Rudolf Carnap Quotes to Inspire You

My analytic hero! Wow I never heard his voice before until now.

“Logic is the last scientific ingredient of Philosophy; its extraction leaves behind only a confusion of non-scientific, pseudo problems.”

“Let us be cautious in making assertions and critical in examining them, but tolerant in permitting linguistic forms.”

“The self is the class (not the collection) of the experiences (or autopsychological states). The self does not belong to the expression of the basic experience, but is constructed only on a very high level.”

“Anything you can do, I can do meta”

“Science is a system of statements based on direct experience, and controlled by experimental verification. Verification in science is not, however, of single statements but of the entire system or a sub-system of such statements.”

“Les métaphysiciens sont des musiciens sans dons musicaux.”

“If one is interested in the relations between fields which, according to customary academic divisions, belong to different departments, then he will not be welcomed as a builder of bridges, as he might have expected, but will rather be regarded by both sides as an outsider and troublesome intruder.”

“Our conjecture that metaphysics is a substitute, albeit an inadequate one, for art, seems to be further confirmed by the fact that the metaphysician who perhaps had artistic talent to the highest degree, viz Nietzsche, almost entirely avoided the error of that of confusion. A large part of his work has predominantly empirical content. We find there, for instance, historical analyses of specific artistic phenomena, or an historical psychological analysis of morals, In the work, however, in which he expresses most strongly that which others express through metaphysics or ethics, in Thus Spake Zarathustra, he does not choose the misleading theoretical form, but openly form of art, of poetry.”

“Metaphysiker sind Musiker ohne musikalische Fähigkeit.”

“Wir werden einen Satz wie “Die Welt ist die Selbstverwirklichung Gottes” nicht widerlegen, indem wir etwa zu beweisen versuchen: “Die Welt ist nicht die Selbstverwirklichung Gottes”. Damit würden wir, wo die Metaphysiker den Bock melken, das Sieb unterhalten.”

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