Best DC League of Super-Pets Movie Quotes 2022

After this, Warner Bros. should fund an actual DC cinematic animated movie. Sony did it and Into the Spider-Verse was such a nice surprise. WB, you have some of the best animators out there. It has potential. Don’t do another children’s movie because of petty marketing. Make a heartfelt mature family movie. No Legos (yes, I know Lord and Miller are gods), no celebrity voiced animals, and no cartoon advertisements. Also, no half-assed straight to DVD adaptations forced on a cinema screen (remember when Man and Girl did it in front of a gargoyle?).

DC League of Super-Pets Movie Quotes

Krypto: [to a snoring Clark Kent] Wake up, buddy. It is walk o’clock. Maybe I should let him

Clark Kent: [as Krypto finally manages to wake Clark] And I’m up. Okay, Krypto. We’ll go for a

Krypto: I have an owner, and he’s Superman.

Clark Kent: [uses his laser eyes to iron his shirt] Let me just iron that out. They should call me
Iron Man.

Clark Kent: [laughs] No.

Clark Kent: My dog’s the best, but he’s not the greatest with other animals.

Krypto: What is new with you, fellow normal dog?

Dog: I bit the FedEx guy the other day.

Krypto: Who was he working for? General Zod? The Legion of Doom?

Dog: FedEx.

Krypto: Of course! The federation of exes. Not to be trusted.

Dog: What is taking my owner so long?

Lex Luthor: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Justice League.

PB: What’s going on?

Chip: You’re super strong.

Ace: I should be a lot more dead right now, right?

Krypto: My best friend is in danger, and you have to help me.

Ace: Well, we’re just a bunch of shelter pets. But they’re stronger than you think.

PB: The Mighty Oink. Shell on Wheels. Indestructadog.

Merton: Where the heck am I?

Chip: Great. I’m the only one who didn’t get any super…
[suddenly electric powers shoot out of his hands]

Krypto: When one has an abundance of power, they have a certain duty to use that power to…

Ace: [Krypto looks aside to see Ace peeing] Sorry. You were saying something?

Krypto: How much did you have to drink?

Ace: I had two toilet bowls, and a bidet. A bidet too, which is crazy. I didn’t even know that was a thing. But it’s like a dog water fountain.

PB: Aw!

Krypto: Out of the way, cat child. Ace, deploy canine shield.

Ace: What is a canine… Oh!

Krypto: Evade!

Krypto: Excellent shielding. That seemed incredibly painful.

Ace: Anybody want to switch powers?

I’m actually genuinely surprised how good this movie looks. I figured it would just be “The Secret Life of Pets” with DC branding but it actually seems to be a substantial superhero film that just so happens to have talking animals.

also the last thing I was expecting from this movie was hearing Marc Maron’s voice come out of Lex Luthor lol

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