100+ Best Free Guy Movie Quotes 2021

Best Iconic Free Guy Movie Quotes

If you like entertaining movies then you must have seen this movie. And if you are looking for Free Guy movie quotes then you should read this post in full.

From the beginning, we knew that this movie was being made on a video game but it is not true at all. If you have seen the movie, please let us know in the comment box.

You will get all the stories that are shown or the stories that are shown in the games that have gta5 etc. what happens in the open world. All in all this movie is very beautiful.

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Guy: My name is Guy, and I live in paradise. I’ve got a best friend. And I work at the bank. I
thought I had everything I needed. But then, I met her. ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Milly: Everybody down on the ground! Everybody except you.
Guy: Me? ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Guy: Please, I have a goldfish.
Milly: There is something inside you, Guy.
Guy: I don’t want something inside me.
Milly: They expected you to just follow the rules. But you are so much more than that.

Guy: My name is Guy, and I live in Free City. I have everything I need. Except for one thing. ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

[Guy is watching the morning news on TV while eating breakfast]
News Reporter: Sunday should be warm and sunny, with just a scattering of drive-bys.
Potential dirty bombs Sunday night. A front of warm dry gunfire, mixed with late afternoon
stabbings, fiddling in the streets wet with the blood of innocents by early Tuesday night. Great
day for the beach, but not Hit Man’s Beach, which will be mined and sprayed with high caliber
fire from a renegade gunship stolen by a coked-up bandit and this frenzied band of blood-lusting mercenaries.

Guy: [Joe smashes through the store window and lands in front of Guy] Woh-ho!
[helping Joe up]
Guy: Monday’s, am I right, Joe?
Joe: You said it, Guy.
Guy: Yeah! ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Guy: [to a customer at the bank] Don’t have a good day, have a great day. ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Bank Robber: Everybody, down on the ground!
[Buddy and Guy casually get down on the ground] ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Guy: Hey, Bud, do you ever think that there’s got to be more?
Buddy: More than what?
Guy: The stuff we do, day after day. Being shot at, run over, taken hostage.
Buddy: Literally, not once.

Bank Robber: [as another bank robber enters the bank] Everybody, down on the ground!
Guy: Today’s going to be different.
[Guy confronts the bank robber]
Guy: Hi.
[the bank robber hits Guy to the ground]
Buddy: Guy, this isn’t you. You don’t do this, man.
Guy: Maybe I do.
[Guy gets up and tackles the bank robber]
Guy: Oh, this is scary!
[Guy shoots the bank robber]
Guy: He’s just resting.
Buddy: In pieces! That man is dead!
Guy: He’s so sleepy.

Guy: [after getting his wounds instantly healed] Is this what recreational drugs feel like? ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

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Guy: What are we looking at?
Milly: [she throws Guy to the ground] Who are you?
Guy: We ran into each other the other day.
Milly: How did you find me?
Guy: I waited outside, by the murder train.

Keys: Blue shirt guy, is the real first artificial intelligence. ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Keys: His whole world is about to end. Don’t you think he’d want a chance to save it? ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Milly: Put these on.
Guy: [puts on the glasses] Okay. Fine. I… Oh, my God! What are these, trick glasses or
something? ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Milly: I have to tell you something really important.
Guy: Oh, my God. Are you married?
Milly: No!
Guy: Oh, God! That would have been like the worst thing ever.
Milly: Maybe not the worst thing.

Milly: Guy, there is no easy way to say this, but this world, it’s a video game. You’re not real.
And the guy responsible for this world is going to destroy it.
Guy: You’ve met God?
Milly: Yes, he’s an absolute troll.
Guy: Trolls exist?

Milly: Guy, I have to tell you something. There is no easy way to say this. This world, it’s a
video game. And it’s full of bad guys.
Guy: I really want to kiss you. Is that weird?
Milly: Listen to me. You’re not real.
[Guy kisses her]

Keys: Wait. Do you let who kiss you?
Milly: Guy.
Keys: There’s not a button for that.
Milly: Oh, he found the button.

Keys: Seriously, man. I’m just being honest. I think the bunny suit is just a little much.
Mouser: Excuse me?
Keys: Right. Rabbit. Okay, my fault. ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Mouser: [to Guy] Hey, forty-year-old virgin! Get over here!
Keys: Let’s go.
Mouser: Uh-huh, Captain Khakis, come here.
Keys: Let’s go. Let’s go.
Mouser: Come on, bud!
Keys: Closer.
Mouser: There he is. Blue Shirt Guy.
Guy: Blue shirt! Yes. Hello, officer. Rabbit?

Mouser: Nice skin!
Guy: Thank you! That’s sweet.
Mouser: How did you get it?
Guy: Well, uh, mostly genetics, I think. I’m pretty lucky. I have naturally dewy skin.
Keys: Listen up, Neutrogena. You know you can’t go around looking like that. The rules are
clear. And another thing, you can’t hack the NPC avatars!
Mouser: No sir!
Keys: It screws up the mission log.
Mouser: Screws it up!
Keys: And makes the game look bad.
Mouser: Horrible!
Guy: I got like five percent of that.

Mouser: Lose the skin!
Guy: How am I supposed to get rid of my skin?
Mouser: Take it off, man! Just take it off. What are you doing?
Guy: What?
Keys: Seriously.
Mouser: The whole thing. The face, the outfit.
Guy: How?
Mouser: Everything. Ditch it. If you don’t, we’re going to kill you.
Guy: Why?
Keys: And we’re going to keep killing you.
Guy: Still why?
Mouser: Until we do find out who you are, and then we’re going to ban you for life!
Guy: Okay. No, no. Okay. I want to comply. I just find the order of those threats very confusing.
Mouser: Somebody’s about to get shot!
Keys: Light him up!

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Guy: Buddy, if we’re not real, doesn’t that mean that nothing you do matters?
Buddy: I am sitting here with my best friend, trying to help him get through a tough time.
Now, if that’s not real, I don’t know what is.

Guy: Milly, I know this world is just a game. But this place, these people, that’s all I have. ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Contestant: Who is this guy?
Alex Trebek: This character, in the video game “Free City”, has been turning heads by being
the good guy. ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Contestant: Who is the “blue shirt” guy?
Alex Trebek: You’re absolutely right. Who is he or she, indeed? ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Antoine: [referring to Guy] This loser is ruining the game, man! ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Antoine: [referring to Guy] I don’t care if he’s Arnold freaking Schwarzenwader, terminate
him! ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Antoine: [rapping] I’m a rule breaker. I’m a rattle-chicka-chicka-chicka-snaker. ~~~Free Guy Movie Quotes

Milly: We need you to be the good guy.
Guy: I’m not going to be the good guy. I’m going to be the great guy.
Milly: [gasps] Okay. Well, enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity. Off you go.

Milly: [as she lands in front of Guy on his bike] Is that a Glock in your pocket?
Guy: No.
Milly: What?
Guy: It’s two Glocks.
[she smiles and takes the Glocks]
Guy: Oh!
[she starts shooting at the bad guys as Guy spins the bike]

Guy: Was that cool? It felt really cool.

Guy: It’s the first time I’ve ever driven a car before.
Milly: I’d really wish you’d mentioned that.
Guy: [chuckles] Yeah?
Milly: Yeah!

Gamer: We love you, blue shirt guy!
Guy: Thank you! Watch out for the…
[suddenly a truck hits the gamers car as it drives past them]
Guy: They seemed nice.

Milly: Guy, in two days, the game is going to shut down. You, this whole city, they’ll be gone.
Guy: What if we can save it?

Guy: We can change our world. But we have to fight together!
[everyone cheers]
Buddy: I don’t even know what’s happening right now, but I love it!

Guy: [as he punches someone] That actually hurt my hand.

Guy: I can’t die! I’m never going to die!
[suddenly a car hits him]


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