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Kano Lines Mortal Kombat

WOW! That was pretty good. The acting was so much better than the last one, but I do have to admit that they were all over the place. It sucked seeing Lu Kang being the bad guy and it was cool to see the old Shang Sung. Good job you guys.

Reporter: This afternoon, Governor Muldoon once again responded to accusations that he had lost faith in the ability of the Deacon City police department to maintain order. He insisted Captain Jackson Briggs and his private unit have his full backing and support. He claims the situation is under control.

Jackson Briggs: [looks at a folder] Six foot one; born with a rare disorder called harlequin ichthyosis. The skin produces too many cells, causing massive diamond-shaped cells that can retain water. Condition: the eyelids are formed inside out. Life expectancy’s two weeks – this guy’s thirty. He likes to rip the heads off his victim’s body; he stores the heads in his refrigerator, and when he’s hungry he eats them. No fatalities or double flawless. Codename: Reptile.

Jackson Briggs: [looks at a second folder] Next up: Doctor Alan Zane, a plastic surgeon. His first victim likely accidental – the next two dozen were not. Zane couldn’t take being a failed doctor, so he went psychotic and turned the knife on himself. He pierced his face, sharpened his teeth into fangs, and he even surgically attached a pair of ten-inch blades to his forearms. Codename: Baraka.

Jackson Briggs: The last contact we had with Baraka was through Johnny Cage. Yeah, that’s right, the old action hero. After his movie career died, he needed work. We got him working for us undercover… [cut to Cage being attacked by Baraka]

Jackson Briggs: [tosses a third folder across] We have reason to believe this man, Shang Tsung, may be behind each killer. The night before Johnny Cage was murdered, he told us about a tournament this Shang Tsung is planning, some underground death match between the world’s top fighters. Serial killers, assassins… which brings me to you. [looks across the table at the silent figure seated]

Jackson Briggs: Hanzo Hasachi. Before your incarceration, you were the top assassin of the Shirai Ryu, the most lethal ninja clan.

Jackson Briggs: [to Hasachi] We want to put you back on the streets. If this tournament exists, Shang Tsung will find you. And if this tournament exists, it’s our one shot to take out Baraka, Reptile and the other maniacs who’ve turned this city into a killing field. We want you to join the tournament, and we want you to win it. We want you to do what you do best: kill them all.

Hanzo Hasashi: You know a great deal about me. Then you must know that I surrendered my freedom voluntarily. Now what you don’t seem to know is that I can have I freedom back, whenever I choose. [handcuffs drop off him]

Hanzo Hasashi: So tell me, Detective Briggs, what could you possibly offer me in exchange for my help? [a female officer appears]

Jackson Briggs: Sonya Blade. Perfect timing.

Sonya Blade: [presents a folder] Sub-Zero.

Hanzo Hasashi: That man is dead.

Sonya Blade: These pictures were taken yesterday. [Hasashi looks at the folder]

Sonya Blade: The man you killed was his brother.

Hanzo Hasashi: No, impossible…

Sonya Blade: Sub-Zero is alive and well, and will be at that tournament. You want him, you got him.

[last lines]

Sonya Blade: Leave no survivors, understand? None!

Jackson Briggs: Hasashi, are you listening? Find Shang Tsung and finish him!

Hanzo Hasashi: Hanzo Hasashi is dead. My name is Scorpion.

‘I only trust one person, Jax, and you’re talking to her.’

‘If you so much as touch her, Kano, you’re going to need a seeing eye dog.’

‘Spare him, my Lord Raiden. American life has enfeebled his mind. Too much television.’ ~ Mortal Kombat: Legacy Quotes

‘Let’s dance.’

‘When I want backup, I’ll radio for it.’

‘We got a guy with things comin’ out of his hands, we got another guy who freezes stuff, and then there’s a man, who as far as I can tell, is made out of electricity. I mean, how did he disappear like that? What is goin’ on here? WHO IS THIS GUY?’

‘I have looked into their souls… and yours. One of you three will determine the outcome of the tournament. The fate of billions depends upon you. Heh, heh, heh! Sorry.’

Raiden Movie Quotes

Hey Alexey, great job editing the series episodes together, actually makes the story more cohesive instead of watching the episodes separately. Are you going to put together the remaining episodes to make a part two of this movie?

‘Where the hell are we?’
‘Do I look like your travel agent?’

‘Flawless victory!’

‘Come to a little tournament, he said. Be good for the career, he said.’

‘Your soul is mine!’


‘Give it up, baby. I’ve studied all your moves.’

‘No, Sonya, don’t! Please! Come on, give me a break!’

‘Get over here!’

‘Use the element which brings life.’

‘Finish him!’

‘I made a choice. This is our tournament, remember? Mortal Kombat. We fight it.’

‘Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole.’

johnny cage goro
‘This is where you fall down.’

‘You’ll fight me. I am Liu Kang, descendant of Kung Lao. I challenge you to Mortal Kombat.’

‘You can look into my soul, but you don’t own it.’

‘All those souls and you still don’t have one of your own. I pity you, Sorcerer.’

‘I guess you knew it would end this way.’
‘Didn’t have a clue.’

Oh, this is cheesy as hell, but I watched the entire thing and felt more satisfied than I did with 2021.
I love watching things where random “hey, it’s that guy” actors come out of nowhere. Brian Tee, Mark Dacascos, Michael Jai White and Cary Tagawa, they’re perfect for their roles.

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