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The Untamed Memorable Lines

Never have I watched a drama like ‘The Untamed’. It was the everything I could ask for. Watching it was like flowing with the wind, with each passing moment I experienced new emotions. Every character of the drama introduced me to a new feeling, to a new emotion and to a new world. From the very first episode I felt hooked to know more about the characters, the story. I can’t really explain in words how good the drama was.

The two lead roles, Wei Wu Xian and Lan Zhan played by Xiao Zhan and Wang Yi Bo, made me feel so many emotions that I never knew was possible. Their story made me realize that love can be found in many different form and that actions do speak louder than words.Never got attached to anything or anyone in the world cause had the thoughts that nothing is permanent and things and people change with time but this drama got me attached; to be precise got me addicted.

Not only the lead roles, all the other characters of this story were so beautifully portrayed and every actor- actresses well fitted with their characters. The plot of the story is like a roller coaster ride. One time you laugh, one time you cry, one time you just want the villain to vanish and let everyone live happily.

Any combination of 26 letters cannnot express the emotions and feelings I had when I watched this masterpiece!❤️

“Let the self judge the right and the wrongs, let others decide to praise or to blame and let the losses and gains remain uncommented on.”
—Wei Wu Xian

“Wei Wu Xian! Don’t you understand? When you’re standing on their side, you’re the bizarre genius, the miraculous hero, the force of the rebellion, the flower that blooms alone. But the second your voice differs from theirs, you’ve lost your mind, you’ve ignored morality, you’ve walked the crooked path. You think you can be immune to all those condemnations as you stay outside of the world and do whatever you want? No such precedent has happened before!”
—Jiang Cheng

“Why would a living person worry about what happens after they die? I’ll just live freely for as long as possible.”
—Wei Wu Xian

Nobody would remain at the top for all of eternity — legends are only legends.

“I don’t care about anybody’s open road, my only choice is a log bridge to devil.”
—Wei Wu Xian

“If there’s a hope, then let’s move.”
—Wei Wu Xian

“Everything was the same as before. Yet, it was because of how everything was the same as before that it tormented the heart.”
墨香铜臭, 魔道祖师 (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

“I want to bring a person back to the hidden heaven, just bring him back, and hide him.” – Lan Wang Ji

“For 13 years I wait for you. For 13 years, I play Inquiry for you, in hope that I could reach out for you—in hope that I could still talk to you. You never answer me back. All these questions in me left unanswered, all these feelings left unresolved. Why won’t you answer me back? Wei Ying, will you come back?”
— Lan Wang Ji

“Daozhang, you wouldn’t forget me, would you? Let’s wait and see.” —Xue Yang ~~~ Quotes From The Untamed

“I’ve lied to countless people and have destroyed countless more. Just as you’ve said, murdering my father, my brother, my wife, my son, my master, my friends—There’s not a single sin left in this world that I haven’t committed! But you, only you, I’ve never ever wanted to harm you!”
—Jin Guang Yao

“I used to think of you as my soulmate.”
“I still am.”
—Lan Wang Ji/ Wei Wu Xian

“If the face says nothing, listen to the heartbeat.”
— Lan Wang Ji

In my business I am always on a look out for inspiration. I found “The Untamed” only by chance and was hooked from the first scene on. I think lots of people will agree … it’s a MASTERPIECE. It’s not just a feast for the eyes, it’s a perfect harmony between fantasy, culture, drama and love.

To me it’s a flawless story line and excellent cast. I never cried so much in a movie and felt for the main characters. So much talent among those young actors! I am officially a fan of Xiao Zhan! I love not only his voice, his acting is outstanding! I wish him all the best in the world for his career.

— I am new to this genre and I am happy I found this series which I plan to watch again and again. I love this genre and I look forward to watch a lot of more movies of this kind.

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