Great Quotes From New Movie Redeeming Love Quotes 2022

This book literally changed my life and I have never felt the love of Jesus portrayed so strongly before in one story! This trailer has all those same emotions coming back and I am so excited to see it opening day and probably 2 more times in the theater! I can’t stop crying every time I watch this trailer! For many years I prayed for my Hosea! I can thankfully say I have met him now and we have been radically in love and married for 3 years! Ladies don’t lose hope! He is out there and so worth the wait!!


Redeeming Love Quotes

John Altman: I told your mother I could take good care of you.

Mae: I love you, more than anyone in this whole wide world.

John Altman: Her mom is dead. Sheโ€™ll be better off here.

Sally: No, she wonโ€™t.

Duke: Whatโ€™s her name?

John Altman: You can call her whatever you want.

Duke: Youโ€™ll be my little angel from now on.

Mai Ling: Angel, how did you end up in this place?

Sally: She doesnโ€™t talk about her past.

Mai Ling: You got any big plans?

Angel: Plans? She canโ€™t keep me here.

Duchess: You forget where I found you, missy. I made you a princess.

Duke: Feel the power, Angel.

Lucky: The only girls who leave here are too old, too sick to work, or dead.

Magowan: Iโ€™m going to kill you.

Angel: Do it!

Man: Sheโ€™s something to see, ainโ€™t she? Thatโ€™s Angel. No one gets within a foot of her for free.

Michael Hosea: I have to meet her.

Angel: Whatโ€™s your pleasure, mister?

Michael Hosea: I didnโ€™t come here for that.

Angel: Are you going to marry me, take me away from here? Give me the life I deserve?

Angel: Iโ€™ve got too many demons. I donโ€™t know how to love.

Michael Hosea: You did not choose the life you have. But can choose the life you want.

Paul: He deserves a decent girl. Not you.

Duke: Did you think I couldnโ€™t find you?

Angel: You have to stop thinking that Iโ€™m going to be something that Iโ€™m not.

Michael Hosea:ย  That way is home. Your choice

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