250+ Best Akira Quotes For Anime Lovers

The artstyle is impeccable as well. The hand drawn aesthetic really differs from the digital animation nowadays, and it is leagues better than how CGI is normally used in anime.

Best Akira Quotes From Anime Movies

โ€œTwin ceramic rotor drives on each wheel! And these look like computer-controlled anti-lock brakes! Wow, 200 horses at 12,000 rpm!โ€ – Tetsuo Shima

โ€œI customized that bike for myself! Itโ€™s too wild for you to handle.โ€ – Kaneda

โ€œIf you want one so bad, then steal one yourself.โ€ – Kaneda Shoutauro

โ€œWhy do you always have to try and save me? I could have handled it on my own. Yeah, I admit I’ve gotten beaten before, but I won’t always be on the receiving end, you hear that? You understand?โ€ – Tetsuo Shima

โ€œMy job isn’t to believe or disbelieve. It is to act or not act!โ€ – Colonel Shikishima

โ€œOh, that’s right! I forgot you were there. There, do you see, Kaneda? I won’t be needing you to come to the rescue again, okay? From now on, I’ll be in charge of the heroics. So, if you need any saving, just ask, Kanny.โ€ – Tetsuo Shima

โ€œThey were too scared, so they hid it away from the public. They forgot all shame and honor, cast off the civilization and science we had created, and shut the lid of the Pandora’s Box they themselves had opened.โ€ – Colonel Shikishima

โ€œHah! You don’t like what you’re hearing, do ya? Makes you angry? So what are you gonna do now? Well, Kaneda? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW?โ€ – Tetsuo Shima

โ€œI’m gonna send Yamagata his wheels.โ€ – Kaneda Shoutarou

Best Akira Quotes

โ€œKaneda, you’ve always been a pain in the ass, you know. You’ve been telling me what to do since we were kids. You always treat me like a kid. You always show up and start bossing me around, and don’t you deny it!โ€ – Tetsuo Shima

โ€œAnd now you’re a boss, too… of this pile of rubble.โ€ – Kaneda Shoutauro
Akira, Kaneda Shoutarou

โ€œKANEDA!โ€ – Tetsuo Shima

โ€œThat’s Mr. Kaneda to you, punk!โ€ Kaneda Shoutarou

โ€œYou called for me, didn’t you? And I heard you.โ€ – Kaneda Shoutarou
Akira, Kaneda Shoutarou, Kei, Kai

โ€œI…am Tetsuo!โ€ – Tetsuo Shima

When Kaneda pops out of the water and spits it out it had that goofy, cartoonish vibe to it but a literal second later the guy behind him gets half his face blown off in a brutal animation. Just a small moment that made my jaw drop


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