250+ Best Looney Tunes Cartoon Quotes

Yosemite Sam: You’re the worst neighbor I ever met. And I should know. Before I met you, *I* was the worst neighbor I ever met.

Daffy Duck: One of you stole my newspaper. Confess!

Bugs Bunny: Really? You’re really going there?

Daffy Duck: Yeah, I’m going there.

Granny: Where is he going?

Bugs Bunny: Because if you go there, *I* will go there. And you do not want to be there when I get there. Because when I get there, I will be so there that you will wish you had stayed right here.

Bugs Bunny: Well? Say you’re sorry!

Daffy Duck: Uh…

Bugs Bunny: You can’t say it can you?

Daffy Duck: I can say it. Uh…

Bugs Bunny: Then say it.

Daffy Duck: I’m… solly

Bugs Bunny: Did you just say you’re solly?

Iconic Looney Tunes Quotes

Daffy Duck: I’m soggy.

Bugs Bunny: You’re soggy?

Daffy Duck: I’m sarmy.

Daffy Duck: Bugs! I knew it! I knew you’d come through for me! I knew if I stayed in here long enough, and sobbed loud enough, you’d make me another parade float! It wasn’t easy – there were days when I wanted to give up, when I wanted to come out of my room, maybe take a shower. But I persevered, I stayed in my room, and I sobbed even louder, because I knew that you needed that time, and that motivation, and I was right! Thank you, brother!

Bugs Bunny: Why can’t you just drive a normal car?

Daffy Duck: Normal cars are for normal people! I’m not normal!

Bugs Bunny: I’ll give you that.

Daffy Duck: You’re my best friend! You know me better than anyone! You see what a horrible person I am! That’s why I *have* to drive a parade float! To distract the *rest* of the world from seeing it!

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Daffy Duck: I’d like to propose a toast to the most important person on this ship. Sit down you glorified bus driver!

Bugs Bunny: Of course, you realize this means war!

Bugs Bunny: Sleep well?

Daffy Duck: Why? Are you implying that I wet the bed?

Sylvester: So now let me get this straight. You fought in World War II?

Tweety: Yep.

Sylvester: How old are you?

Tweety: I’ll never tell.

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Sylvester: Well can you at least tell me if you’re a boy or a girl?

Sylvester: Hmmm… I was wrong.

Daffy Duck: Soon you’ll be calling me, Mr. Weiner!

Speedy Gonzales: I already do. And a whole lot worse.

Bugs Bunny: You’re gonna need something better than a parade float.

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