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Most Iconic No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

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Curt Goynes: You said a man wants to see me.
Jimmy: Alley outback.
Curt Goynes: He can’t come in here? What is he, white? ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Curt Goynes: So what’s the score?
Doug Jones: We’re sending a man that works in an office to pick something up from that
office and bring it back to his home. You are part of a babysitting team watching his family
while he does it. No one gets hurt. Three hours of work. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Vanessa Capelli: Do you think I’m a schemer, Ronald?
Ronald Russo: I think you have ulterior motives. But I find that sexy.
Vanessa Capelli: Oh, I get it. So, this is my scheme, is it? Don’t kid yourself, Ronald. We both
know who you’re really f***ing here.
Ronald Russo: How could you say that?

Doug Jones: Self-interest is the sincerest form of flattery. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Ronald Russo: If Frank is involved, you can let yourself out the door.
Doug Jones: Everyone has a problem with Frank these days.
Ronald Russo: Who’s everyone?
Doug Jones: For our purposes, no one. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Curt Goynes: You seem worried about how you might be described.
Ronald Russo: Let’s be clear, the only thing I’m worried about is this thing getting f***ed up
because of you.
Curt Goynes: What’s that supposed to mean?
Ronald Russo: It’s not your fault. You were born like that.
Curt Goynes: Born like what?

Charley: What’s with the f***ing eye?
Curt Goynes: Sometimes when people lie, they tend to overexplain. Kind of thing. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Charley: Both sides lose people, Watkins loses his twenty-five K. And both blame Goynes. But
not for the deaths because that’s, you know, people. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

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Ronald Russo: [as they enter the house wearing masks and holding guns] Good morning.
This is a typical morning. Nothing changes. Okay? Now, what would you do now, normal
Mary Wertz: I would make breakfast.
Ronald Russo: Well, there you go then.
Mary Wertz: What do you want?
Charley: Is that something you’d say, normal Monday?
Mary Wertz: I don’t know.

Matt Wertz: I don’t have the combination to that safe.
Charley: That’s okay, his secretary does. And from what we understand, you have the combo
to his secretary.
Matt Wertz: Do you mind if we have this conversation without my son present?
Charley: Do I mind? Pleasure.

Matt Wertz: [to Matthew Jr.] Hey, do not be a hero. Do you understand me? Do not. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Matt Wertz: Everything will be fine. I promise you.
Paula Cole: Yeah, sure. Another promise. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

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Matt Wertz: [referring to the document] Naismith. He moved on it anyway.
Paula Cole: “Anyway”?
Matt Wertz: Oh, Paula, this is bad.
Paula Cole: What do you mean “anyway”?
Matt Wertz: What?
Paula Cole: This is bad.

Matt Wertz: Are we finished? Can I go home now?
Doug Jones: [to Charley] Wait at the house after. I’ll call with instructions. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Matt Wertz: [referring to Jones] What did he mean “after”?
Charley: What?
Matt Wertz: He said, “Wait at the house after.” After what?
Charley: After we get there.

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Mary Wertz: I don’t want to know anything about you.
Ronald Russo: We’re more alike than you think. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Ronald Russo: What if you don’t want the things that you’re supposed to want? ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Curt Goynes: Yeah, what are we doing here, Charley?
Charley: We’re following instructions. Living room. Are you helping me, or are you not helping
Matt Wertz: No, no, no, no. The man in the alley said that you would wait here, and he would
call me with instructions.
Charley: Those are other instructions, which are none of your business.

Ronald Russo: [after Goynes shoots Charley] What the f*** was that about?
Curt Goynes: [referring to Russo’s gun] Put it down. Ronald. Ronald, just think.
Ronald Russo: I am not putting it down.
Curt Goynes: Alright. It was a setup, man. Think. Think. It’s a setup, man.

Ronald Russo: [on the phone] Are we getting f***ed here, Jones?
Doug Jones: Put the other one on. Put the other one on, now, or I will go so far up the chain,
you will find yourself in all forty-eight states at the same f***ing time!

Matt Wertz: The safe was empty. Forbert must have taken the document home. I had to put
something in the envelope.
Mary Wertz: You put us at risk?
Matt Wertz: What was I supposed to do?
Mary Wertz: What is wrong with you?

Ronald Russo: I got cash upfront.
Curt Goynes: Yeah, which they were going to pick right back up off your corpse. He told me to
kill everybody in the house. You too, Ronald.
Ronald Russo: Who told you to kill me? Jones? On the phone? Or before?

Curt Goynes: I know why Frank wants me dead. Why does he want you dead?
Ronald Russo: No f***ing idea. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Curt Goynes: This thing is bigger than Frank. I mean, think about it. Are they going to give us five
thousand dollars for just three hours of babysitting? And the thing they want is in a f***ing safe
at GM?

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Curt Goynes: Try to kill me. Think you’re the only one that can make a move? Yeah, I can
make a move too. They can consider this s**t a market adjustment. ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Curt Goynes: Jimmy, I will put a bullet in your gut, flip you over this rail, and let you bleed
out down there.
Jimmy: All I know is that a guy called me half an hour ago. Offering me ten thousand dollars
to turn you in. Fifteen thousand for the white guy.
Curt Goynes: Was it Jones?
Jimmy: He wasn’t white.

Matt Wertz: Organized crime? Like the mob?
Joe Finney: Well, I guess that’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question, isn’t it? ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Joe Finney: Any reason for this man to have targeted you and your family?
Mary Wertz: He doesn’t like happiness? ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

Ronald Russo: [as Goynes leaves him in the car] Can I have the keys? I’d like to listen to the ~~~No Sudden Move Movie Quotes

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