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Mindhunter is an American television drama series slated to debut on October 13, 2017 on Netflix. It is based on the book Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit written by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas

Holden Ford: [holding Richard Speck newspaper clippings] It’s like meeting a movie star.

Bill Tench: Could be as anti-climactic.

Holden Ford: ‘Crime of the Century.’

Bill Tench: Until Charles Whitman two weeks later…

Holden Ford: I remember staring at this wanted poster of him, trying to figure out if I saw him on the street, would I know he was insane?

Bill Tench: You clip all these?

Holden Ford: Everything I could get my hands on. Even went to my neighbors who subscribed to newspapers outside of Milwaukee.

Bill Tench: Holden and his first criminal crush!”

“Holden Ford: You would really turn down the chance to meet Richard Speck? He’s almost up there with Manson.

Bill Tench: Well, maybe he’ll give you an autograph.

Holden Ford: That would be inappropriate, right?”

“Holden Ford: What’s the point if we don’t apply it to the real world?

Bill Tench: We’re trying to save women from getting pulled into vans and cut to pieces, not crucify some schoolmarm who hasn’t done anything.

Holden Ford: Yet! Certainly our goal is to be preemptive.

Bill Tench: We’re the FBI, Holden. That is not our goal. Yet.”

“Bill Tench: This is how we get to him.
[shows Holden a picture of a severed foot as the businessman watches in horror]

Businessman: Please. I can switch with you.

Bill Tench: I’m enjoying the leg room.”

Mindhunters movie Quotes

“Guys communicate in a certain way. It can be rough, but it’s like a code. It gets out the conflict.”

“I’ve been around crazy. I was in the Army.”

Mindhunter best Quotes

I think this show is absolutely amazing I love all of the FBI agents in this series aka the team and Holden Ford is played by a very good actor very suitable for this role. I am up to the part after Manson is interviewed and from what I remember about Manson in my personal research the Manson scene itself seems pretty darn almost spot on to how Mansons personality is in reality. Kemper is also portrayed with great accuracy (idk about the Hospital scene) but mostly very accurate the way he spoke, his intellect, his mannerisms etc. Fantastic show really!

“If what we’re doing doesn’t get under your skin, you’re more screwed-up than I thought, or kidding yourself.”

“Passenger seat’s not the best way to transport a corpse, I’ll give you that. But you said he was home alone watching TV? That’s not much of an alibi.”

“Holden Ford: [brushing his teeth] Here’s a question, if it is Benjamin or some other boyfriend who freaked out on her, does the case merit our involvement? We still can’t rule out a sequence killer, but if the perpetrator was a townie, then the crime is random, and there’s no expectation that he’ll be repeating it.

Bill Tench: Here’s my question: Shouldn’t our funding cover separate rooms?

Holden Ford: You don’t like my company?

Bill Tench: We’ll get connecting doors.

Holden Ford: The mutilation of her body alone justifies our involvement.

Bill Tench: Would you mind sitting on your own bed, please?”

“Bill Tench: It’s always the mother. They all have a crazy, angry mother.

Holden Ford: Or an absent father. Benjamin only changed after his father took off. Maybe has nothing to do with the mother.

Bill Tench: Aren’t all fathers absent in some way? I know my old man was never around. Imagine how different Benjamin and Rose’s lives might have been if their father never left.”

“Monte Rissell: You know what? I don’t think I’m interested.

Bill Tench: Fine. You want to diddle around, we’ll walk out of here. We’ll go have a nice, leisurely lunch wherever the fuck we want, and then take the picturesque drive back to Quantico. What’s the rest of your day look like?”

“Bill Tench: We’re from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Behavioral Science Unit.

Monte Rissell: Scientists?

Bill Tench: We’re from the Behavioral Science Unit. We’re doing research. Interviewing men like you.

Monte Rissell: Men like me?

Bill Tench: Murderers with multiple victims. To better understand why you do what you do.”

“Bill Tench: There’s nothing behind Kemper’s eyes. It’s like standing near a black hole.

Holden Ford: Right.

Bill Tench: And he thinks we’re his friends. Well, he thinks you’re his friend. Which makes you a pretty great FBI agent.”

“Bill Tench: I’m sorry, Ed, do you mean that violence in the movies drove you to kill those women?

Edmund Kemper: No. My point is, in reality it doesn’t work the way you expect. When you stab somebody they’re supposed to fall dead. They go, ‘Oh,’ and they fall dead, right?

Bill Tench: Right.

Mindhunter John Douglas Quotes

I hardly can express how impressed I was with the show. It was like someone grabbed me by the hand and just walked me around inside of the skulls of the most dangerous psychopaths. Brilliiant.

Edmund Kemper: In reality, when you stab somebody, they lose blood pressure and they leak to death, very slowly.”

“Holden Ford: So you’re saying you don’t think this, us interviewing these killers, is crazy?

Wendy Carr: Just the opposite. I mean, crazy in the way that anyone with a truly new idea is crazy. But no.

Holden Ford: Wow, OK. That’s a relief. That hasn’t really been the feedback we’ve gotten so far.

Bill Tench: Actually, this is the only feedback we’ve gotten so far.”

“Holden Ford: Actually, Debbie’s the first girl I’ve really dated-dated since high school.

Bill Tench: Dated-dated.

Holden Ford: Yeah.

Bill Tench: My wife’s the first woman I’ve married-married.”

Holden Ford: So what are you teaching?

Wendy Carr: Um, I’m teaching a class on the intersection of sociopathy and fame. People like, um, Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison. Their celebrity becomes the only thing they need to sustain their ego.

Bill Tench: Nixon was a sociopath.

Wendy Carr: Very similar.

Holden Ford: How do you get to be president of the United States if you’re a sociopath?

Wendy Carr: The question is, how do you get to be president of the United States if you’re not? That’s why this work is so vital. It goes so much further than the FBI.

Bill Tench: All the way to the White House.

Wendy Carr: Perhaps, yeah.”

“Unit Chief Shepard: Can you make him shut up?

Bill Tench: I have not been able to, sir.

Mindhunter Quotes

Holden Ford: How do we get ahead of crazy if we don’t know how crazy thinks?

Unit Chief Shepard: I like you, Bill. I don’t particularly like him, but I like you… OK, you may continue with your little sideshow. However, no one can know about it. Clear? You will relocate yourselves to the basement beneath Behavioral Sciences, reporting directly and exclusively to me.

Bill Tench: The basement? I’m 44 years old.”

Mindhunter season 2 Quotes

This series is absolutely Brilliant!!!! I couldn’t stop watching..My wife put me in the dog house over this show!!🤣🤣🤣

“How do we get ahead of crazy if we don’t know how crazy thinks?”

“Bill Tench: Holden, they’re not gonna let you in with a sidearm.

Holden Ford: The guy is six foot nine, weighs 300 pounds.

Bill Tench: That’s right.

Holden Ford: So what’s he gonna do?

Bill Tench: He’s gonna take the fuckin’ thing away, kill you with it, and then have sex with your face.”

Bill Tench: [squabbling about their differing methods] Let me ask you something else. Do you have a girlfriend?

Holden Ford: I do now, Bill, as it happens.

Bill Tench: OK. So next time you’re a long way from home and you flip your shit, you find a pay phone and you tell it to your girlfriend. OK?

Holden Ford: OK.

Bill Tench: How’s that sound?

Holden Ford: It sounds OK, Bill.”

“Iowa Reporter #1: The woman and her little boy.

Bill Tench: We’re instructors.

Iowa Reporter #2: Are you from the Methodist church?

Bill Tench: Do we look like we’re from the Methodist church?

Iowa Reporter #1: Yes?

Bill Tench: Make a hole. Good to see ya…”

“Bill Tench: Smoke?

Holden Ford: Oh, uh I don’t smoke when I eat.

Bill Tench: Want to go outside?

Holden Ford: I don’t smoke when I don’t eat, either.”

“[to reporters asking about local murder] We’re here for something else.”

“Holden Ford: You get onto a crowded elevator, and you face the opposite direction, the back of the elevator, and everybody freaks out. They’re uncomfortable for reasons they can’t even articulate. But if you turn around and face the front, everybody relaxes.

Bill Tench: OK. Well, how do we do that?

Best Mindhunter Quotes

Holden Ford: What do we have in common? What unites us? What keeps us all awake at night?”

“The question is not only why did the killer do it, but why did the killer do it this way?”

“Well I am, and he’s a complete dick, an utter asshole, and all I can do is think about fucking him.”

“You think they want to talk about this shit? It’s like if you worked at a slaughterhouse with livestock. Real conversation stopper.”

“The classic is talking too much about the crimes. Over interest. You have to remain casual. They tried everything to trick me, I’m too savvy, I don’t fucking talk period.”

“People who hunt other people for a vocation. All we want to talk about is what its like. Shit that went down. The entire fucked-upness of it. It’s not easy butchering people its hard work. Physically and mentally it’s hard work. People don’t realize, you need to vent.”

“What you don’t seem to understand about women in general is that we feel unsafe all the time. At class, at parties, job interviews, getting into an elevator, parking our cars, walking down the street at night… I don’t need you to push me out of my comfort zone when I’ve never been inside one.”

“I’m afraid the articulate is the enemy of the erotic. Isn’t the whole point that you don’t know what your love will do next, that you give yourself over to a sensory experience that you haven’t planned and can’t control? The reason I like sex is because I can finally, for a moment, turn off my neurotic mind, and just be consumed. If I give my lover permission, yes, no, touch me, not there, don’t I undermine the potency of his desire?”

“And there’s a lot about what I want that I don’t understand and that I don’t expect a lover to understand. But I think we all live in our own version of the truth, and thus are prone to terrible miscommunications.”

“Look up. Do you see the sky? Do you see God? No? No matter. Now look at the person next to you. Look joyfully upon him, and remember what Saint Augustine said: “If you want to see God, you have the means to do it. God is love.”

“Virtuosity is for the arrogant.”

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