550+ Best Havoc Movie Quotes 2005

Saw this movie years ago and thought it was going to be total shit. I will say that the stereotypes in it are ridiculous. But I think that was done purposely, (I hope) because if not then I’m ashamed that the director of this movie honestly views Latin people the way they’re portrayed here.

We are not the way we are portrayed in this movie, not even those of us who really did grow up in the projects/hood/ghetto or whatever moniker you want to attach to the places that poverty stricken,

inner city kids grow up in. Also, I’ve known many rich kids too, and they don’t act the way they’re portrayed either. I think that was part of the point of the movie though, and done purposefully like I said.

If you take that into consideration then the movie is not as bad as some have made it out to be. It’s engaging and entertaining, and Anne Hathaway is completely believable as the rich white kid, who’s family is all about outward appearance, who just wants to experience new things, and new people. Freddy Rodriguez is equally believable as the inner city Latin thug who doesn’t really know what the hell to make of Hathaway’s character.

He does see through her, but not as completely as he first believes, and they have great on screen chemistry. I would’ve loved this movie had it concentrated more on the two of them instead of all of the other on screen happenings. I think this could’ve been a great modern day forbidden friendship/love type of movie. It would’ve been interesting to see a “West Side Story” style plot play out here,

and more development of those characters would’ve gone a long way. If not then it could’ve also been a great movie moment to bring more awareness to the importance/emotional toll that’s created by the breaking down of the family unit, or the destructiveness of gang life. Regardless though, it’s not an outright terrible movie for what it is, and it does touch on some pretty hard core subject matter.

TRIGGER WARNING/SPOILER ALERT: There’s plenty of teen angst and strong language. The movie contains/touches on things like drugs/drug dealing, rape, the dynamics of gang life, gang violence, death, poverty, racial profiling and stereotyping. There’s also some nudity (Hathaway’s breasts are bared quite obviously in one scene). And, it’s most definitely for a mature audience only.

If you’re bothered by any of those then this isn’t the movie for you. All in all, I’ve watched it a couple of times, so it’s not a movie that’s so bad that you’d be pissed at wasting a couple of hours to watching it. Keep in mind that it is over acted, and again, they draw extreme stereotypes. It’s one of those movies that you honestly can kill a couple of hours with, but you’re not going to sit around a few months later going

“oh! That was a good movie, I totally want to watch it again”, or go out to buy the DVD/Blu Ray. It’s more of a “ugh, there’s literally nothing on TV right now but this, screw it, I can watch it again”. It’s one of those movies that you watch and instantly forget about until

you see it on your TV guide again. I’d probably rate it somewhere around 5.5/10 if I had to. It had the potential to be a great movie, but they dropped the ball and missed the mark unfortunately. On a side note: you can also prepare yourself for some extremely late ‘90’s-early ‘00’s pop star style fashion. Haha. It’s a little nostalgic in that regard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Havoc Movie Quote

Bijou Phillips ~ “Ally, you are soo fucking down.”

Alexis Dziena ~ “Yeah, like doing hard time and shit –“

Anne Hathaway ~ “No, no, it wasn’t like that –“

Shiri Appleby ~ “Come on, I heard you hit a cop and you got into a knife fight.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Na, no-no guys. It was more like uh — detention.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “See ya later.”

Shiri Appleby ~ “Bye –“

Alexis Dziena ~ “So, I wonder what Daddy thought.”

Shiri Appleby ~ “Please. Daddy waved his magic wand and it went away.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “The one fucking time that I really, really needed you, you didn’t have my back.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “Maybe your mom has a fucking suicide kit handy.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Yeah,”

Anne Hathaway ~ “probobly — she has like, pot — you ok in there?”

Bijou Phillips ~ “Yeah I’m fine.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “I’m not leaving.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “Three.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “Three’s cool. I can handle three.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “It’s just sex.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “What is it’s like we’re on our death beds and looking back at our lives — and looking at all the guys we’ve liked, loved and just fucked — and it turns out, that the whole time, like we were supposed to be together.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “I don’t think I could go down on you.”
Matt O’Leary as Eric

Matt O’Leary ~ “You’re one of the loneliest people I’ve ever met –“
Michael Biehn as Stuart Lang

Michael Biehn ~ “You were arrested. With crack dealers.”

Laura San Giacomo ~ “Maybe this hasn’t been the easiest place to live, lately.”

Michael Biehn ~ “Alright, so we talk about it. That’s what we’re supposed to do. One of us has a problem, we all talk it over.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Oh, right. Who are you kidding? Who can ever talk to you when you’re never even here?”

Michael Biehn ~ “Well, I’m gonna’ make it easier for you to find me; you’re grounded.”

Laura San Giacomo ~ “Hasn’t she already suffered enough –“

Anne Hathaway ~ “Yes, besides, what good would it do –“

Anne Hathaway ~ “Wha? I don’t want any soup, Mom.”

Michael Biehn ~ “What were you doing Downtown in the first place?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “I was sick of this phony life.”

Laura San Giacomo ~ “Alright, stop it, stop it, both of you. This whole thing is gonna’ just go away.”

Laura San Giacomo ~ “”Tomato”, or “chicken with rice”?”

Michael Biehn ~ “So, how are things with Toby? Is he still your boyfriend?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Yeah. I mean, I dunno. Whatever I don’t believe in relationships anyway.”

Michael Biehn ~ “Why not? Is it because of your mother and me?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Nope.”
Laura Breckenridge as Runaway

Laura Breckenridge ~ “You don’t got any Dilaudid shoved up your ass to stop her from doing that?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Uh, no.”

Laura Breckenridge ~ “Positive?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “You can check if you like.”

Laura Breckenridge ~ “Yeah, in your dreams.”

Unnamed ~ “Allison Lange?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Yeah?”

Unnamed ~ “Your parents are here.”

Unnamed ~ “Bitch got parents?”
Raymond Cruz as Chino

Raymond Cruz ~ “Que haces con esta pinche cabacha?”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Hey hey, cool it. she’s with me.”

Raymond Cruz ~ “She didn’t fuck you before you think she’ll fuck you now?”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Hey, no chingas she will.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “I don’t think he likes me.”
Freddy Rodriguez as Hector

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Want something?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Uh, Yeah-no I don’t — um, no — I don’t know. Not really.”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “What are you smiling at?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “I’m just uh, smiling.”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “What are your friends smiling at?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “I think — they’re having a nervous breakdown?”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “What you want cabacha?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Why did you do that to us last night?”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Do what? Huh? We did exactly what you wanted us to do. You wanted into 16th Street and you didn’t fucking make it.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “You think that Emily wanted that?”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Who? Emily?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Yeah you know her.”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Emily, cual es Emily?”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Oh, si, la chiquita, la putita,huh. Yeah yeah the one who got drunk and fucking played us like Punk’d.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “No, that wasn’t a game to her.”

Unnamed ~ “Hector.”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Un motito”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “What you thought? You thought, like, I was in love you or something, huh? Is that what it is? I don’t know where you belong, but it ain’t here, girl.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Fine.”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Fuckin’ white people.”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “What you doin’ around here? Looking all homegirl and shit?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “I always dress like this.”

Freddy Rodriguez ~ “Oh, yeah? Wow. Here I am, trying to look like I got the money, and you’re trying to look like ME. Fuckin’ white people.” Anne Hathaway as Allison

Anne Hathaway ~ “Oh my god.”

Shiri Appleby ~ “What?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “That guy is getting a blow job.”

Shiri Appleby ~ “It’s not fuckin’ funny, Allison. Shut up.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Inside the circle and out, we live very sheltered lives — So we dress gangsta, we talk shit, so what? It’s our thing. See basically, the thing to remember is that none of it really matters, we’re just teenagers and we’re bored.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “We are totally — fucking — bored.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Hey, you’re gonna love this”

Bijou Phillips ~ “What is it?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Crack, cocaine.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “where did you get that?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “a lady never tells”

Bijou Phillips ~ “How do we use it?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “So, I called the drug hotline and asked them what signs to look for if my mom smoked crack. He said little pieces of aluminum foil everywhere so”

Anne Hathaway ~ “You want to try it right?”

Bijou Phillips ~ “yeah”

Anne Hathaway ~ “cool”

Anne Hathaway ~ “ready?”

Bijou Phillips ~ “We are such crackheads.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “We ARE such crackheads.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Oh shit go.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “What?”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Go. Just inhale it.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “ah.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “Ah.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “where’d it go?”

Bijou Phillips ~ “Ow, it hit me right there.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Ohh, ohh, ohh I’m sorry”

Anne Hathaway ~ “Whitney’s right”

Together ~ “Crack is whack.”

Anne Hathaway ~ “We’re teenagers and we’re bored.”
Josh Peck as Josh Rubin

Josh Peck ~ “Wow, I didn’t know you had such a hot friend.”

Sam Hennings ~ “Josh, that’s enough.”

Bijou Phillips ~ “I hate you.”
Shiri Appleby as Amanda

Shiri Appleby ~ “Say something.”

Alexis Dziena ~ “OK, ya’ know what? I, for one, wanna’ just voice the opinion that this is crazy whack. I just had to say that.”

Unnamed ~ “What’s your name?”

Shiri Appleby ~ “Amanda.”

Unnamed ~ “Amanda huh? You want to smoke some crack?”

Shiri Appleby ~ “Uh, no.”

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