100 Best Denver Quotes From Money Heist

The way the writers are literally REACHING just to destroy their relationship in seasons 4-5 has me pissed. Like just let them be happy and there for each other. The unnecessary conflict between them is dumb, her getting angry with Denver for beating up Arturo, Denver being jealous over her being there for Rio, Manilla making him question his r/s with her is unneeded and a waste of screen time, then Monica gets freaking high during a war and if we know anything Denver’s going to be extremely pissed with her for that, so that’s another fight that’s waiting to happen in the second part of season 5.

The writers could’ve used the heist to make them an even better couple and to strengthen them and their bond with each other like they did with the Professor and Lisbon but no instead they just continuously create weird-ass tension between their marriage for some unknown reason. They really need to leave Denver and Monica’s relationship alone and stop trying to mess it up. You don’t need to destroy an r/s to add conflict especially when it does nothing for the actual plot of the show.

And I’m pretty sure one of them is going to end up dying in the second half of season 5 too (I have a feeling it’ll be Denver), so how are the writers going to bring them back together while also killing one of them off without it seeming rushed and stupid in five episodes that are no doubt going to filled with even more action, death and an escape (hopefully) while also giving a somewhat satisfying ending.

Denver loved that child like it was his own. I always liked Denver and I liked him, even more, when he was there for his child.

Iconic Denver Quotes

Monica. Hey… Hey.

What do you think?

Because Berlin was going to kill her. I had no other choice.

Monica, have you finished yet?

You might think what I’m about to tell you isn’t worth a shit

I don’t think it’s a good idea that you have an abortion

then, what is this?

that he’ll fuck up your life?

Monica: who?

your son.

better than have your life fuck up by your son

This..fucks your life up

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a kid doesn’t

I danced for her

did you dance for her?


because I love him

you have a syndrome

what syndrome?

of Stockholm.

you fell in love with the robber who keeps you kidnapped

don’t look at me

don’t look at me

So what if I am serious?

you can’t fall in love in 60 hours

Well, in 60 hours..

thank you.. thank you

Tell them you killed me
and you got rid of the body.

My brother got hurt with iron
and he bled a lot. Come on. Come.

Bite my hand if you want.

In 60 hours I shot you,

I extracted the bullet.

You found out you were pregnant,

now abortion yes, abortion no,

shall I break up with my boyfriend.

You have sex with me.

If you give 24 more hours,
I might ask you to marry me.

What the fuck does time matter
inside here?

Because I love him, I know

it may sound ridiculous.

You might think it’s crazy but…

it’s real.

it’s real

this child needs a father

It’s the first time someone has

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looked me in the eye

he’s honest

what’s your name?

I need to know your name.

Because I’m leaving here with you.

Through the back door, the
tunnel, or holding a machine gun.

But I don’t want to be away from you.

I love you

I told her stories.. and she laughed a lot

tell me how you made her fall in love with you

I shot her in the leg

to save her life

if you need to be with him

it’s not what I need

if you’re here the same will happen to me because I’m not cold-blooded

If I have to stand in the fucking line of fire to protect you, I will.


because you’re my family, Monica. you’re my family

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