550+ Best Hellraiser Quotes Pleasure and Pain

Wow Pinhead has such a vast array of abilities. He’s got telepathy, psychokenisis, manipulation of elements and plenty that Mr.Pinhead has yet to show us. I think it’s about time for Hellraiser to get a remake but I think they should find someone who is passionate about Hellraiser and keeps the spirit of the films true to originals. Pinhead’s got class so I think they should have Doug get back in shape again and have the face of pain play him.

Hellraiser Quotes Pleasure and Pain

1. “No tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering.” – Pinhead

2. “Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you.” – Pinhead

3. “Your suffering will be legendary—even in Hell.” – Pinhead

4. “We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

5. “The box. You opened it. We came. Now you must come with us, taste our pleasures.” – Pinhead

6. “Come here, damn you, I want to touch you.” – Frank the Monster

7. “Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some, angels to others.” – Pinhead

8. “Please! Go! Go away and leave me alone!” – Kirsty Cotton

9. “We’ll tear your soul apart!” – Pinhead

10. “It’s me! Uncle Frank! Come to daddy!” – Frank the Monster

11. “I thought I’d gone to the limits. I hadn’t. The Cenobites gave me an experience beyond limits. Pain and pleasure, indivisible.” – Frank the Monster

12. “Oh, no. It is a means to summon us.” – Pinhead

13. “Ah, the suffering. The sweet, sweet suffering.” – Pinhead

14. “It’s just a puzzle box!” – Kirsty Cotton

15. “We have eternity to know your flesh.” – Pinhead

16. “Jesus wept.” – Frank the Monster

17. “This isn’t for your eyes!” – Pinhead

18. “Believe me. It’s me. It’s really me. His blood on the floor. It brought me back.” – Frank the Monster

19. “What’s your pleasure, Mr. Cotton?” – Merchant

20. “Supposing he had escaped us, what has that to do with you?” – Pinhead

21. “It was a mistake! I didn’t mean to open it! It was a mistake! You can—ah! Go to Hell!” – Kirsty Cotton

22. “Perhaps we prefer you!” – Female Cenobite

23. “Stay with us. We can all be happy here.” – Frank the Monster

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24. “See? It’s making me whole again. Every drop of blood you spill the more flesh you put on my bones. And we both want that, don’t we?” – Frank the Monster

25. “I can lead you to him! And you can take him back instead of me!” – Kirsty Cotton

26. “We can’t. Not alone.” – Female Cenobite

27. “The doors to the pleasures of Heaven or Hell. I didn’t care which.” – Frank the Monster

28. “Who are you?” – Kirsty Cotton

29. “I want to hear him confess, himself. Then maybe.” – Pinhead

30. “No more deals, child. It is your flesh we want to experience, not your skill at bargaining.” – Pinhead

31. “You won’t cheat me, will you? You’ll stay with me, help me? Then we can be together the way we were before. We belong to each other now, for better or for worse. Like love, only real.” – Frank the Monster

32. “Look. You love her, so there must be something worth loving.” – Kirsty Cotton

33. “I get lonely sometimes.” – Third Victim

34. “It’s been empty for a while, hasn’t it? But we’ll soon warm it up and get it feeling like a home.” – Larry Cotton

35. “There’s a first time for everything.” – Julia Cotton

36. “I used to tell myself that. Used to try and pretend I was dreaming all the pain. But don’t you kid yourself. Some things have to be endured. And that’s what makes the pleasures so sweet!” – Frank the Monster

37. “Welcome to the worst nightmare of all—reality!” – Pinhead

38. “You should be very careful what you wish for. It just might come true!” – Pinhead

39. “Unbearable, isn’t it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends.” – Pinhead

40. “There is a world out there, waiting to yield to us. So much flesh, so many different pleasures.” – Pinhead

41. “Temptation is an illusion, but the time for trickery is past. In this game, we show ourselves as we really are.” – Pinhead

42. “All problems solved? Not so simple, I’m afraid.” – Pinhead

43. “Dreams are fleeting. Only nightmares last forever!” – Pinhead

44. “This world, it obviously disappoints you all. That is why you chose to begin this journey. And since you gave yourselves so willingly, allow me to finish what he started.” – Pinhead

45. “Human names, human memories, they have no place, nor meaning, in our existence.” – Pinhead

46. “Which do you find more exhilarating, Trevor, pain or pleasure? Personally, I prefer pain.” – Pinhead

47. “Seeing is believing.” – Pinhead

48. “When this existence ceases to fulfill, we will be waiting.” – Pinhead

49. “Suffer? Me? How dare you use such a word. You know nothing of suffering. I exist only to share its meaning. Sin and suffering are my dominion. Perhaps it’s time you learned a little of the matters you seek to manage.” – Pinhead

50. “What few moments that you have remaining will be spent in agony, that the indulgence of your own foolish vanity has cursed your wife to unparalleled terrors at the hands of others.” – Pinhead

Hellraiser: Judgment Quotes

There is just something powerful about that scene in Hellraiser II when Tiffany opens the box, and the Cenobites arrive. That swell of the music, and iconic entrance. I think it’s the best of the series. “It is not hands that call us…it is desire.” Chills!

51. “You have a darkness that rivals my own, Nico. It will be a very special pleasure to rip you apart.” – Pinhead

52. “This trinket of sensation you feel now will be a delight compared to the onslaught of agony that awaits at our hands.” – Pinhead

53. “We came for you, Nico. We are the light in the darkness, and paths to higher sensation. Guardians of ultimate experience. And now you will come with us.” – Pinhead

54. “Unless you want to taste her blood, feel her freshly razored flesh against your own, you’ll sit in silence. We have no desire for you.” – Pinhead

55. “Welcome. Welcome to Hell.” – Pinhead

56. “I will enjoy making you bleed. And I will enjoy making you enjoy it.” – Pinhead

57. “It’s all a puzzle, isn’t it, Joseph? Like a game of chess, perhaps. The pieces move, apparently aimlessly, but always towards one single objective—to kill the king. But who is the king in this game, Joseph? That is the question you must ask yourself.” – Pinhead

58. “This is my body. This is my blood. Happy are they who come to my supper.” – Pinhead

59. “There is a secret song at the center of the world, Joey, and its sound is like razors through flesh.” – Pinhead

60. “You opened the box and your soul belongs to me.” – Pinhead

61. “We had all we desired. Our appetite was sated. And the eternity of suffering he would’ve experienced at our hands, would’ve been more vengeance for you than you can possibly imagine. But your actions have denied us. Denied us that exquisite joy. Now there is a deficit of flesh. Debt is outstanding. And we seek payment.” – Pinhead

62. “Birth is pain. Each nail, each new square of flesh, wrenches you further from the fleshy existence you knew before.” – Pinhead

63. “You still don’t understand, do you? There is no way out for you, Chelsea. Oh, what wonders we have to show you.” – Pinhead

64. “Your son was quite the prodigy. He opened the gateway to Hell. But you never believed in yourself, did you?” – Pinhead

65. “You’re not the first to say that, and you won’t be the last!” – Pinhead

66. “Is it so difficult to face your demons?” – Pinhead

67. “Don’t you think for a second you are not in danger!” – Pinhead

68. “Your flesh is killing your spirit.” – Pinhead

69. “Hell is more ordered since your time, princess, and much less amusing.” – Pinhead

70. “Oh, you suffer beautifully. But I am here for business, not pleasure.” – Pinhead

71. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Bet you make your daddy so proud. Don’t you, beautiful?” – Frank the Monster

72. “Down the dark decades of your pain, this will seem like a memory of heaven.” – Pinhead

73. “Look at me. I’m all you know. Forged in agony and pain. I welcome an eternity of anguish.” – Pinhead

74. “Amateurs. But still, we will afford them an experience beyond the limits in your name.” – Pinhead

75. “No, don’t touch it! It’s dangerous. It opens doors.” – Frank the Monster

76. “No, no. It is not hands that summon us. It is desire.” – Pinhead

77. “Thou shalt not bow down before any graven image.” – Pinhead

78. “Burn? Oh, such a limited imagination!” – Pinhead

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79. “Ah, no more boxes, Kirsty?” – Pinhead

80. “Complete the pattern, solve the puzzle, turn the key.” – Pinhead

81. “I am the way.” – Pinhead

82. “Time to play.” – Pinhead

83. “Do I look like someone who cares about what God thinks?” – Pinhead

84. “Glorious, is it not? The creatures who walk its surface, always looking to the light, never seeing the untold oceans of darkness beyond. There are more humans alive today than in all of its pitiful history. The Garden of Eden. A garden of flesh.” – Pinhead

85. “I am so exquisitely empty.” – Pinhead

86. “Obsolete. Irrelevant in an age when desire has become amplified but where lust can be sated electronically. We need something more than just a wooden box.” – Pinhead

87. “No time for argument.” – Pinhead

88. “What kind of doors?” – Julia Cotton

89. “Tell me who you are!” – Julia Cotton

Hellraiser Quotes Pleasure

Wow Pinhead has such a vast array of abilities. He’s got telepathy, psychokenisis, manipulation of elements and plenty that Mr.Pinhead has yet to show us. I think it’s about time for Hellraiser to get a remake but I think they should find someone who is passionate about Hellraiser and keeps the spirit of the films true to originals. Pinhead’s got class so I think they should have Doug get back in shape again and have the face of pain play him.

90. “No. No, that wasn’t the deal. He’s my father and you can’t have him. No!” – Kirsty Cotton

91. “We don’t need a bed, do we?” – Julia Cotton

92. “So how’s things in there?” – Larry Cotton

93. “You got any beer?” – Moving Man

94. “Got her mother’s looks.” – Moving Man

95. “I don’t know. Maybe we shouldn’t have come back. You know, Brooklyn certainly wasn’t any worse than this.” – Larry Cotton

96. “Okay, stop. I’m not gonna be able to stand up.” – Kirsty Cotton

97. “I’ve never known him to kick cash out of bed, and besides, he’s probably behind bars someplace.” – Larry Cotton

98. “You’re very beautiful.” – First Victim

99. “Does it still hurt?” – Evelyn

100. “It smells damp.” – Julia Cotton

101. “What’ll you do? What can you do?” – Frank the Monster

102. “No! Don’t do that!” – Pinhead

103. “This isn’t happening.” – Kirsty Cotton

104. “I can taste that. It’s a long time since I tasted anything.” – Frank the Monster

105. “You promised me an explanation.” – Frank the Monster

106. “We want the man who did this.” – Pinhead

107. “It’s nothing personal, baby.” – Larry Cotton

108. “Just help me, will you? Please, God, help me!” – Frank the Monster

109. “He did! I’ve seen him, I’ve seen him! He’s alive!” – Kirsty Cotton

110. “You’ve done this before, right?” – Kirsty Cotton

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