150+ Beautiful Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

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Most Iconic Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes


Star: This is our couch.
Barb: We’ve told each other so many things on this couch. Remember when you told me you
were afraid you were addicted to caramel? That was right here on this couch!
Star: Caramel squares. God, I’m glad that’s over.

Star: The reason why we’re acting a little funny about this couch is that, well, we love it. It’s
the truth.
Barb: We sit on it every day. It’s our talking couch, you know?
Sofa Customer: So you’re telling us not to buy the couch because you want to sit on it? At
Barb: That’s it. You get it. Yes.

Convertibles Bossman: Wait, Star, are you even supposed to be working today?
Star: Oh, I always come in when Barb works. She does the same. Don’t worry, you’re not
paying us to double.
Barb: Wait. I thought you were working today.
Star: No! I thought you were the one working.

Convertibles Bossman: But the good news is that the company is giving you severance.
Star: No. Severance? We don’t want to be severed.
Barb: No! Please! This job is our life! It’s our purpose. Where are we going to host
Convertibles Bossman: Well, you can… Wait, you come in here when the store is closed and
host your Thanksgiving dinners?
Star, Barb: No.

Barb: We’ll find another job. This small town’s full of places looking to hire women in their
Star: Yeah. That’s the attitude!
Barb: We’ll find something even better. I mean, we both have high school degrees.
Star: Well, you do.
Barb: Well, I don’t. I thought you did.
Star: Well, I don’t.

Mickey Revelet: [to Barb and Star] It’s this tiny little oasis on the coast of Florida. It’s people
like us. Mid-lifers who still like to strut past the pool and stop the party dead in its tracks with a
tube top and full jewelry. I’m not kidding. I feel like I got a soul-douche.

Mickey Revelet: And not that I was looking, but there are so many gorgeous men there. We’re
talking Tommy Bahama from head to toe.
Barb, Star: Tommy Bahama.
Mickey Revelet: Put that with a twenty-four hour CVS, and you got yourself a party.

Debbie: Before we begin, I just want to thank Barb and Star for hosting tonight’s Talking Club,
and for making their famous, usual hot dog soup. Again.
Star: You’re welcome.
Barb: It’s a simple recipe.

Debbie: Well, I love my job at the pharmacy. I get to play with the pills, and sometimes I shake
them along to the music.

Bev: Barb and Star? What about you guys? I mean, you guys work at the hottest place in town!
Barb: Maybe socks would be a good topic.
Star: Oh, yes. I love the socks without ankle.
Debbie: Barb, Star, the topic is jobs. Tell us about your jobs.

Debbie: Ladies, grab your purses, and pocket books.
Barb: No, Debbie, please.
Star: Isn’t there like a three-strike rule, or something?
Barb: Please, we won’t do it again. This is all we have left! Can we just have one more chance?

Star: Sometimes I daydream. About life outside of this place. Maybe something is telling us to
do something different.
Barb: Oh, my gosh. Yes.
Star: Yes? Oh!
Barb: Should we try those socks with individual toes?

Sharon Gordon Fisherman: Well, I’m going to make myself a “suicide”. Just a little bit of
root beer, traditional cola, just a touch of lemon-lime spritz, orange up, and my secret
ingredient, just a dash of lemon-infused iced tea. I like the extra bite. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

Barb: Whenever I watch those movies, where they’re in the 1800s. I can’t stop thinking, did
everybody just… Gosh, I don’t want to be rude.
Star: Stink?
Barb: Yes.
Star: Yes, I know. I think about it all the time.
Barb: They didn’t have deodorant!
Star: No.
Barb: They didn’t have toilets. They didn’t brush their teeth!
Star: Everyone had yellow teeth.
Barb: Yeah. Yellow teeth were just the regular color. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

Star: I had a dream that I made love with that man on the Pringles can.
Barb: What flavor of Pringles was it?
Star: Plain. I like everything plain. Just plain.
Barb: Plain Pringles are the best. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

Star: God, it’s so funny to think all the raccoons in the world are sleeping right now.
Barb: What?
Star: Listen, I don’t really know more than what I’ve already said. And some of what I said I’m
not even sure I actually know.

Star: Yeah.
Barb: What do they feel like? I’ve always wondered. I wonder how my toes will react. They’ve
always been together. I think they’ll like it.

Star: [referring to the brochure] Look at these two people. Look how happy they are. Imagine
that’s you and me riding on that banana boat. Just bouncing around, with our arms and legs
spread wide open, with water and air going all inside of us.
Barb: This is dangerous. Things happen to people on trips. What if we get lost, or poisoned, or
we get a rash? What if they put us in jail because they think we put drugs in our butts? What if
we fall out of a car? Have you heard of traveler’s diarrhea, Star? Your stomach doesn’t care
where you are, it just releases.

Star: We used to have fun. Remember that one time we went on a haunted hay ride?
Barb: And we got chased by that man with a Jack-o’-lantern head and a chainsaw.
Star: And then we heard later he wasn’t an actor. He just escaped from the local prison.
Barb: He was a real killer.
Star: Killer. He was trying to kill us.

Star: I mean, look all of our stories. They’re from the past. We don’t have any stories from now.
I feel like we’re fading away.
Barb: I don’t want to fade away.

Barb: Let’s do it.
Star: What?
Barb: I can’t believe I’m saying this. Let’s throw caution to the wind like a couple of rock and

Star: Barb.
Barb: Star.
Star, Barb: Let’s go to Vista Del Mar.

Barb: Well, I was not prepared for that take off.
Star: Me neither. Ma’am, I apologize for screaming at the top of my lungs.

Barb: To me, a woman named Trish is a woman you can count on.
Star: Really has her act together. Athletic, natural.
Barb: Just real natural. And loves the holidays.


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I’m going to make myself a suicide. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

After years of work I have developed genetically modified mosquitos and a way to control them.

Now no one can stop me, no one.

I love a man with a top hat. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

What if we fart on it? Lets fart right now.

I feel like I got a soul douche. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

Rule #1, no sneakers. Rule#2, no swearing except for the F word. And rule #3, no lying.

Should we try those socks with individual toes?

What if they put us in jail because they think we put drugs in our butts?

I feel like we lost our shimmer. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

I’m gonna bring those culottes I bought at Kaboom.

You should take a lover on this trip.

Everytime I think of frog legs, I think of Kermit riding his bike and how much he uses his legs.

Our evening culottes. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

You’re usually here and now you’re not.

611? We’re in room 124! ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

I’m Barb and this is Star and you are? ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

Words just fall out of her like air comes out of a… see I can’t do it.

I like looking at wicker but I don’t like sitting in it.

I’m getting sick of these mixed message.

You know it’s hard for me to show it but, I love you deeply.

I know I rode you guys like a couple of horses, up and down the hallway.

I think I just want to sit in tonight. Sit on the patio and practice my calligraphy. Maybe write a poem. And just have a couple of wheat thins and just cool it.

I’m a broken woman. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

Where do I begin? I was born in a hospital…

Wait for my call from this private number I am calling you from privately.

I’ve been thinking about you ever since this morning.

After that wild night with you something shifted in me, ya know?

Gosh I want to be a baby, I was so flexible then.

Barb: Trish loses one of her ears in a twister, but not her hearing.
Star: She’s a storm chaser.
Barb: Her mom doesn’t want her to be.
Star: Well, their relationship is tough. Trish has always wanted to be a portrait photographer.
She loves people. She would always say, “A person’s face says a lot about how they look.”
Star: [sitting by the empty pool at their motel] Gosh. This is peaceful.
Barb: I like how the stains everywhere look like designs.

Star: Men find me disgusting, and I’m okay with it.
Barb: Star, if I said it once, I said it a million times. You could model for effing Chico’s, and I’m
not just saying that.
Star: Chico’s? Come on. I wish.
Barb: Or Costco. I’m talking about the Kirkland brand.
Star: Kirkland? Oh, my God.

Barb: Every time I think of frog legs I think of Kermit riding his bicycle, and how much he used
his legs. He really needed them.
Star: He did. Oh, I feel bad now

You’ve set me free. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

I just wanted to come over and talk to you inside where your sheets are.

Carmine had a foot fetish and Dina has huge toes. My toes stopped growing after I was three months old. They’re like little pieces of rice.

Star that was amazing. It was really, really different.

I went for a walk with a turtle. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

They would call me names like pale girl, white devil and a**h*les.

He shoved me into the human cannon.

Feel free to make my teeth as big as you want, just really big.

Yep, it’s a fever. 137. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

It looks like Edgar is distracting himself.

Take my calloused hand. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

You can only be a friend if you are a friend to yourself first. That is where you find the truth.

The truth is you also are a Phoenix.

Remember, your shimmer is on the horizon.

I think your dong went all the way up and touched my heart.

I’m in a pickle little crab. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

I am going into the ocean tonight and I shall never return.

You are in for a real t*t flapper.

I’ve never been this happy. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

They’re not who they say they are, they’ve been playing you all along.

They are going to release deadly mosquitos that is going to fly into the crowd and sting everybody with their killer tails.

I thought I saw a burglar but it was a turtle.

I know all about your HPV. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

Killing people, that’s a lot. That is a little crazy.

Goodbye Barb and Star. Whoever you are.

Star: Sorry. The store closed! And the story we just told you about the delivery, and the men
coming, and the trucks, and the nightstands, and the fabric samples, and the couches, and the
tall guy, and the shorter guy that wasn’t as tall? That was a lie!
Debbie: We all know there are only three major rules in Talking Club. Rule number one, no
sneakers. Rule number two, no swearing, except for the F word. Rule number three, no lying.
You two are banned from the club.

Goodbye Vista Del Mar, you stupid place full of dummies.

I think you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, especially on the inside.

Barb and Star, they saved us all and now they’re gone.

I love you with all my fart. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes

I am Barb friggin Quicksilver and I have been delivered.

Friend is the best word of all.

It’s our shimmer. ~~~Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Quotes


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