250+ Best Hazbin Hotel Quotes

People are so surprised by Charlieโ€™s natural cheery demeanor and charitability towards others, but letโ€™s remember: Lucifer was an angel before he fell from grace, and Lilith was crafted by God from the same clay as Adam. Her parents are both holy/angelic beings created by God itself, albeit โ€œdisgracedโ€ ones. Charlie is basically โ€œangelicโ€ by composition, and carries those traits, but was born and raised in Hell.

Everything In Angel Dust And Sir Pentious’ Back-And-Forth

“You Think You Can Buy Me With A Wink And Some Cheap Booze!”

“No, No, No, Babe. Jokes Are Funny. I Made You Look…Sad And Pathetic!”

“Traffic Is ‘Hella’ Backed Up.”

“Eh, You Win Some, You Lose A Few Hundred.”

“My Drugs!”

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“The Highlighted Parts Are The Best Bits!”

“Well, I Heard You Loud And Clear!”

“So Many Orphans…”ย 

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“I’m Alive!” ~~~ Best Hazbin Hotel Quotes

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