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If you’ve seen the Viking web series, you must know about Ragnar Lothbrook. If you are looking for ragnar Lothbrok Quotes then you have come to the right place. There are many ragnar Lothbrok quotes given in this post which you can share on social media and also use as status. If you are a fan of Ragnar Lothbrook then this post is for you. Keep reading this post. Some of Ragnar Lothbrook’s dialogues have been created following different times.


โ€œIt gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“Soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“This hero that comes into Valhalla does not lament his death!”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“I shall not enter Odinโ€™s hall with fear. There I shall wait for my sons to join me.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“And when they do, I will bask in their tales of triumph. The Aesir will welcome me!”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“My death comes without apology!”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“And I welcome the valkyries to summon me home!”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œOdin gave his eye to acquire knowledge…but I would give far more.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œI would worry less about the gods and more about the fury of a patient man.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“But unhappiness is more common than happiness. Who told you you should be happy?”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“I don’t know how I am going to win. I just know I’m not going to lose.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“A man does two things: He fights to conquer and preserve, and he looks after his family.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œPower is dangerous. It corrupts the best and attracts the worst. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œDon’t waste your time looking back. You’re not going that way.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“We had Thor on our side.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“You give the Gods too much credit.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok


Ragnar lothbrok quotes death

Ragnar Lothbrook’s character can be seen on the Viking webseries. Viking is a true story but there is no doubt that there was a character named Ragnar Lothbrook in the past. Yet in this series we know Ragnar as Lothbrook’s main character. The following are Ragnar Lothbrook quotes.

“Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“I don’t believe in the god’s existence. Man is the master of his own fate, not the gods. The gods are man’s creation to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“I’m not satisfied with this.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“It is one thing to use a weapon, but another to kill.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“You don’t need a title to be a leader.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“All roads lead to the throne.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“We live to fight another day.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar suffered.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œI always believed that death is a fate far better than life, for you will be reunited with lost loved ones. But we will never meet again, my friend, for I have a feeling that your God might object to me visiting you in heaven.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œIn my world, I am constantly torn between killing myself or everyone around me.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œNo man can walk through life without things happening to him.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œWe should not wash our dirty clothes in front of others.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œWhen your time comes, you must lead with your head, not with your heart.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

โ€œI hung from a windy tree for nine long nights, wounded by a spear, dedicated to Odin, from that tree of which no man knows from where its roots run.โ€~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“What’s your name ragnar lothbrok you are Ragnar lothbrok the one sail west
I’m surprised that you have heard about that”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“What do you see”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“The powerful gene”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“Power is always dangerous~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“King ragnar that’s is my name king ragnar”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

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Real ragnar lothbrok quotes

Although we are fans of Ragnar Lothbrook, we do not know the true story. The character we see in the Viking web series, Rollo, auditioned for the first Ragnar Lothbrook character.

“That did not become king that’s a van bishop but once again I had no choiceyou and your guards in Rome you see I guided my fate”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“I fashioned the course of my life and my death me not you not the gods me”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“This was my idea”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“To come here to die maybe not”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“You are the most dangerous man ragnar”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

“When you’d be responsible”~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

In my mind i wish i never left afar i have a big decision to make it may change many things~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Every year we go to the same places odin gave his eye to acquire knowledge that’s why we should sail west~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

We’ve built a new boat and with this boat for the first time~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

We can go west~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I want to know what’s to the west~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

What cities and gods are over there we~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Won’t know that until we try~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I’m not satisfied with this~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

We’ve heard such tales rule great towns and cities~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Treasures horses gold and silver and a new go~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

God bless don’t kill me~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I’m not satisfied with what i have achieved so far~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I’m a very uh curious man~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

What is your name~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

My brother this land is rich~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Here is a real treasur~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

We are brothers you and i will always be equal~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

What have you heard about king ekbart~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

That he’s just like you you must be ragnar lothbrok~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You are ragnar lovebrok ragnar lothbro the one who sailed west~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

One must always think the worst even of~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

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Ragnar lothbrok quotes pigs

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Your own kin i will fight with you against my brother~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

That way you avoid too much disappointment in life why~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Why do we fight each other about this piece or that piece of land~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I’m very curious about england tell me about paris ~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Why are we not looking outwards ~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Your reputation goes ahead of you ragnar northbrook i know this because so many have told me how you killed earl harold and then built a new kind of ship the first to set west and defeated a king of england ~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Hail oh ragnar god ~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I did not become real because i aspire to be one~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

It came about because of other people’s ideas~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I did not become king out of ambition but once again~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

This is the sword of kings one day~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

If the gods will it this sword will belong to you~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

God’s desire to have a great future~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Why did the gods keep me alive~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

That is a question i keep asking myself~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

What do you see power why would i not want to betray him power is always dangerous it attracts her worst but i still believe in my heart that he will not betray me~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Who will bear me my son we can have more sons you insult and humiliate me i have no choice but to leave you~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Sometimes your god sounds a lot like one of ours~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I hope that someday~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Our father our gods our father can become friends~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

He’s a christian i don’t know why ragnar~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

All my future lies with ragnar you’re~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

The only one i can trust or have you in your heart~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Already renounced our regards to turn to the christ god~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I don’t believe in the god’s existence and they are~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Is that what your friend~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Atista has persuaded you to do~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

How can you trust it you talk about trust you you betrayed me~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You killed out those ten you betrayed my trust and my love tell me if~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I will conquer paris~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I can see that not the living~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

But the death will conquer paris~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Kept you alive we will never meet again my friend~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Oh this is how you reply my love not my breathnever~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I think~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

What happened in paris finally broke him~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Because i wanted to see what has become of my sons~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Hello ivar~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Forgive me for all of my fault all of my families people started to talk as if he was the god he was not a god he was a man~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You thought you were a god right now~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

A man with many dreams and many feelings~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I have made many bad choices despite all his feelings~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You still the greatest man in the world~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Dear child~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

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Ragnar lothbrok quotes power

We still remember some of Ragnar Lothbrook’s dialogues or many don’t remember. If you have completed this post, you will remember some of Ragnar Lothbrook’s dialogues. You can also copy these dialogs.

I’ve come to say goodbye to you probably~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You broke my heart~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Is n’t that always the way with brothers~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I wanted to step out of your shadow~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Mother of my sons you suffered my words~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

In my necklace that you never turned our sons against me~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I thought your legs were a weakness~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I was wrong legs have given you a strength~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You’re a good christian~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You’ve done it again my friend~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Everything i do look nice for you~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I love you i love you~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I love you~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I wish i never left far~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar lothbrok didn’t succeed~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I want to know the day that i will die~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

We’re all fated to die on a certain day yes~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

But it is our own choice to do as we please until that day come~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

What took you so long you will die on the day that the blind man sees you~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Told me that i am fated to die~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

The day the blind man sees me~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You have to kill me~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Don’t be afraid death has been uppermost of my mind for a long time~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

I can see you ragnar lothbrok~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

You see i guided my fate i fashioned the course of my life and my death~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

Me not you not the gods me this was my idea to come here to die man is the master of his own fate not the gods~~~Ragnar Lothbrok

It gladdens me to know that odin prepares for a feast i shall not enter odin’s hall with fear my death comes without and i welcome the valkyries to summon me home~~~Ragnar Lothbrok


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