60 Best Raquel Murillo quotes From Money Heist

Seriously, you had already captured the essence of Lisboa’s character in the last video about her and now you did it again ❤️ I just hope that in the next season she’ll have more space (especially because Itziar is a wonderful actress). Thank you for this beautiful video about my favorite character.

Powerful Lady Raquel Murillo Quotes From Money Heist

How did you do? I really mean it. How the hell did you do !? I have never seen such a beautiful video in my life. My God. The adrenaline! The adrenaline that makes you come to this is crazy. Wow. I loved it from start to finish. Compliments! Compliments! You did a perfect and fantastic job! I hope Itziar will see it one day. You deserve it. ❤️❤️❤️

Thieves are caught on the run, we need to rile ’em up a bit. – Raquel Murillo

I’m a mess. – Raquel Murillo

Look, it’s like going down steps little by little. Like in those horror films where somebody goes down to the basement and everybody thinks: Don’t go downstairs. Don’t do it. But you do it. That’s where I got the first slap. And then the second, and the third. And finally, I got a divorce. – Raquel Murillo

-What’s wrong with my profile?

Raquel was a woman in a man’s world.

A single mother in the middle of a divorce.

A gal that had endured her husband’s mistreatment.

I give the orders in here, not you.

I am Raquel Murillo, the Inspector in charge of the case.

The Professor thought it’d take her 3 days… yet the Inspector solved it in 15 minutes.

Maybe with another Inspector in charge…

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But Raquel had smelled a clue. Like a teacher against her rebellious students.

In there, sitting all day… I feel useful.

You sitting, my dear? What you have to do is run! Very well.

The Inspector began filling with adrenaline and cortisol.

You shut the fuck up, damn it!

Her rythme and arterial pressure were elevated.

Just like a lioness seconds before she killed her prey.

You won’t even think of moving because this time, I will shoot you.

She was excited. And she felt her victim’s breath very close.

When did you renounce your instincts, Inspector?

“The Inspector in charge, Raquel Murillo, who abandoned the Force with hostile declarations…”

I don’t know who the good guys are…

“…in which she expressed her discomfort over how the crisis was handled…”

…and who the bad guys are anymore.

“by the National Intelligence.”

How many hits can one handle before collapsing?

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Iconic Raquel Murillo quotes

You can’t think?

If you are Raquel Murillo… a lot.

Has love compromised your logic?

I am nobody’s girlfriend.

This has nothing to do with love.

I know who you are.

Raquel Murillo.

Lisbon. – My name is Lisbon. – Yes!

Freeze! Let’s go!

But Lisbon was there.

She hadn’t gone anywhere.

Lisbon! Welcome to the Bank of Spain.

– Professor! – Professor! Lisbon is with us.

We have Lisbon. I repeat… Lisbon…

is with us! She will not betray us.

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