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Most Iconic Cruella Movie Quotes

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Cruella de Vil: They say there are five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Well, I’d like to add one more…

Cruella de Vil : Revenge. ~~~Cruella Movie Quotes

Cruella de Vil: You killed my mother! ~~~Cruella Movie Quotes

Baroness: You need to be more specific. ~~~Cruella Movie Quotes

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Cruella de Vil: I’m just getting started, darling. ~~~Cruella Movie Quotes

Cruella de Vil: So this is a confusing day. My nemesis is my real mother, and she killed my other mother. I guess you were always scared, weren’t you, that I’d be a psycho like my real mum? Hmm? That explains all the “tone it down, try and fit in” stuff. Love me into shape, I suppose, was the plan. And I tried. I really, I tried because I loved you. But the thing is, I’m not sweet Estella, try as I might. I never was. I’m Cruella, born brilliant, born bad, and a little bit mad. I am not like her. I’m better. Anyway, must dash. Much to avenge, revenge, and destroy. But I do love you. Always.

Baroness : [to Cruella] Let me give you some advice. If you need to talk about power, you don’t have it.

Cruella de Vil: Well, I don’t have it, which is why I need to talk about it, which is why I’m here. Am I going to have to catch you up a lot, or can you keep up?

Cruella de Vil: The thing is, I was born brilliant, born bad, and a little bit mad. I’m Cruella.

Cruella de Vil: Anyway must dash. Much to avenge, revenge, and destroy.

Baroness: You can’t care about anyone else. Everyone else is an obstacle. You care what an obstacle wants or feels, you’re dead. If I cared about anyone or thing, I might have died like so many brilliant women with a drawer full of unseen genius and a heart full of sad bitterness. You have the talent for your own label. Whether you have the killer instinct is the big question.

Cruella de Vil : I hope I do. ~~~Cruella Movie Quotes

Cruella de Vil: From the very beginning, I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else. That didn’t sit well with some people. But I wasn’t for everyone. I guess they were all scared… that I’d be… a psycho.


Cruella de Vil: But a new day brings new opportunities. And I was ready to make a statement.

Cruella de Vil: [to Jasper] Darling, if I’m going to need to repeat myself a lot, this isn’t going to work out.

Cruella de Vil: Cruella was in a box a long time, now Estella can be the one who makes guest appearances.

Cruella de Vil : [from official trailer] How does the saying go? I am a woman, hear me roar.

Cruella de Vil: I want to make art, Artie, and I want to make trouble. You in?

Artie: I do love trouble. ~~~Cruella Movie Quotes

Cruella de Vil: from the very beginning I’ve always made a statement. Not everyone appreciated that. but I wasn’t for everyone.

[after reading about her exploits in the paper]

Artie: It’s you! ~~~Cruella Movie Quotes

Cruella de Vil: It is. And you’re reading about me.

Artie: And you’re in my shop. ~~~Cruella Movie Quotes

Cruella de Vil: The good thing about evil people is you can always trust them to do something, well, evil.

Cruella de Vil : It’s not Estella. That’s the past. I’m Cruella.

Cruella de Vil: Being a genius is one thing. Raising a genius, however, does come with its challenges.

Cruella de Vil: It’s funny how those happy accidents can change the whole direction of your life.

Cruella de Vil: Wreaking havoc at galas is my personal specialty.

Cruella de Vil: Don’t worry, we’re just getting started. There are lots more bad things coming… I promise.

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