35+ Ivar The Boneless Quotes Vikings Most Powerful Words

Ivar the boneless quotes Vikings

If you are looking for ivar Quotes then you have come to the right place and you don’t have to look for ivar the boneless Quotes Vikings anywhere else. If you have seen the web series, you must know the character of Ivar. I still remember how Ivar avenged his father’s death in a fit of rage.

Despite Ragnar Lothbrok having many children, there is no one else as intelligent as Ivar or qualified to be king and angry. Even if he can’t walk, his intellect is everything. By the force of his intellect he avenged his father’s death and won one battle after another. He also kills Ragnar Lothbrok first wife to avenge his mother’s death.

My father left me outside to die when I was a baby because I was a cripple.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I have never really known what is it to be loved or truly loved.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Mother all my life you have been suffocating me.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Everyone has always treated me first as a cripple.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

All I ever wanted was for them to love me.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

People think that you are not a threat I have been in rage all my life.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Do you know who I am? Son of Ragnar Lothbrok.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

People of Kattegat!~~~~Ivar The Boneless

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Of course I’m going to kill her. Do not be afraid that I have been revealed to be a god. Be ruthless.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I am no ordinary man. I am no ordinary ruler.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Burn them alive! Ivar the Boneless Hail Ivar! is a god.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

You will never overcome Kattegat.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I love you Freydis.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Archers!~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Ivar!~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Your fame has travelled along the silk road.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I lost my kingdom to my brothers.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

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I will always love you. You and I were once married.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I am the god Ivar. Descendant of Odin.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Everything here, The land, the sky, it’s all yours.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I say it is a fine plan. Ivar is clever.Strategy and planning~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Our father chose me above all of you.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

a long time ago, my brother.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I have no interest in Peace.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

In time the name of Ragnar Lothbrok will fade and be forgotten, No one will forget Ivar the Boneless.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

You still claim to be Vikings then act like Vikings! I’m with you. I’m speaking for you. Come with me and conquer King Alfred. Come with me and conquer England and all of its riches.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

The gods are with us. Be like the gods and reach for Valhalla!~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I’ve been away. O Ancient One.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I thought that perhaps you jumped ship because you love me.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

How could you ever love me?~~~~Ivar The Boneless

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I do not want to fight against my brothers. I still hate myself for killing Sigurd.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I hated being a cripple. Always breaking my bones. The endless pain.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I was so angry all the time. And I asked myself, why did the gods hate me so much?~~~~Ivar The Boneless

I love you. I need you. I love you too.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

Then here is not my fate.~~~~Ivar The Boneless

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