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Most Iconic F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

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It’s not about being the stronger man, Dom. It’s about being the bigger one.

Remember what your daddy told you, be precise in life.

It’s the price we pay for peace and quiet.

Brian, remember what we practiced.

We come in peace. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

Maybe you don’t recognize me because I’ve been tanning all week, Bro.

I know you don’t carpool, what’s up?

This is Cypher, the woman who killed the mother of your child.

I’ll always be in your heart. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

This isn’t who we are. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

Nobody thinks you’re compensating for anything.

Whatever it is, Mr. Nobody wanted us to find it.

Who’s compensating now, Ted?

You put that foot to the floor and you pray.

How in the hell are you not dead?

Are we supposed to drive across that?

Well, that was new. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

Now we got the golden boy. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

We’re all stuck going round and round the same sh*tty circle.

I love being rich. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

I know who you are, do you? ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

Do you hate him enough that he keeps you up at night?

That’s cute, thinking you are competition.

I read your second-grade report card, that’s what I do.

Genghis Khan’s little brother, nobody’s heard of him either.

If a Ninja Turtle comes popping out, I’m telling y’all I’m out.

Whatever Jacob has become and whatever he is up to, it is on me and me alone.

When the improbable happens, again and again, that is not luck.

You get involved here, you put everything at risk.

Say hello to Project Aries. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

A car doesn’t make the driver. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

You gotta make peace with the past if you want to hope for the future.

I hope you find your peace. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

Just as I was remembering who I was, everything slowed down.

We never use to hide. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

Funny how we all have secrets.

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This isn’t Top Gun, Maverick. You don’t follow the rules here, you die.

Nice necklace, Queeny. Diamonds and emeralds never looked so good.

nothing more powerful than the love of family.

The brother you are looking for, he’s long gone.

I showed you mercy and I won’t show it to you again.

You keep digging around in the past, Dom, you ain’t gonna like what you find.

I feel like we are looking for Where’s Waldo in Harry Potter world.

You’re a natural. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

I’m Luke friggin’ Skywalker. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

Yoda’s a puppet with someone’s hand up to his a**.

No one outruns their past and yours just caught up to you.

I never thought I’d lose her to love.

My death became the best way to stay alive.

The only good thing about dad dying is that he didn’t have to watch what you became.

I will stop you and that’s my promise.

None of it is worth a thing if I lose you.

This whole operation is band-aids and duct tape.

Let’s see how invulnerable your black a** is after this.

Told you, numbers don’t lie. ~~~F9 the Fast Saga Quotes

Numbers are what you do, driving is what I do.

Spoiled rich pricks run the world.

We’re not invulnerable, we’ve probably just been lucky this whole time.

If we are gonna go out, let’s go out on top of the world.

Everything I needed to learn, I learned on this track.

You drive just like your dad.

Just say whatever is in your heart.

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