15+ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes to Inspire You

She is one of the most brilliant I have ever seen. All male students dropped because of her attendance in class. But with her endeavor and James taught her well. She finally became the first president of APA and a pioneering researcher 🙂

Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

If you are exercising to that point it is not doing you any good in terms of fitness, as it is all lactic acid and you can get injured but I think coaches were seeing how far you’d go for the team. ~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

Never more then two, I told her once. I repeat an old joke about why martinis are like a women’s breasts; one is never enough and three are too many.~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

I know. But how you feel and how long you feel it doesn’t always have a lot to do with objective truth.~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes


Didn’t,” Chris told him. “She was also sedated when last we spoke?” “Yes, she was.” “I thought I saw her at her window that day.” “Well, you’re mistaken.” “It could be. Perhaps so. I’m not sure.” “Listen, why are you asking all this?” “Well, a clear~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

I have to remember that for the most part people will see me for what I do, not what I say I do.~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

I’m a fuckup. I’m broken, and no one can fix it.~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

I just got my signals crossed. First thing, I have to untangle the connections. Otherwise, I come away empty-handed. Or with someone else’s hands. Or even with a missing hand.~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

People called ’28 Days’ and ’28 Weeks’ zombie movies, and they’re not! It’s some sort of virus; they’re not dead.~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

Better safe than sorry!~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

Although in truth her passivity was calculated, because she knew passivity inflamed him. He had her, and to some extent she wanted to be had, like an animal: in a mute mutual privacy of violence. ~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

mary whiton calkins famous quotes

get so mad at myself for being so weak! How can I love a man who beats me raw? Why do I love a fool drinker? One time I asked him, “Why? Why are you hitting me?” He leaned down and looked me right in the face. “If I didn’t hit you, Minny, who knows what you become.” I was trapped in the corner of the bedroom like a dog. He was beating me with his belt. It was the first time I’d ever really thought about it. Who knows what I could become, if Leroy would stop goddamn hitting me. ~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

Life is a collection of experiences. To experience each moment fully and accept it is an art. The art of living gracefully and never growing ‘old’. ~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

You can’t fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal. ~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes

We often speak of a man who’s done this successfully as a “self-made man.” The appellation is usually spoken with a sense of admiration, but really it should be said in the same tones we might use of the dearly departed, or of a man who recently lost an arm – with sadness and regret. What the term really means is “an orphaned man who figured how to master some part of life on his own.~~~ Mary Whiton Calkins Quotes 

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