Best 150+ Fear Street Movie Quotes (All Part Quotes)

Fear Street movie quotes

If you like to watch mystery and horror movies then you must have seen the movie Fear Street. You have seen the wrong movie called this movie because this movie has three folds. If you read this post completely, you will get fear street movie quotes. There are separate quotes for each lesson which you can share on social media accounts and also use as status.

Keep reading this incomplete post you will get fear street all parts quotes.

Fear Street Part One: 1994 Quotes

The movie shows a number of people dying in an unknown mystery in a city in 1994. If you have seen the movie then there is nothing to say for the second time. Just keep reading this post and copy the Quotes you like.

It began as a prank and ended in murder. ~~~~fear street part 1 quotes

Low brow horror. ~~~~fear street part 1 quotes

Yeah, I though big t*ts was kind of deflating her ego 

Very funny a**h*le, I’m spooked. You win 

Do you know how expensive AOL is? 

Step out of your internet fantasy nerd land and get in the car. 

The dude was probably just some other sad sack that hated life like the rest of us.

Seems like maybe you got a little witch in you. 

I am not getting mixed up in your ex drama. 

I know you were always too afraid to tell anyone about us. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

What we should do is light a fuse and burn down Sh*ttyside.

Stop being mad at me for wanting a different future. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

We’re gonna go kill those preppy a**h*les. 

Maybe you were just goofing around and things got out of hand. 

You won’t stop until you ruin her life completely ~~~~fear street part 1 quotes

If you finish within the hour, I’ll let you watch My So Called Life with me.

She needs to get her psycho boyfriend in check. 

Stop covering for him, he’s a bad guy Sam. ~~~~fear street part 1 quotes

You are total chaos and you’ve always been.

A lot of people trade hacks online. 

More like Sheriff motherf*cking evil. 

Know thy enemy, right? ~~~~fear street part 1 quotes

You’re a monster. You are suppose to protect us. 

Go find your boyfriends, tell them you need to relax. 

They didn’t believe us. We’re on our own. ~~~~fear street part 1 quotes

I hate to break it to you but normal b*tches don’t bleed black f*cking blood.

She was hot and normal until she attacked me with a f*cking razor blade.

Jesus Rain Man, how the f*ck do you know that? 

He was the first one recorded. He killed kids and cut out their eyes. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

They’re are people trying to kill us. Dead people, if you believe my weirdo brother.

She reaches from beyond the grave to make good men her wicked slaves.

Shadyside is not just some hot bed for psychos. All these massacres are connected to Sarah Fier. The witch’s curse is real!

No wonder the witch is pissed at us. I’d be pissed too. Sam disturbed her grave.

It’s not as easy as putting bones to rest. ~~~~fear street part 1 quote

They’re not coming for us, they’re coming for me. 

Let’s give these assholes what they want. 

You make me feel like me. 

What if tonight’s it for us? 

She was so sexy but f*cking crazy still. ~~~~fear street part 1 quote

We’re not s*cked, she’s f*cked. They’re coming for her. 

We’re letting her die. We’re killing her. ~~~~fear street part 1 quote

We need to know how to survive. 

She survived by dying. ~~~~fear street part 1 quote

I’m dying tonight one way or another. 

It’s time for your close-up. ~~~~fear street part 1 quote

This is what brings her back. This is Jesus!

Tonight even though we are in hell, I feel like I have another chance with you. 

You look like a ghost. Like you just came back from the dead. ~~~~fear street part 1 quote

Another Shadyside tragedy. 

I should’ve listened to you, I’m sorry. I’m listening to you now. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

Then that makes you a bad guy too, little man. 

Did you touch the bones? Did you see her face? 

It’s not over. It’s never over. 

You haven’t stopped her. You can’t. She makes the rules. 

She’ll come for you. ~~~~fear street part 1 quote

Sam’s not feeling like herself. We have to get her back. I’m going to get you back ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

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Fear Street Part Two: 1978 Quotes

We all like horror movies and we all like very much sweet movies. Every part of the movie has been launched. If you have seen every Patna, you must see it. Also if you see the first party then surely you will be eager to see the second party. In the same way, if you have seen the second party then you will be interested to have the third party.

You’re gonna hang, witch. 

She’s no thief. She’s possessed by the witch.

Despite our differences, we’re all perfect. 

You don’t want to corrupt her virgin ears. 

Drugs baby, drugs. Just hook us up.

That smell better is a skunk.

What’re the Witches Mark?~

I don’t think you go from a sweet girl with dreams to ripping someone’s insides out with a switchblade. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

No one gets out of this town, not even Miss Perfect. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

I’m sorry but I can’t save you.~~~fear street part 2 quotes

One way or another, you’re gonna die tonight. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

She was nuts just like her kid.

Sane people don’t chop up their friends. 

Did you see her eyes? There was something in there, something wrong. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

Let’s not let tonight be a stain on our legacy. 

If we lose, we are still winners in our hearts.

Bad things always happen to Shadyside. 

Shadyside there is just something weird, holding us down, cursing us. 

A deal was made with the devil.~~~fear street part 2 quotes

Sarah Fier cut off her wicked hand on Satan’s stone in exchange for eternal life, scarring the soil beneath with the witch’s mark, bringing darkness upon the land.

It’s not just a diary, it’s a map.

Is someone digging a grave?~~~fear street part 2 quotes

The curse will last until body and hand reunite.~~~fear street part 2 quotes

You remember when you use to have fun? Before you became a snitch? ~

He can’t get us.

We’re gonna die down here.s

That’s what happens when you live in Shadyside. Everything turns to sh*t eventually. 

If you have to kill him, could you?es

I loved that gross, high little sh*t.

All roads lead here.

They killed so many and you are next.

The cave was alive, Alice.

I’ve been a bad sister. I’ve been a bad friend. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

We all have our ways to deal with Shadyside. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

My sister’s in the toilet.~~~fear street part 2 quotes

It’s not my blood. It’s Gary’s.~~~fear street part 2 quotes

I know I let a lot of people die tonight but, not you. I’m not letting you die. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

I’m sorry I wasn’t here, not just tonight, but every day. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

Now I know you were right. Everything is cursed. ~~~

I won’t let anything pull us apart again.~~~

She spent her whole life looking for this. A way to stop the curse that took her daughter. ~~~

We can end this. No more murders, no more curses, no more pain. ~~~

We have to bury this thing, right f*cking now.~~~

Tonight I watched your perfect boyfriend turn into a monster and kill the only person I’ve ever loved. ~~~

The witch forever lives.~~~

You bled on the bone. They’re after you. Get ready to run.

My sister was dead and so was I.~~~

And most days, I wish I had stayed dead.~

She sacrificed herself for nothing.~

It was her. Sarah Fier, the witch. The curse is real.~~~fear street part 2 quotes

The witch, the town curse, for one night Cindy believed there was a way to end it. So I thought there was too. But now I know there is no end.

The killers came after us because we found something they didn’t want us to find. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

I got you, you witch.~~~fear street part 2 quotes

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Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Quotes

If you are looking for fear street part three quotes then you have come to the right place. You will read all the quotes given below.

He needs someone to take care of him. Someone strong and someone good. ~~~Fear Street movie quotes

A good night to enjoy the fruits of the land. 

If you tell mother, I’ll cut your braids right off your head.

I can see a secret about you, girl.

I see all the dark secrets in union.

There’s your kiss. And if you are still so eager, I’m sure there’s a mule tied up who will overlook your flaws in the dark.

I’m just not afraid of you. ~~~~fear street part 3

This is wrong. 

He’s distracted, listening to things only he can hear. 

I look into his eyes and it’s as if something crawled in from the night and put on Father’s skin.

How dare you bring this filth into our home. 

You’d better pray for mercy on your damned soul. 

There has always been a strangeness in you, Sarah. 

The dark one has come to harvest the bitter fruit of the evil we have sown.

Perhaps something is wrong with me. 

One does not summon the devil by chance. 

And she made me watch as she laid with the devil. 

The witches! ~~~~fear street 

Check her for marks. ~~~~fear street part 3

Keep an eye out for that witch. ~~~~fear street

I led the devil here. ~~~~fear street

You don’t summon the devil by chance, you have to make a choice.

They think we’re guilty, so we are. 

I don’t fear the devil. I fear the neighbor who would accuse me. I fear the mother that would let her daughter hang. I fear Union.

They will see, I am no lamb. 

They want a witch, I will give them a witch. 

I think someone struck a deal with the devil, offering him our town.

One person every few years seems a small price to pay. 

They’re afraid because the know you’re different. 

I am nothing like you. 

I confess. ~~~~fear street part 3 quotes

It was me. It was only me. It was always me. 

The truth will come out. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but it will. 

I will show you what they’ve done. I will never let you go. 

She’s the only one who’s ever figured out the truth, until us.

We can’t kill the devil, so we need to kill him. 

Want to help us kill Sheriff Goode? 

Welcome to the clink, motherf*cker. 

What’s really going on here? 

Try not to die. ~~~~fear street part 3 quotes

It’s a code for extra lives. 

Just because we’re weird and smart and different doesn’t mean they can feed us through their meat grinder.

No one else has gotten this far. It stops here, it stops tonight.

Mount up. ~~~~fear street part 3 

Tag, you’re it. ~~~~fear street part 3 

We just need more Plan A. 

We have to be ready to fight.

At least we still have magic blood. 

Too many people have died and I’m not letting them take my sister too. We have to protect them, please.

Local dyke slays girlfriend, friends, brother. 

The truth shall be your curse. 

You will feel the grip of my hand. 

I will never let you go. ~~~~fear street

We are still here because of her. ~~~~fear street

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