that was a real roller coaster.

May Parker: Did you get your passport?
Peter Parker: Yeah.
May Parker: Mini toothpaste?
Peter Parker: Yeah, I did. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Happy Hogan: Hey, sorry I’m late.
Peter Parker: Happy! Hey.
Happy Hogan: Oh, you look lovely.
May Parker: Thanks, you too.
Happy Hogan: Thank you. New dress?
May Parker: Uh, yeah. Yes, it is. That’s a new beard.
Happy Hogan: It’s my blip beard because I grew it in a blip. Blip beard.
May Parker: I see. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[referring to the giant check]
Happy Hogan: Anyway, so, the reason I’m late is that this was misplaced at the office, can you
believe it? Because it’s enormous? I mean, not the amount, the size. The amount is nice too.
May Parker: [laughs] Oh.
Happy Hogan: The very generous Pepper Potts, said…
May Parker: Thank you.
Happy Hogan: …she’s sorry she couldn’t be here.
[Peter looks at them with confusion]
May Parker: I think I’m going to go change the Sterno under the vegan lasagna.
[to Peter as she leaves]
May Parker: Spider-Man, go shake hands.
Peter Parker: Will do.
[turns to Happy as May leaves]
Peter Parker: What just happened? ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Happy Hogan: Heads up, Nick Fury is calling you.
Peter Parker: Nick Fury’s going to call me?
Happy Hogan: Yeah.
Peter Parker: Why?
Happy Hogan: Why? Because he probably has some hero stuff for you to do. You’re a superhero. He
calls superheroes.
Peter Parker: Well, I mean if it was really that important, he’d probably call someone else. Not me.
[Peter sees his phone is ringing] 
Happy Hogan: Apparently not. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[Peter looks at his ringing phone]
Happy Hogan: No caller ID. That’s him.
Peter Parker: I don’t really want to talk to Nick Fury.
Happy Hogan: Answer the phone.
Peter Parker: Why?
Happy Hogan: Because if you don’t talk to him, then I have to talk, and I don’t want to talk to him.
Peter Parker: Why don’t you want to talk to him?
Happy Hogan: Because I’m scared. Just answer the phone.
[Peter holds up his phone and declines Fury’s call]
Happy Hogan: You sent Nick Fury to voicemail?
Peter Parker: Yeah.
Happy Hogan: You don’t send Nick Fury to voicemail.
Peter Parker: Did you hear that? They’re calling me. I got to go. I got to go.
Happy Hogan: You got to talk to him.
Peter Parker: I’m going to call him. I promise you, I’m going to call him. I will.
Happy Hogan: You do not ghost Nick Fury.
Peter Parker: I promise you, I’ll call him.
[to himself as the curtains close and he turns]
Peter Parker: After my trip.

[Hogan answers a call from Fury]
Happy Hogan: Yeah? No, no. He’s not ghosting you. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[as Peter is packing for his vacation in his room]
May Parker: Hungry?
[she tosses a banana at Peter, and it hits his face]
May Parker: [laughing] So sorry. I thought that you could sense that, with your Peter-tingle.
Peter Parker: Please, do not start calling it my Peter-tingle.
May Parker: So what’s up? You can dodge bullets but not bananas?
Peter Parker: No, I just really need this vacation. I need a break.
[she embraces Peter]
May Parker: You deserve it.
[May turns to walk away]
May Parker: You know what? You should pack your suit, just in case. I have a tingle about it.
Peter Parker: Please stop saying tingle, May?

[watching Mysterio on the news report]
Betty Brant: Who is that guy?
Ned Leeds: He’s like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one.
Flash Thompson: He’s alright. He’s no Spider-Man.
MJ: What is it with you and Spider-Man?
Flash Thompson: What? He’s just awesome, okay? He protects the neighborhood, and, you know,
he’s inspiring. He inspires me to be a better man.
[to Peter as he enters the room]
Flash Thompson: What’s up, dickwad? I thought you drowned. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Ned Leeds: What are you going to do about the water monster?
Peter Parker: Nothing. It’s dead. And besides, that Mysterio guy’s all over it. Look, I just want to
spend some time with MJ. We were talking about Paris, and I think she really likes me.
Ned Leeds: That’s nice. It reminds me of when Betty and I first fell in love. I had just finished my
fruit cobbler, right…
[Ned is shot in the neck with a tranq dart by Fury and collapses]
Nick Fury: You’re a very difficult person to contact, Spider-Man.
Peter Parker: You’re Nick Fury. You just shot Ned.
Nick Fury: It’s just a mild tranquilizer. He’ll be alright.

Nick Fury: It’s so good to finally meet you. I saw you at the funeral, but I didn’t think that was a
good time to exchange numbers.
Peter Parker: No, that would have been really inappropriate.
Nick Fury: That’s what I just said.
Peter Parker: Right.
Nick Fury: The important thing is, you’re here. I tried to bring you here. You avoided me, and now,
you’re here. What a coincidence.
Peter Parker: Wait. Was this a coincidence?
Nick Fury: I used to know everything. Then I come back five years later, and now, I know nothing.
No intel, no team, and a high school kid is dodging my calls. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Nick Fury: Stark left these for you.
Peter Parker: Really?
[Peter opens the box and sees Tony’s glasses]
Nick Fury: “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” Stark said you wouldn’t get that because it’s
not a Star Wars reference. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Nick Fury: Remove the mask. Everyone here has seen you without it. You’d only be feigning
anonymity and breathing through spandex for no good reason.
[Peter removes his mask]
Nick Fury: Come on.
Peter Parker: Yeah.
Nick Fury: There we have Maria Hill. That is Dimitri. And this is Mr. Beck.
Peter Parker: Mysterio?
Quentin Beck: What?
Peter Parker: Doesn’t matter. It’s just what my friends have been calling you.
Quentin Beck: Well, you can call me Quentin.
[they shake hands] ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Quentin Beck: You handled yourself well out there today. I saw what you did with the tower. We
could’ve used someone like you in my world.
Peter Parker: Thanks. I’m sorry, your world?
Nick Fury: Oh, Mr. Beck is from Earth. Just not yours.
Quentin Beck: There are multiple realities, Peter. This is Earth dimension 616. I’m from Earth-833.
Peter Parker: I’m sorry. You’re saying there’s a multiverse? I thought that was just theoretical. I
mean, that completely changes how we understand the initial singularity. We’re talking about an
eternal inflation system. And how does that even work with all the quantum, it’s insane!
[Fury and Hill look at him]
Peter Parker: Sorry. It’s really cool.
Quentin Beck: Don’t ever apologize for being the smartest one in the room.

Quentin Beck: They were born in stable orbits. Within black holes, creatures formed from the
primary elements. Air, water, fire, earth. The science division had a technical name. We just called
them Elementals.
Maria Hill: Versions of them exist across our mythologies.
Quentin Beck: It turns out, the myths are real.
Maria Hill: Like Thor.
Peter Parker: Thor was a myth, and now I study him in my physics class.
Nick Fury: These myths are threats.
Quentin Beck: They first materialized on my earth many years ago. We mobilized and fought them.
But with each battle, they grew and got stronger. I was part of the last battalion left trying to stop
them. Quentin Beck: All we did was delay the inevitable.
Maria Hill: Well, the Elementals are here now, attacking the same coordinates. Our satellites
confirm it.
Nick Fury: So thank Mr. Beck for destroying the other three. There’s only one left. Fire.
Quentin Beck: The strongest of them all. The one that destroyed my earth. It’s the one that took my
Peter Parker: I’m sorry.

Nick Fury: We have one mission, kill it. You’re coming with us.
Peter Parker: I’m sorry. Did you say Prague? Listen, Fury, this all seems like big-time, you know,
huge, superhero kind of stuff. And, I mean I’m just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, sir.
Nick Fury: Bitch, please. You’ve been to space.
Peter Parker: I know, but that was an accident. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: Sir, come on. There’s got to be someone else you can use. What about Thor?
Nick Fury: Off-world.
Peter Parker: Okay, um, Doctor Strange?
Maria Hill: Unavailable.
Peter Parker: Captain Marvel.
Nick Fury: Don’t invoke her name.
Peter Parker: Sir, look, I really want to help, I do. But if my aunt finds out I left my class trip, she’s
going to kill me. And if I’m seen like this in Europe, after the Washington Monument, my whole class
will figure out who I am, and then the whole world will figure out who I am. And then, I’m done.
Nick Fury: Okay. I understand.
Peter Parker: I’m sorry, what?
Nick Fury: Why don’t you get back before your teachers miss you and become suspicious. Dimitri.
Take him back to the hotel, please.
Peter Parker: Thank you, Mr. Fury. And, uh, good luck. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Ned Leeds: Peter, What’s going on?
Peter Parker: I think Nick Fury just hijacked our summer vacation.
Ned Leeds: Awesome.
[looking unhappy]
Peter Parker: Yeah. Awesome. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[Peter enters a public bathroom]
Peter Parker: Hello.
The Seamstress: Close the door.
[Peter closes the door]
Peter Parker: Um, I’m Peter Parker.
The Seamstress: Take off your clothes.
Peter Parker: Excuse me?
The Seamstress: You told Fury Spider-Man cannot be seen in Europe. So I made you this, another
Peter Parker: Oh, uh, thank you.
[Peter takes the suit]
Peter Parker: I’m sure it fits. I don’t really to…
The Seamstress: Take off your clothes.
Peter Parker: Okay. Sure. Um, it’s a little embarrassing.
[he starts to unzip his trousers]
The Seamstress: Now. Hurry up.
Peter Parker: Weird.
[Peter takes off his trousers, just then Brad walks in on them]
Brad Davis: Sorry. Uh, I thought this was the bathroom.
Peter Parker: This is not what it looks like. Just…
Brad Davis: Yeah.
[Brad takes a photo of them on his phone]
Peter Parker: What are you doing?
[as Brad leaves the seamstress point her gun at Brad]
Peter Parker: Don’t shoot anybody.
[Peter pulls up his trousers and follows after Brad]
Peter Parker: Brad? It’s not what it looks like, buddy. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

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Peter Parker: Hey, man, my friends are here, and I can’t help but think that we’re putting them in
Nick Fury: You’re worried about us hurting your friends? You? Who called a drone strike on your
own school tour bus? Stark gave you a multi-billion dollar AR tactical intelligence system, and the
first thing you do with it is trying to blow up your friends. I told him, it’s clear to me that you were not
ready for this. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Quentin Beck: Look, Fury asked me to come up here and see how you were doing. He just, he felt
bad about snapping at you.
Peter Parker: Really?
Quentin Beck: You guys do have sarcasm on this earth, right? ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Quentin Beck: How are you feeling?
Peter Parker: I didn’t think I was going to have to save the world this summer. I know that makes
me sound like such a jerk. I just had this plan with this girl that I really like, and now it’s all ruined.
Quentin Beck: You’re not a jerk for wanting a normal life, kid. It’s a hard path. You see things, you
do things, you make choices. People look up to you. Even if you win a battle, sometimes they die. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Quentin Beck: I like you, Peter. You’re a good kid. There’s a part of me that wants me to tell you to
just turn around, run away from all this. And then, there’s another part of me that knows what we’re
about to fight, what’s at stake, and I’m glad you’re here.
Peter Parker: Me too.
Quentin Beck: But you’re worried about your friends.
Peter Parker: Yeah. I just always feel like I’m putting them in danger.
Quentin Beck: Look, just get them inside and keep them in a safe place, for just a few hours. It’ll be
Peter Parker: It’s really nice to have somebody to talk to about superhero stuff, you know?
Quentin Beck: Anytime. And hey, if we survive this, you’ll have all summer to kill Brad.
Peter Parker: See you out there.
Quentin Beck: Alright. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: You look really pretty.
MJ: And therefore I have value?
Peter Parker: No. No, that’s not what I meant at all. I was just…
MJ: I’m messing with you.
[Peter laughs nervously]
MJ: Thank you.
Peter Parker: You’re welcome.
MJ: You look pretty too.
Peter Parker: Thank you. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Maria Hill: So it’s over?
Quentin Beck: That was the last of them.
Nick Fury: But not the last threat we’ll ever face. We need to stay vigilant. There’s a void in this
world for someone like you. Hill and I are going to Europol headquarters in Berlin tomorrow. You
should join us.
Quentin Beck: Thank you. I just might take you up on that.
[they shake hands] ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

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Nick Fury: You got gifts, Parker. But you didn’t want to be here.
Peter Parker: Mr. Fury, I…
Nick Fury: I’d love to have you in Berlin too. But you’ve got to decide whether you’re going to step
up or not. Stark chose you. He made you an Avenger. I need that. The world needs that. Maybe Stark
was wrong. Was he? ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: Fury was right. Tony did a lot for me, so I owe it to him, to everybody.
Quentin Beck: Do you?
Peter Parker: Yeah. I mean, Mr. Stark gave me a chance to be more. He wanted me to be better than
him. And Fury just wants me to live up to that.
Quentin Beck: What do you want, Peter?
Peter Parker: What do you mean?
Quentin Beck: What do you want?
Peter Parker: I don’t know.
Quentin Beck: What do you want? You, Peter Parker, now. I know you’re thinking about it.
Peter Parker: I want to go on my trip. Right? I want to go back on my trip, with my friends. And go
to the top of the Eiffel tower, with the girl who I really like, and tell her how I feel, and give her a kiss.
[Beck laughs]
Peter Parker: Shut up, man.
Quentin Beck: You’re not going to do that, are you?
Peter Parker: No, I can’t.
Quentin Beck: Why not?
Peter Parker: Because I have too much responsibility. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Quentin Beck: What are those? Are those the…
Peter Parker: EDITH glasses, yeah.
Quentin Beck: It was on the floor? Try them on. Let’s see what they look like.
Peter Parker: Yeah?
Quentin Beck: Yeah.
[Peter puts on the glasses]
Peter Parker: I actually really like them.
Quentin Beck: Can I be completely honest with you?
Peter Parker: Please.
Quentin Beck: They look really stupid.
Peter Parker: Oh.
Quentin Beck: Maybe they have a contact lens version of them. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[after Peter gives him Tony’s EDITH glasses to try on]
Quentin Beck: What do you think, kid?
[to himself as he realizes something]
Peter Parker: “For the next Tony Stark, I trust you. For the next Tony Stark, I trust you.”
Quentin Beck: What?
Peter Parker: Mr. Stark left me a message with those glasses. “For the next Tony Stark, I trust you.”
Quentin Beck: I’m still not following. How many lemonades have you had?
Peter Parker: He knew every mistake I ever made, okay? So he must have known that I was not
ready for something like this.
Quentin Beck: Why would he give it to you?
Peter Parker: Because maybe he didn’t trust me to have EDITH, he just trusted me to pick who
should. It makes so much more sense. He always knew I would do what’s right, and he’s not going to
give them to Fury, because Fury would just give himself EDITH.
Quentin Beck: Well, you’re probably right about that.
Peter Parker: Right. So, the world needs the next Iron Man, and it’s not going to be me. I mean I’m
a sixteen-year-old kid from Queens. It needs to be an adult, with some experience, and that’s good like
Tony Stark, like you.
Quentin Beck: No, Peter. Come on. No.

Peter Parker: EDITH?
EDITH: Hello, Peter.
Peter Parker: Hi. Yeah, um, I’d like to transfer your control over to Quentin Beck.
Quentin Beck: Peter, what are you doing?
Peter Parker: Doing the right thing.
EDITH: Any transfer will require confirmation.
Quentin Beck: Stark gave you the glasses.
Peter Parker: Stark gave me a choice. It’s my choice to make, okay? And I’m going to make it. Look,
you’re a soldier, a leader, you stopped the Elementals. You saved my life, you saved the world. Okay?
He’d want you to have them.
EDITH: Waiting for confirmation.
Peter Parker: Confirm.
EDITH: Please hand the glasses to Mr. Beck.
[Peter offer the glasses to Beck]
Peter Parker: Welcome to the Avengers.
[Beck takes the glasses and puts them on]
Peter Parker: They look good on you.
[they shake hands]
Quentin Beck: Thank you. It’s an honor.
Peter Parker: Yeah. Mr. Stark would’ve really liked you. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[after Peter has given Beck the EDITH glasses]
Quentin Beck: See? That wasn’t so hard. Somebody gets this stupid costume off me! ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: Look, there’s this thing that I’ve been wanting to talk to you about for a while.
MJ: Yeah?
Peter Parker: It’s our last night in Europe, and I had this plan that I wanted to tell you. I’m just
going to, I’m just going to tell you. Uh, MJ, I…
MJ: …am Spider-Man.
Peter Parker: What?
MJ: I just figured you were going to say that you’re Spider-Man.
Peter Parker: No. I’m not Spider-Man.
MJ: I mean, I’ve been watching you for like a while now. It’s kind of obvious. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: I’m not Spider-Man. I mean, what would make you think that I was Spider-Man?
MJ: Peter, Washington?
Peter Parker: Yeah?
MJ: The fact that you like disappear, out of nowhere, for no reason?
Peter Parker: No, that was, I was sick. Remember? I had my, tummy? ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

MJ: You know Suzanne Yang thinks that you’re a male escort?
Peter Parker: What? No, of course, I’m not a male escort.
MJ: Well, then, you’re Spider-Man.
Peter Parker: No, I’m not Spider-Man at all.
MJ: Well, what about tonight? When you snuck off and fought that thing, I saw you.
Peter Parker: You can’t have seen me because I’m not Spider-Man. And also, on the news, it was the
MJ: The Night-Monkey?
Peter Parker: Yeah. That’s what it said on the news. And the news never lies.
MJ: Night-Monkey. Okay.
Peter Parker: What are you doing?
[MJ takes out the piece of debris she retrieved during the carnival battle from her bag]
MJ: Well, do the Night-Monkey and Spider-Man use the same webs?
Peter Parker: I mean, maybe. Maybe he’s a Spider-Monkey. Who knows? ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

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Peter Parker: Were you only watching me because you thought I was Spider-Man?
MJ: Yeah. Why else would I be watching you?
Peter Parker: Doesn’t matter. Just thought that maybe… ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[referring to the piece of debris that projected a simulation of the Air Elemental]
MJ: What is it, like some kind of projector or something?
Peter Parker: Yeah, but it’s really advanced.
MJ: It looked so real.
Peter Parker: Yeah, really real.
MJ: Wait a minute, does that mean that…
Peter Parker: The Elementals are fake? That doesn’t make any sense, because we were there, right?
There was fire and destruction, and… Who would do something like that?
[the projector shows Beck]
MJ: Mysterio? ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[after realizing that Beck is a fraud]
Peter Parker: I am Spider-Man, and I really messed up.
MJ: Wait, you’re being serious right now?
Peter Parker: Mm-hmm.
MJ: You’re not joking with me? Like you’re a hundred percent serious? Because it’s not funny.
Peter Parker: No, I’m not joking.
MJ: Because I was only like sixty-seven percent sure.
Peter Parker: MJ…
MJ: So, why are you here? Why are you on this school trip?
Peter Parker: MJ, look, I know you have a lot of questions! But look, we really have to get out of
here, okay?
MJ: Okay. Okay. I can’t believe I figured it out! ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[as Peter battles multiples illusions created by Beck]
Quentin Beck: I don’t think you know what’s real, Peter. You need to wake up! I mean, look at
yourself. You are just a scared little kid in a sweatsuit! I created Mysterio to give the world someone to
believe in. I control the truth! Mysterio is the truth. If you were good enough, maybe Tony would still
be alive. Deep down, you know I’m right. You made your choice, and all you had to do was step aside.
And now you have…
[suddenly we see Beck fall, subdued by Fury] ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[after Fury forces Peter to reveal who he told the truth about Beck]
Nick Fury: You are so dumb.
Peter Parker: What?
Nick Fury: Just a sucker.
[Fury transforms into Beck, revealing it was another illusion]
Quentin Beck: Now all your friends have to die. It’s easy to fool people when they’re already fooling
themselves. But for what it’s worth, Peter, I really am sorry. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: Don’t tell me to relax, Happy! How can I relax when I messed up so badly? I trusted
Beck. Right? I thought he was my friend, so I gave him the only thing that Mr. Stark left behind for
me, and now he’s going to kill my friends and half of Europe. So please, do not tell me to relax! I’m
sorry, Happy. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t shout. I just really miss him.
Happy Hogan: Yeah, I miss him too.
Peter Parker: Everywhere I go I see his face. And the whole world is asking who is going to be the
next Iron Man? I don’t know if that’s me, Happy. I’m not Iron Man.
Happy Hogan: You’re not Iron Man. You’re never going to be Iron Man. Nobody could live up to
Tony. Not even Tony. Tony was my best friend, and he was a mess. He second-guessed everything he
did. He was all over the place. The one thing that he did that he didn’t second-guess was picking you. I
don’t think Tony would’ve done what he did if he didn’t know that you were going to be hereafter he
was gone. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Happy Hogan: Your friends are in trouble. You’re all alone. The tech is missing. What are you going
to do about it?
[referring to Beck]
Peter Parker: I’m going to kick his ass.
Happy Hogan: No, I mean, right now. Like, specifically, what are we going to do? Because we’ve
been hovering over a tulip field for the last fifteen minutes.
Peter Parker: Right. Um, I can’t call my friends because he’s tracking their phones. Uh, give me
your phone?
Happy Hogan: My cell phone?
Peter Parker: Yeah.
Happy Hogan: Okay. Here.
Peter Parker: What’s your password?
Happy Hogan: Password.
Peter Parker: No, what is your password?
Happy Hogan: Password. The word. Spell that. Password.
Peter Parker: You’re the head of security and your password is the password?
Happy Hogan: I don’t feel good about it either.

Peter Parker: Yeah, I need a suit!
Happy Hogan: Suit?
[Hogan reveals Stark’s suit-manufacturing machine on the plane]
Peter Parker: Okay. Um, bring up everything you have on Spider-Man.
[the machine brings up holograms of different suites]
Peter Parker: Yeah, open that. Okay.
[looking through the different suits]
Peter Parker: No, no, no.
[Hogan watches Peter proudly]
Peter Parker: What?
Happy Hogan: Nothing. You take care of the suit. I’ll take care of the music.
[as Back in Black by Ac/CD starts playing]
Peter Parker: Oh, I love Led Zeppelin! ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Happy Hogan: I got to get you guys out of here! Get on the jet!
MJ: Who are you?
Happy Hogan: I work with Spider-Man, okay? You got to get on that jet.
Flash Thompson: You work for Spider-Man?
Happy Hogan: I work with Spider-Man, not for Spider-Man!
[the jest suddenly explodes]
Happy Hogan: New plan. Into the tower! ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

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Ned Leeds: Are we going to die?
Happy Hogan: Nobody dies on my watch.
Ned Leeds: I wasted my life playing video games, and we’re going to die!
Betty Brant: I have a fake ID, and I’ve never even used it.
Flash Thompson: I post stupid videos daily for people to like me!
Happy Hogan: Hey! If it wasn’t for those stupid videos, Spider-Man would have never found you.
Flash Thompson: Spider-Man follows me? I saved us, guys!
MJ: If you saved us, then why are we about to die?
Betty, Ned: Stop it!
MJ: I’m sorry! Okay? I just, I’m obsessed with telling the truth even if it hurts other people’s feelings.
Happy Hogan: I’m in love with Spider-Man’s aunt.
[they all look at him in shocked silence]
Happy Hogan: We’re sharing, right? ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: Your lies are over, Beck.
Quentin Beck: This certainly isn’t ideal, but I have contingencies. EDITH?
Peter Parker: Just give me the glasses.
[holds up the glasses]
Quentin Beck: You want these? Come and get them. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: How could you do all of this?
Quentin Beck: You’ll see, Peter. People, need to believe. And nowadays, they’ll believe
[Peter sees Beck take his last breath and die] ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Nick Fury: Where’s Parker?
Happy Hogan: He’s with the girl.
Nick Fury: I need to speak with him.
Happy Hogan: He’ll call you.
Nick Fury: He’ll ca…
[starts laughing]
Nick Fury: Okay. That’s great. Well, he better, or it’s your ass. And don’t even think about ghosting
me. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[at the airport after they arrive home Peter and MJ hold hands]
Peter Parker: You sure no one else has figured it out?
MJ: Yeah. It’s not like anybody really pays attention to you.
Peter Parker: Ouch.
MJ: Except for me.
Peter Parker: Aw. Thanks.
MJ: Don’t be late.
Peter Parker: I won’t. See you later. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[referring to Peter and MJ]
Betty Brant: You guys are so cute.
Peter Parker: Thanks. Uh, I was thinking that maybe we should all, I don’t know, like go on a
double date or something.
Ned, Betty: Oh, we broke up.
Peter Parker: No! What? Why?
Ned Leeds: Men and women grow apart. But the journey they shared together will always be a part
of them.
[touches his face]
Betty Brant: You are so wise.
Ned Leeds: Thank you. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

Peter Parker: I’ve kept my identity pretty guarded these past couple of years. I faced a lot of
deception, and I’m tired of the lies. So it’s time for the truth to be out there. Are you dating?
May Parker: Not really.
Happy Hogan: Yes.
[they look at each other]
Happy Hogan: What? I think…
May Parker: Summer fling.
Happy Hogan: Yes, that evolves and grows like any other. Open to wherever it might lead.
May Parker: I still don’t know where it’s going to go. Anywhere. On or off.
Happy Hogan: And to share with people…
May Parker: But we’ll always be friends, no matter what.
Peter Parker: [awkwardly] I’m going to go because I’ve got a date. Uh, bye. ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes

[mid-credit lines; after his date with MJ, Peter in his Spider-Man suit sees breaking news coverage on
a giant TV screen on the side of a building]
Voice: This is breaking news.
Pat Kiernan: We come to you now with revelations about last week’s attack in London. An
anonymous source provided this video, it shows Quentin Beck, AKA, Mysterio, moments before his
death. As a warning, you may find this video disturbing.
[we see footage of Beck]
Quentin Beck: I managed to send the Elemental back into the dimensional rift, but I don’t think I’m
going to make it off this bridge alive. Spider-Man attacked me for some reason. He has an army of
weaponized drones, Stark technology. He’s saying he’s the only one who’s going to be the new Iron
Man, no one else.
[it cuts to altered footage of the Tower Bridge battle]
EDITH: Are you sure you want to commence the drone attack? There will be significant casualties.
Peter Parker: Do it. Execute them all.
Pat Kiernan: This shocking video was released earlier today on the controversial news website
J. Jonah Jameson: There you have it folks, conclusive proof that Spider-Man was responsible for
the brutal murder of Mysterio. An interdimensional warrior who gave his life to protect our planet,
and who will no doubt, go down in history as the greatest superhero of all time! But that’s not all folks,
here’s the real blockbuster. Brace yourselves, you might want to sit down.
[we see another footage from Beck]
Quentin Beck: Spider-Man’s real… Spider-Man’s real name is… Spider-Man’s name is Peter Parker!
[a photo of Peter is shown]
Peter Parker: [horrified] What the fu…!

[post-credit lines; we see Hill and Fury transform into the Skrulls Talos and Soren]
Soren: You got to tell him.
Talos: It was fine. The little boy handled it. We helped.
Soren: Talos!
Talos: Come off it, how was I supposed to know that the whole thing was fake? I mean that was all
very, very convincing, you know. The performances, the illusion, that costume, the craftsmanship in
that. I mean, this is just embarrassing for a shape-shifter. Fine!
[Talos answers a call from Fury]
Talos: Hey, there. I hope your mission is going well. We gave the glasses to Parker, about a week ago,
as you said. And, uh, it was very touching, you know? Really, really quite touching.
Soren: Talos.
Talos: And, uh, you know, shortly after that, everything kind of went off the rails, and so we need you
to come back. Because everyone kept asking me where the Avengers are, and I don’t know what to say
to that. So you’re lucky…
[we see Fury end the call, where he’s on a Skrull spaceship]
Nick Fury: Everybody, back to work! Who’s got my shoes? ~~~Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes


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