250+ Best Quotes From Black Mirror

Amazing Quotes From Black Mirror

One of the many things I love about Black Mirror is that every episode can vary from each other with different tones you wouldn’t even think they’re the same series, and yet they still work.

“Humans. You know we give ourselves rep, but we’re genuinely empathetic as a species. I mean, we don’t actually really want to kill each other, which is a good thing. Until your future depends on wiping out the enemy.” – Arquette (Michael Kelly)

“I know people. We love humiliation. We can’t not laugh.” – Jane (Anna Wilson-Jones)

“People don’t even look up anymore. The sky could turn…purple and you…wouldn’t notice for a month.” – Chris (Andrew Scott)

“People want to be noticed. They don’t like to be shut out. It makes them feel invisible.” – Matt (Jon Hamm)

“People think it’s a happy game. It’s not a happy game. It’s a fucking nightmare world. And the worst thing is? It’s real and we live in it.” – Colin (Will Poulter)

“Authenticity is in woefully short supply.” – Charity (Julie Davis)

“There’s messages in every game. Like Pac-Man. You know what PAC stands for? Program and control.” – Colin (Will Poulter)

“People try so hard to look how they think they should look.” – Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)

“Show us something real and free and beautiful. You couldn’t. It’ll break us. We’re too numb for it.” – Bing (Daniel Kaluuya)

“It’s a lot easier to pull the trigger when you’re aiming at the boogeyman.” – Dr. Arquette (Michael Kelly)

“He thinks he’s got free will, but really, he’s trapped in a maze. In a system. All he can do is consume, he’s pursued by demons that are probably in his own head.” – Colin (Will Poulter)

“I guess they were always like that underneath. Just needed the rules to change, for no-one to intervene.” – Jem (Tuppence Middleton)

“I mean, they say you go crazy if you have too much. Never leave your seat, dissociate your body from your mind.” – Greg (Raymond McAnally)

“Thanks to the technological revolution, we have the power to rage and accuse, spout bile without consequence.” – Garrett (Duncan Pow)

“You’re just a few ripples of you. There’s no history to you. You’re just a performance of stuff that he performed without thinking, and it’s not enough.” – Martha (Hayley Atwell)

“We don’t need politicians, we’ve all got iPhones and computers, right? So any decision that has to be made, any policy, we just put it online. Let the people vote–thumbs up, thumbs down, the majority wins. That’s a democracy. That’s a–that’s an actual democracy. – Jack (Jason Flemyng)

“Pictures hang about on Google like a Gypsy curse. There’s no cure for the Internet, you would never go away.” – Hector (Jerome Flynn)

“It was like having a whole weather system turn against me. Just hate message after hate message, around the clock, all piling on. It’s hard to describe what that does to your head. Suddenly there’s a million invisible people, all talking about how they despise you. It’s like a mental illness.” – Tess (Georgina Rich)

“I wasn’t prepared for you, for wanting something.” – Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)

black mirror be right back quotes

“You know when you meet someone and you just know?” – Frank (Joe Cole)

“That Internet stuff drifts off like weather. It’s half hate. They don’t mean it. The hate in a marriage, that’s in 3D.” – Karin (Kelly Macdonald)

“You are a top bird. I don’t know what that means, but I heard someone say it once and you’re it.” – Cooper (Wyatt Russell)

“His aim’s so bad he’s the only guy on earth who can shit his own pants and miss.” – Raiman (Madeline Brewer)

“What the f*ck is Netflix?” – Stefan (Fionn Whitehead)

“Face it, if they were staring it’s because I am bodacious.” – Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)

“You’ve sent in a strike team to rescue a manikin!” – Michael (Rory Kinnear)

“I was trying to sing so no one could hear me pee.” – Abi (Jessica Brown Findlay)

“Don’t call me your administrator.” – Martha (Hayley Atwell)

Black Mirror Quotes Nosedive

I think its about a celebrity that is cheery in the outside but in reality she is stressed out, then this A.I. thingy came out, and it starts to mimic what Ashley is really feeling

“You don’t know me, so you’re not really sorry. You’re just mainly awkward ’cause I have sprung some cancer talk at you.” – Truck driver (Cherry Jones)

“Don’t sh*t on me for aiming higher.” – Lacie (Bryce Dallas Howard)

“Oh, f*ck! More stairs? Come on!” – Cooper (Wyatt Russell)

“You’re all in-out, in-out, like you’re trying to shut a drawer into a filing cabinet.” – Nicola (Gwyneth Keyworth)

“Uploaded to the cloud, sounds like heaven.” – Elder Kelly (Denise Burse)

“The government’s a c*nt. We knew that already.” – Karin (Kelly Macdonald)

“Well I learned what it’s like to cohabit with someone I despise, is that useful for the system?” – Frank (Joe Cole)

“Have you ever seen Tom and Jerry? It’s a whole lot more accurate than people would think.” – Jack (Madison Davenport)

“You know when you suspect something, it’s always better when it turns out to be true. It’s like I’ve had a bad tooth for years and I’m just finally getting my tongue in there and I’m digging out all the rotten shit.” – Liam (Toby Kebbell)

“It turned out a lot of my friends didn’t care for honesty. Treated me like I had taken a shit at their breakfast table. But Jesus Christ, it felt good.” – Susan (Cherry Jones)

“I know there’s someone who’s controlling me.” – Stefan (Fionn Whitehead)

“You are just a puppet. You are not in control.” – Colin (Will Poulter)

“So many choices, you end up not knowing which one you want.” – Frank (Joe Cole)

“The past is immutable.” – Dr. Haynes (Alice Lowe)

“I don’t want you to see me.” – Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis)

“It’s how our decisions along that path affect the whole that matters.” – Colin (Will Poulter)

“Sorry, hang on, that’s a very difficult sentence to process.” – Ash (Domhnall Gleeson)

“No matter how painful it is, we can’t change things. We can’t choose differently, with hindsight.” – Stefan (Fionn Whitehead)

“Lunatic with production values. That’s the worst kind.” – Shaun (Benedict Wong)

“Not everything that isn’t true is a lie.” – Ffion (Jodie Whittaker)

“I woke up in this house. I don’t even know if it was my house. I don’t even know who I am.” – Victoria (Lenora Crichlow)

“Ultimately the only thing you’re worried about is the transition from one state to another, and that can’t hurt you because it’s just a state change.” – Harry (Rasmus Hardiker)

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