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โ€œThe fly always follows the dead meat.โ€ ~~~ Floki

โ€œFenrir, the giant wolf, could not be constrained by any means known to man, so the dwarves forged a chain, but not from metal. Nothing made by man could constrain Fenrir, so they forged it from the things we cannot see and the things we cannot hear. Like the breath of a fishโ€ฆ the sound a moving cat makes. The rootsโ€ฆ of a mountain.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œFloki the carpenter. Floki the fisherman. Floki the father!
Poor child to have such a father!โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œSome men lust for women, and others lust for gold, but I only lust to please the gods.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œNearby is Valhalla, vast and gold-bright. And every day, Odin chooses slain men to join him. They arm themselves and fight in the courtyard. They kill one another; but every night they rise again, and ride back to the hall, and feast. The roof is made out of shields. The rafters are spears. Coats of mail litter the benches. A wolf stands at the Western door and an eagle hovers above it. It has five hundred and forty doors, and when Ragnarok comes, eight hundred warriors will march out of each door, shoulder to shoulder.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œI feel trapped, in all this happiness.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œWhen the God Loki had done something terribly bad, the other Gods took him to a nasty dark cave. And there they chained him on three sharp rocks. And above him they fastened a vile snake so that its poison would drip, drip, drip, forever on Lokiโ€™s face.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œI hate you, Ragnar Lothbrok. And I love you with all my heart. Why do you tear me away from myself?โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œThor was angry with us. He beat his anvil and the waves grew
ever taller. Soaked the boats, and one went down, heavy with water.
We saw it, and heard the cries of the men hauled down into the deep.
And then, at first light, we saw another had vanished. Storm wrecked, the men all drowned.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œAxe time! Sword time! Shields are splintered!โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œIโ€™ve been told your god is a carpenter. And guess what? So am I.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œThe space between life and death, thatโ€™s where we are the most alive.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œI have had a sign. A sign that blood must be
spilled, a sacrifice be made. I have waited a long time for such a sign. And now my purpose is clear.โ€ โ€“ Floki

โ€œEverything I do, Ragnar, is for you.โ€ โ€“ Floki

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โ€œWhen Balder, Odinโ€™s beloved son died, not only did people weep.
But fire wept.
And iron, and all the other metals wept.
The stones wept.
Earth wept.
Farewell, voyager.
Farewell, my heart.
Farewellโ€ฆ for now.โ€

โ€“ Floki

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We have someone special to visit, his name is Floki.~~~ Floki

Floki.. Like Loki? The god~~~ Floki

Yes, only different~~~ Floki

What a beautiful Thing! Tis’ more than beautiful, Tis’ powerful, and carries the meaning of everything.~~~ Floki

How is he different?~~~ Floki

You are the genius that built the boats that changed our world~~~ Floki

He’s not a God.~~~ Floki

We’ll soon be as rich as dwarves.~~~ Floki

Floki is a boat builder among other things~~~ Floki

Can you keep a secret?~~~ Floki

Warriors don’t show their hearts until the axe reveals it.~~~ Floki

You are so wise Floki.~~~ Floki

I’m not wise at all..~~~ Floki

I’m just a joker. For a joke~~~ Floki

I joke about many things..~~~ Floki

So this is what the grunting of the little pigs was all about But never about ship building.~~~ Floki

I thought I was dead. While I was dead, I was dreaming of other places. The places that you and I shall sail to Ragnar!~~~ Floki

Floki! Sit down!~~~ Floki

It’s my boat! And the Gods love my boat!~~~ Floki

Whare do you suppose we are? Where’ve you been?~~~ Floki

I build boats Ragnar..~~~ Floki

You’re the navigator.~~~ Floki

I’ve been told your god is a carpenter and guess what?~~~ Floki

So am I~~~ Floki

Floki the carpenter~~~ Floki

It’s.. A beautiful Dragon you’ve bult for us Floki. Beautiful.~~~ Floki

Floki the fisherman there’s fish Food.~~~ Floki

Floki the father Beautiful, beautiful girl~~~ Floki

Floki the.. Tower maker!~~~ Floki

I will make something truly astonishing~~~ Floki

the space between life and death..~~~ Floki

Everything ready Floki?~~~ Floki

Yes. Everthing is ready~~~ Floki

That’s where we are the most alive.~~~ Floki

Tomorrow, we attack Paris~~~ Floki

We’ve been to hel and back now it’s time to celebrate So let’s celebrate.~~~ Floki

I can do it Ragnar~~~ Floki

Priest~~~ Floki

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Everything I do Ragnar is for you.~~~ Floki

So then..~~~ Floki

I made the boat that took you to fame.~~~ Floki

Now it’s all up to you, Ragnar Lothbrok~~~ Floki

I made the boat that will take you to your heaven.~~~ Floki

Hello priest~~~ Floki

What were they talking about?~~~ Floki

Who? Ragnar and that priest~~~ Floki

Why do you always listen to him?~~~ Floki

I don’t know why Ragnar listens to him.~~~ Floki

There can be no reconciliation between our gods, the true gods, and the god that they worship.~~~ Floki

Look at them..~~~ Floki

huddled together..~~~ Floki

it sickens me.~~~ Floki

You betrayed us.
You betrayed me.
You betrayed your heritage.
You betrayed my trust.
You betrayed our future..
and my love for you.~~~ Floki

You betrayed me!~~~ Floki

I didn’t betray you.~~~ Floki

I loved you more than anyone~~~ Floki

I loved you more than that priest ever loved you.~~~ Floki

I tried to save you from a false god.~~~ Floki

But it made no difference.~~~ Floki

You always thought ‘oh it’s just Floki’~~~ Floki

That’s not true Helga..~~~ Floki

I think of all of us! i think about every human being in Midgard~~~ Floki

No need to bother about Floki, he’s just a fool!~~~ Floki

You Knock Knee’d fool~~~ Floki

I was always called a fool~~~ Floki

and now i have proved it.~~~ Floki

I’m crazy and cracked~~~ Floki

I.. hate you Ragnar Lothbrok!~~~ Floki

There’s something wrong with me.~~~ Floki

And i love you with all my heart~~~ Floki

Watch over my family~~~ Floki

You cannot leave me~~~ Floki

come on donkey!~~~ Floki

I will be too lonely.~~~ Floki

Ivar the boneless..~~~ Floki

Scourge of the world.. you don’t need me.~~~ Floki

I needed Floki. I loved Floki.~~~ Floki

Looking after you Bjorn~~~ Floki

Did you really think i could have you killed Floki?~~~ Floki

what ever the fates have in store for us, we’re sure to meet again in Valhalla.~~~ Floki

Imagine the joy we shall have all the old friends we shall meet again Torstein~~~ Floki

All the other’s~~~ Floki

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You and I we shall sit among the gods, and sup with them, and get drunk with them, and tell our stories.~~~ Floki

I have to avenge Ragnar~~~ Floki

I love you. He loved me.~~~ Floki

We are coming with you You are married!~~~ Floki

Sweet Helga My beautiful faithful wife~~~ Floki

I no longer know who I am.. why I’m here..~~~ Floki

What my purpose is.~~~ Floki

It’s complicated.~~~ Floki

I feel like an empty vessel.~~~ Floki

I need something to fill me up.~~~ Floki

Farewell Floki..~~~ Floki

Beloved by the gods.~~~ Floki

I too am dead Bjorn a part of me died with my daughter angrboda~~~ Floki

a second part with Ragnar and the last part of what was Floki died with my sweet sad Helga what I am now is nothing~~~ Floki

Farewell my heart and all this nothing I give to the gods to do with as they please. Farewell.. For now.~~~ Floki

Where they take me.. I shall go.~~~ Floki

I have risen from the dead.. just as Odin did. I died..~~~ Floki

Then I was reborn here on this island among the gods.~~~ Floki

This land has no wars, no diseases~~~ Floki

blessed by the gods in every way~~~ Floki

the perfect conditions for the growth of the crops and for the growth of the spirit.~~~ Floki

There will never be any reason to use the axe to settle disputes among us.~~~ Floki

This is a new place a new land. And we must try to be better people different people than we were~~~ Floki

I’ve tried so hard to make them see, but they are blind~~~ Floki

He told us that he had found the land of the gods, if this is the land of the gods, where have they gone?!~~~ Floki

Why don’t you show yourselves to me as you used to?~~~ Floki

Perhaps you never did What if I never saw the gods? What if it was all in my head?~~~ Floki

Perhaps I’m just a crazy old fool after all! The gods are not here There not here!~~~ Floki

This is madness!~~~ Floki

Even though you, and Aevin, and everyone else in this cursed settlement showed me that I can’t change other human beings.. No more killing.. not in here. I have changed myself If you want to kill these people~~~ Floki

you have to kill me first. I intend to stay this way.~~~ Floki

They all betray you in the end, everyone except Floki~~~ Floki

and what of Floki? How is he?~~~ Floki

It was his most precious posession.. ..Helga..~~~ Floki


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