100 Best Helsinki Quotes From Money Heist

This is amazing ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Love the way you introduce us to Helsinki in depth. He is an interesting and complex character and the way you breathe life into him is extraordinary. It is perfect. Thank you so much !!!!

Iconic Helsinki Quotes

It takes much more courage to be in love than it does for war.

If you’re going to pray, do it right.

Helsinki is a war criminal.

He only knows how to obey orders.

Helsinki, tie her up.

Tie up her hands and feet and take her to the forge for mutiny. Right now.

Helsinki..? Are you going to shoot me?

The beast from the Balkans.

I just hope…

He feels guilty for what he did every single minute of his pathetic life. Without a trace.

Helsinki put her to sleep. That’s a f*cking order.When this is over, you’re gonna get killed by two queers.

Hey, big man, want me to train your bear?

Helsinki, a queer?

Do you know how we say “two men making love” back home?

You don’t give me orders. You’re not my boss.

Helsinki did what he had to do.

Helsinki, no!

What soldiers do in war.

I stopped you at the door.

Palermo! Don’t move!

You were gonna negotiate, son of a b*tch.

You can speak at your trial, son of a b*tch.

You’re my little whore, not my mom.

Have some dignity, Helsinki!Come on, Helsinki.

-Helsinki… -Helsinki, promise you’ll kill this bastard.

I promise, Nairobi.

Helsinki, it’s an order. Soldier, blow the tunnel!

I swear I will. I can take pain. A lot of pain.

Do you know how Helsinki feels?

What about the pain you’re feeling now?

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It’s different, right?

(- I’m gonna f*ck them up, bro!)
-I saw it in your eyes.

I’m gonna kill them all!

It was like seeing myself in the mirror.


You have no idea…

He’s treating him.

where you’ll fall, my friend.

Do you know who he treated before? No.

Get out of there now.

Otherwise, you run the risk of… becoming a piece of s*it like me.

He fucked you and kicked you out.

Good night.

What a disgusting a*shole!

-Between men, that’s the way. -You’re not like that.

I’ve traveled the world with you and you’re a teddy bear, darling.

And if you could spend the next 12 hours cuddling him, you’d prefer that.

We’re colleagues.


Pals, something like that.

You’re not his brother!

Helsinki…! You have to love yourself more.

-What’s this? -Safe houses. Every couple has their own.

So, you and Helsinki will stay together?

We can share a flat.

Of course.

This is Helsi…

a love story.

One of those beautiful love stories.

No. Someday someone will show up,

and that will be love.

But this isn’t.

You like the big guy, huh?

We’ll see.


Are you in love?

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Money Heist Helsinki Quotesย 

You have to be free and brave.

Because believe me, you need more courage for love…

than for war.

You’re the fucking fag hag. I’m sorry. Helsinki loves me.

I’m sorry.

And get over that disrespectful a*shole.

The next time he tells you, “Boom, boom”,

you tell him “Ciao”.

Look, brother.

All that “boom, boom, ciao” crap…

We did the boom, boom. And now…

Now, ciao.

I treated you like s*it.

No backpack.

I didn’t dare. I couldn’t. I didn’t know how.


I don’t want to kill you, big man.

You don’t wanna kill me?

You don’t love anyone?

Well, you’re gonna have to kill me.

Of course you don’t, darling.

You don’t have the balls for it.

To love you need courage.

I got you.

I looked after many men during the war.

I and Oslo, war together…

I lost Oslo in the Mint.

Radko, I’m so sorry about your brother.

I lost Nairobi. Listen…

And I’m not losing anyone else. (For Rio) (For Nairobi!)

We must keep going. We must keep going. We must keep going.

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