50+ Best Snake Eyes Quotes 2021

Snake Eyes Quotes

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Storm Shadow: Fish Boy! Boss wants to see you.
Snake Eyes: Am I in trouble?
Storm Shadow: Someone is.

Kenta: [referring to Storm Shadow] This man betrayed our trust. Do it.
[Snake eyes shoots away from Storm Shadow]

Storm Shadow: You saved my life. Why?
Snake Eyes: Iโ€™m not a murderer. I looked into your eyes, and I saw honor.

Storm Shadow: We are going home.
Snake Eyes: I donโ€™t have a home.
Storm Shadow: Not yours. Mine.~~~Snake Eyes Quotes

Snake Eyes: What is it exactly you do?

Storm Shadow: For six hundred years, our ninja has brought peace to the world. But things
have changed. I need warriors like you to become the future of the clan. Join us. This is your
Snake Eyes: Alright. What do I have to do?

Storm Shadow: I canโ€™t give you a name, or change your past. But I can offer you something
more important. A home.~~~Snake Eyes Quotes

Scarlett: [to Snake Eyes, referring to the helmet] Itโ€™s yours. If you want it.

Storm Shadow: [to Snake Eyes] I believe in you.~~~Snake Eyes Quotes

Snake Eyes: [to Storm Shadow] Youโ€™re the only brother Iโ€™ve ever known. I will pay you back
with my life if I had to

Storm Shadow: The three challenges of the warrior.
Snake Eyes: The three challenges and the what now?

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Blind Master: If you survive, youโ€™ll gain access to our knowledge and our power.~~~Snake Eyes Quotes

Akiko: Cobra is coming.
Snake Eyes: Whatโ€™s Cobra?
Akiko: A shadow organization devoted to global revolution. The largest terrorist organization
on the planet. Theyโ€™re going to start a war.

Snake Eyes: Iโ€™m sorry. This isnโ€™t my fight.
Akiko: Then tell me why youโ€™re here.~~~Snake Eyes Quotes

Snake Eyes: My father was murdered when I was a kid. I donโ€™t have a home. I call myself
Snake Eyes because I had bad luck my whole life.

The Baroness: I came to make you an offer, Tommy.
Storm Shadow: Call me Storm Shadow.

The Baroness: Iโ€™ve been following you for some time.
Snake Eyes: Do I know you?
The Baroness: I know you, Snake Eyes.~~~Snake Eyes Quotes

The Baroness: I Cobra will annihilate you.

Snake Eyes: I can tell, youโ€™re a little impressed with me.

Snake Eyes: I guess you didnโ€™t see that coming, huh?~~~Snake Eyes Quotes

Akiko: I still think this is a mistake.
Storm Shadow: Do you think I would endanger this clan?

Blind Master: Every warrior has a beginning. The journey from here is yours to decide. But
that is just the beginning.

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