Max Black Quotes For Max Lovers

โ€œFine doesn’t mean fine! The scale goes: great, good, okay, not okay, I hate you, fine.โ€ ~~~ Max Black Quotes

โ€œWe find out soon enough that the universe is not capricious: the child who learns that fire burns and knife-edges cut know that there are inexorable limits set upon his desires. Language must conform to the discovered regularities and irregularities of experience.โ€ ~~~ Max Black Quotes

โ€œ… I still wish to contend that some metaphors enable us to see aspects of reality that the metaphor’s production helps to constitute. But that is no longer surprising if one believes that the world is necessarily a world under a certain description – or a world seen from a certain perspective.โ€ ~~~ Max Black Quotes

โ€œUnderstanding a metaphor is like deciphering a code or unraveling a riddle.โ€ ~~~ Max Black Quotes

โ€œ…a metaphor that works in one society may seem preposterous in another.โ€ ~~~ Max Black Quotes

โ€œNo doubt metaphors are dangerous- and perhaps especially so in philosophy. But a prohibition against their use would be a willful and harmful restriction upon our powers of inquiry.โ€ ~~~ Max Black Quotes

โ€œ… a result once generally accepted by mathematicians is seldom retracted, and then only with great pangs. The Nature of Mathematicsโ€ ~~~ Max Black Quotes

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