250+ Best Russian Dolls Movie Quotes

Did anyone else notice how both Nadia’s and Alan’s outfits had a slight change in the very last episode? Nadia got the white blouse after Max threw a drink on her, and Alan got the scarf given to him at the party.

I just thought it was interesting, it’s he only time there has been any difference in their outfit, Maybe it’s so we can tell which person is which when suddenly we are watching two different timelines?

Kevin Bishop ~ “This is known as the street of “ideal proportions.” It’s 25 meters high, 25 meters wide, and 250 meters long. Personally, I don’t see what’s so ideal about it. The Russians are obsessed with the; they’re obsessed with things being ideal, you know?”

Evgenia Obraztsova ~ “It’s not true.”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Yes, it is darling. Well, it’s not a bad thing. I mean, you know, English people, we’ve got some bad habits as well. I mean do you remember; Wendy, do you remember your boyfriend, the American one? What was his name? Bruce.”

Kelly Reilly ~ “Yes.”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Right, well, I was talking to him one day, and he said to me, “Problem with you English guys is, you’re always saying ‘I’m sorry.’ All the time, you’re saying ‘I’m sorry about this, I’m sorry about that.'” And you know what? It’s actually true. We do say “I’m sorry” too much. What can I say? We’re sorry. I said to him, “I’m sorry about that. I apologize. But that’s it, you know? Nobody’s perfect.””

Kevin Bishop ~ “Bonjour. I know you. You were ze lady dancing at ze, uh;”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Oh, no. I saw you dancing. The Moulin Rouge, no? — kicked up your legs like that.”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Hello Paris. I’m a Parisian. Gimme some escargot and red wine.”

Romain Duris ~ “Hey, my scooter is over there.”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Oh, ok, you got my scooter.” ~~~ Russian Dolls Movie Quotes

Kevin Bishop ~ “Do you speak French?”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Wanna sleep with me? Always wanted to say that to a French girl.”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Yeah. So, come on, Xavier, what about you?”

Romain Duris ~ “It’s uh — well, uh, it’s complicated. I-I have to rewrite a script in English, so I’ll probably have to work with some English writers I don’t know.”

Kevin Bishop ~ “You know, I know the best writer in London.”

Romain Duris ~ “Really?”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Yeah. She’s very very good. And she’s fit.”

Romain Duris ~ “What; what is “fit”?”

Kevin Bishop ~ “It’s very very sexy.”

Romain Duris ~ “What’s her name?”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Her name’s um — Wendy.”

Romain Duris ~ “Wendy? Your sister Wendy?”

Kevin Bishop ~ “Yeah, yeah. She’s also my sister, yeah.”
Kelly Reilly as Wendy

Kelly Reilly ~ “This is the best view of London. You see the London Eye there?”

Romain Duris ~ “Oh — Where is Oxford Street.”

Kelly Reilly ~ “Are you alright?”

Romain Duris ~ “I don’t know — I don’t feel great. Are you going to this flamenco concert?”

Kelly Reilly ~ “I don’t know. Why not?”

Romain Duris ~ “Oh.”

Kelly Reilly ~ “What’s wrong? — Look I can see something’s wrong. What’s wrong?”

Romain Duris ~ “That’s what’s wrong.”

Kelly Reilly ~ “Now which one?”

Kevin Bishop ~ “That one there. Look.”

Kelly Reilly ~ “The one on the end?”

Kevin Bishop ~ “No. Look. Right — Second from the left.”

Romain Duris ~ “The blonde one?”

Kelly Reilly ~ “But they’re all blonde.”

Kevin Bishop ~ “That one. See, look. Second from the left. That one.”

Romain Duris ~ “Right. Yeah. Ok. I see her.”

Kelly Reilly ~ “They all look the same.”

Kevin Bishop ~ “No, they don’t. She’s a great dancer.”

Romain Duris ~ “Who?”

Kelly Reilly ~ “Maybe the day to day dirt is part of love.”

Kelly Reilly ~ “I know you’re not always perfect. I know you have tons of problems, defects, imperfections — but who doesn’t? It’s just that I prefer your problems. I’m in love with your imperfections. Your imperfections are just great.”

Kelly Reilly ~ “I know most girls they get weak on their knees for what’s beautiful, you know, that’s all they see, that’s all they want. But I’m not like that. I don’t just see what’s beautiful. I fall for the other stuff. I love what’s not perfect. It’s just how I am.”
Romain Duris as Xavier

Romain Duris ~ “Mr. Everyman is seldom met in — everyday life.”

Romain Duris ~ “– it was like we had to go through that. Like going through all that wacky shit reassured us somehow- it proved we were in love.”

Romain Duris ~ “Those 12 seconds — In movies, most love stories end there. It’s better not to show what comes next. But that’s the interesting part.”

Romain Duris ~ “She must have really been in love to get to this. How can so many sincere moments, one after the other, lead to such misery — who’d want that?”

Romain Duris ~ “If I think about all the girls I’ve known or slept with or just desired, they’re like a bunch of Russian dolls. We spend our lives playing the game dying to know who’ll be the last, the teeny-tiny one hidden inside all the others. You can’t just get to her right away. You have to follow the progression. You have to open them one by one wondering, “Is she the last one?””

Romain Duris ~ “Not to be too insistent — this really isn’t for my girlfriend.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “It’s no biggie. Who cares?”

Romain Duris ~ “I don’t have a girlfriend. It’s for my ex. It’s her birthday. I’ll give you my number.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “For?”

Romain Duris ~ “I don’t know. If the dress doesn’t fit you can call me. No. I don’t know. I’ve always dreamed of doing that but I never dared. With you, I thought I should dare. Take it, ’cause I feel like a jerk. I’ll jot it down. But you have to call tonight or you never will. There.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “I don’t know.”

Romain Duris ~ “Yes, yes. You’ve got nothing to lose. If I were you I’d call me.”

Romain Duris ~ “If I were you I would call me.”

Romain Duris ~ “What’s all this shit about love? How do we get so nuts? The time we waste. When you’re alone, you cry, “Will I find her?” When you’re not- “Does she love me as much as I love her?” “Can we love more than one person in a lifetime?” Why do we split up? All these fucking questions. You can’t say we’re uninformed. We read love stories, fairy tales, novels. We watch movies. Love, love, love –.”

Cécile de France ~ “You could just call her back”
Aïssa Maïga as Kassia

Aïssa Maïga ~ “Who is she?”

Romain Duris ~ “No; my ex, Martine.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “Not so “ex.””

Romain Duris ~ “She’s my ex. It’s over. Come in.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “One in, one out — That doesn’t bother you at all.”

Romain Duris ~ “You don’t understand.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “You just line ’em up and don’t give a fuck.”

Romain Duris ~ “Exactly. If you don’t like it, take a hike.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “What?”

Romain Duris ~ “Yeah. You’re all fucking, stupid bitches. You got that? Now get lost.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “Asshole.”

Romain Duris ~ “YEAH, I’M AN ASSHOLE.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “What’s your girlfriend like?”

Romain Duris ~ “It’s not for my girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “What’s this girl who’s not your girlfriend like?”

Romain Duris ~ “She’s a little shorter than you. She has smaller — I mean — I think she’s a size one or two.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “It depends. Is she thinner than I am? Is she like that girl?”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “No.”

Romain Duris ~ “She’s more like her. But not as ugly.”

Aïssa Maïga ~ “Take the two. Your girlfriend can always exchange it. The register’s over there.”

I’m in love with so much of this piece of layered genius work; so many levels. Matter of fact, Imma jus chill and do it all over again! 😜🤯✊🏾

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