250+ Samurai Champloo Quotes For Anime Lover

Just to explain, Mugen states that he is from Ryukyu, which is a relatively insulated region that nowadays belongs to Japan, however it was used as a penal colony at the time the anime is supposed to happen. It was under a different law than Japan, and it had closer ties with China.

So that’s why he doesn’t have “commom sense” because he was born and raised a criminal. Technically speaking, that would also mean that he was not considered japanese, and thus did not abide to the restricted ways of japanese people.

Samurai Champloo Quotes

1. “Freedom, isn’t something earned through suffering or pushing yourself. You must accept yourself just as you are and live according to the flow of things; that is true freedom.” ~ Monk Zuikou, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

2. “Only hope can give rise to the emotion we call despair. But it is nearly impossible for a man to try to live without hope, so I guess that leaves Man no choice but to walk around with despair as his companion.” ~ Kagetoki Kariya, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

3. “They say ‘there’s always room for dessert’, but for me, it’s more like ‘there’s always room if someone else is paying’.” ~ Fuu Kasumi, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

4. “Alright, that’s enough! You two made me a promise. You haven’t forgotten, have you? Until we find the ‘Samurai who smells of Sunflowers’, you two are not allowed to kill each other!” ~ Fuu Kasumi, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

5. “If you’re looking for Kasumi’s daughter, she’s crossed over to the island.” ~ Kagetoki Kariya, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

6. “Everyone you meet has their own individual aura about them, it’s something I can sense…” ~ Sara, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

7. “This world would be in darkness without a sense of duty.” ~ Fuu Kasumi, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

8. “Do you want to go through all the trouble of causing an uproar to expose the level of your idiocy? Try to moderate your self ~ importance.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

9. “I have no desire to kill you. In fact, you’re not worth killing. Killing you would only tarnish my blade.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

10. “I think I’ve found what I was looking for all this time. I, who was always alone… found comrades for the first time.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

11. “Cutting down a man who’s done nothing wrong. Is that what you spent all that time honing those skills for? In my opinion, you’re worthless.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

12. “I don’t believe in anyone but me and what I can do. See ya.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

13. “I don’t care how many damn dogs you got. It don’t amount to jack if they ain’t tough enough to bark when they’re out alone.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

14. “Fishing is a life and death struggle between man and fish. Forget this and you will most certainly get hurt.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

15. “Don’t live your life making up excuses. The one making your choices is yourself!” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

16. “If you’re gonna send people after me, bring on the strongest you have.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

17. “I think that every day the sun rises, it may be the last time I bask in the sun.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

18. “If we were all the way up there, no one here’d look any bigger than a grain of sand.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

19. “If living means bowing down to the likes of you fools, I’d rather die on my feet with my head held high.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

20. “When you point a sword at someone, either you kill them or they kill you, there ain’t no in ~ between.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

21. “Is there a need for a reason to kill someone?” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

22. [after drawing the infinity symbol] “I thought of it myself, it stands for… Mugen.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

23. “If living means that I must bow down to you guys, I will happily stand tall and die!” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

24. “You have ten seconds… I’ll count by breaking his fingers.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

25. [Fuu passed out after one drink and is asleep] “Sleeping so carelessly. I could do something to you so easily.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

26. “I cannot believe… You opened yourself up for my attack.” ~ Kariya, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

27. “Whatever gave you that idea. You lady, I gave up humanity long, long ago. I like to watch human suffering. Now that’s what I call fun. I’m really a very generous man. I want to share my suffering with everyone else. I’d say that’s fair, wouldn’t you? So, now you know why you’re gonna die?” ~ Ryujiro, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

28. “But someday, the country will come to accept people like me. Some day, this country won’t be so idiot.” ~ Jouji, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

29. “I’ve looked for you. To find you, I even apprenticed myself to a man like that and waited. Why did you betray him? A man like you, why did you betray our master?” ~ Ogura, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

30. “Listen, men aren’t the brightest of our species so it’s best you keep them wrapped around your finger.” ~ Budou Kiba, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

31. “Me? I’m a man who will be big. Rather, big no bigger than biggest. My name is Sakonshogun Nagamitsu!” ~ Nagamitsu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

32. “Jin: Remember, I’m the one who’s going to kill you.

Mugen: What are you, my wife?” ~ ‘Samurai Champloo.’

33. “Training. You should be able to tell by looking. Beetle wrestling. I’m going to train him and put him in fights.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

34. “About Mugen, I could tell right away he was a bad guy, the sort who did all kinds of horrible things, the kind of person who Id never want to be friends with.” ~ Fuus Diary, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

Samurai Champloo Monologue

This one is classic! One of the best and most unique anime I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame that Manglobe is no more…

35. [Mugen after finding a bag of coins in the river] “We hit the potjack!” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

36. “Damn them. Going to the red light district even though they have me Being a woman is a disadvantage.” ~ Fuu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

37. “Take your pick. We’ve dined and dashed, snuck through a checkpoint, and, oh yeah, killed people.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

38. “I realized something. My sons have been dead for a long time now. This whole time, they’ve just been using me.” ~ Sara, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

39. “Don’t forget. I will be the one who kills you.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

40. “I wish this journey could never end.” ~ Fuu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

41. “I am not gonna be conquered, and I m not gonna conquer.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

42. “Who is this ‘Samurai who smells of Sunflowers’?” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

Samurai Champloo Quotes For Anime Lover

43. “However ~ ~ they say that every once in a while, a male will try to attract another male.” ~ Inuyaka, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

44. “Then… Live your life good.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

45. “Guess no matter how hard we try… Fate’s gonna keep throwing us back together!” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

46. “Drawing your sword is no longer necessary. At this point, your presence will suffice.” ~ Rikiei, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

47. [Readies his sword ] “Come, I hope that you don’t disappoint me.” ~ Kagetoki Kariya, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

48. “I know he’s a felon who abandoned his country and had his soul stolen by that foreign religion.” ~ Kagetoki Kariya, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

49. “I’m the same. I have faith in myself and my sword, nothing else.” ~ Ishimatsu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

50. “Why do you always aggravate things?” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

51. “I don’t expect them for free.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

52. “Hey, hold on a minute, if you’ve got time for that, what about the sunflower ~ ~ ?” ~ Fuu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

53. “You’ll do anything to get on my nerves. Won’t ya?” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

54. “Hey, you! Look at me. you remember who I am?” ~ Fuu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

55. “Someday I’ll make you say ‘uncle’.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

56. “Whoever says ‘uncle’? That’s highly unheard of.”  ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

57. “I’m amazed you made it into Edo without knowing that.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

58. “Go drink river water or something.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

59. “You’re shouting at a diary.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

60. “I was tricked. I was tricked by her.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

Samurai Champloo Mugen Quotes

Still in love with this absolutely beautiful show, and love these three especially Mugen. The mix of hip-hop with this ruthless Edo period, and the trio of Fuu, Jin and Mugen was just genius.

61. “Oh, I ate and ate. This is the first time I’ve been full in a while.” ~ Fuu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

62. “Hey, if you take out all these guys, I promise I’ll rock your world.” ~ Yatsuha, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

63. “There are no beautiful corpses.” ~ Okuru, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

64. “I just want to fight you.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

65. “Without a sense of duty, the world would be in darkness.” ~ Fuu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

66. “Is it possible that you can’t read?” ~ Fuu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

67. “Run that by me again.” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

68. “Please choose to either eat or to speak.” ~ Jin, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

69. “Can’t you ever say anything intelligent?” ~ Fuu, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

70. “Against a load of pansies like you, one of me is more than enough!” ~ Mugen, ‘Samurai Champloo.’

This anime is actually a masterpiece. Everything to the tone, the action, the music, the main and side characters. I can’t figure out a single flaw in this show, except maybe that there are a few storylines they cut short where I wanted to see continued, but other than that 10/10

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