100+ Best In The Heights Movie Quotes 2021

In The Heights Quotes

If you like music drama movies then you must have seen this movie and if you have seen this movie then you are looking for In the Heights Movie Quotes.

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What does sueñito mean? ~~Children
Sueñito, means little dream. ~~Usnavi
That’s it? No story. ~~~Little boy ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

Say it so it doesn’t disappear. ~~Usnavi
Washington Heights! ~~Children

The streets were made of music. ~~Usnavi

You’re stuck to this corner like a street light. ~~Benny

Check 123, check 123, this is Benny on the dispatch. ~~Benny

I’m up Schitt’s Creek. ~~Usnavi ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

We had to assert our dignity in small ways. ~~Abuela Claudia

Little details that tell the world we are not invisible. ~~Abuela Claudia

You don’t tell me how much we can afford. You’re not the parent. ~~Kevin Rosario

That’s the roof? On the floor? ~~Abuela Claudia

Caramba. Buy me a bikini. ~~Abuela Claudia

I got searched. ~~Nina ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

Alabanza. ~~Abuela Claudia ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

Take all the bruises, but stay in the ring. ~~Kevin Rosario

This is like Gilligan’s ghetto island. ~~Carla

I did the crab in the corner. ~~Sonny

The reality of an elite school. No joke, Pop. ~~~Nina

Well nope on her. ~~Vanessa ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

Does your cousin dance? ~~Vanessa ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

Like a drunk Cheetah Rivera ~~Sonny

You’re the best we’ve got Nina. If you can’t stay in the ring what does that say about us? ~~Kevin Rosario

There’s no shame in having a different path. ~~Kevin Rosario

Let me just listen to my block. ~~~Nina

Merry Christmas, y’all, I’m home. ~~Usnavi

You can’t keep putting your life’s work on my shoulders. ~~~Nina

Since when are Latin people scared of heat? ~~Daniela

We are not powerless, we are powerful. ~~Daniela ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

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In The Heights Dialogue

I’ve been saving up all my pennies in my piggy bank for this big day.

Girl was a rocket determined to go far. ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

You thirsty as hell. ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

They are talking about kicking out all the dreamers. It’s time to make some noise.

We had to reassert our dignity in small ways.

The reality of an elite school is no joke. ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

Most of the time I’m at Stanford, it feels like a betrayal.

There’s no shame in waiting tables and there’s no shame in taking another path.

I got my island, go get yours. ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

When it came to dreams we all had to keep scraping by.

There is no community for me at school.

We are powerless. ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

I’d like to think she went out in peace, with pieces of bread crumbs in her hand.

I would watch like I wanted to see the whole world through her eyes.

A dreams isn’t some sparkley diamond we get, sometimes it’s rough.

We work so hard to try to get there, that we forget about what is right here.

Maybe Stanford isn’t our way out, maybe it’s our way back?

This is the moment you do better than me.

Ignore anyone who doubts you. ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

We are not powerless, we are powerful.

This is like Gilligan’s ghetto Island.

The odds are against you. ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

You hear that? That’s the voices of the God’s.

Until then I thought it was past tense, the best days of my life.

You’re it. ~~~In The Heights Movie Quotes

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