Best Rio Quotes From Money Heist

Their relationship isn’t perfect and it never was, but it’s exactly what makes us able to relate… It’s just like life.

Iconic Rio Quotes

I ship them so hard, this relationship is really complicated but thatโ€™s okay, most the relationships arenโ€™t easy and thatโ€™s amazing because at the end they will anyway figure out all their problems as always๐Ÿ’“

You may be completely fucking nuts, Helsi, but you’re a big softy. – Rio

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Tokyo: ‘You wave a white flag and turn yourself in! I know they’ll be easy on you when things get complicated.’
Rio: ‘I only wave the white flag for Real Madrid.’ – Rio

When I see you walking around here, my heart pounds, just knowing you’re near me. Our sex makes me float around the room. – Rio

in the end, love is a good reason for everything to fall apart

Rio: “I only wave the white flag for Real Madrid.”

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