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Best Quotes Of Arya Stark

If you’ve watched the Game of Thrones TV series, you’ve probably heard of Arya Stark. If you are looking for Arya stark quotes then you have come to the right place this post is just for you. All you have to do is read this post. If you have read this post in its entirety, you will get Quotes on a main character in Game of Thrones.

Do you want to know Arya stark quotes?

The popularity of Game of Thrones is growing so much that those who have seen Game of Thrones know it. So far, the number one TV series is Game of Thrones. Each season of Game of Thrones is presented to us in a different way. Be sure to let us know in the comment box which place you like best.

The name Arya Stark has shown us everything from the youngest to the oldest. We have seen all the methods of preparing oneself to go to war. If you read this post in its entirety, you will find quotes for other characters.


1. “Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.”
This quote, which Arya said as she murdered Walder Frey and the rest of his family, was pivotal in the show. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

2. “Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.”
Use this one whenever you’re feeling particularly melancholy. Anyone who knows the show will get the real meaning, though. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

3. “Not today.”
Your friends who don’t watch Game of Thrones might have no idea what you’re talking about, but any fan of the show will appreciate the meaning behind these two little words. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

4. “I am a wolf and will not be afraid.”
You might not be a member of the Stark family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel their energy. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

5. “I wasn’t playing. And I don’t want to be a lady.”
For every girl who can relate to having no desire to act like a “lady.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

6. “But I’m not a lady. I never have been. That’s not me.”
This is such an Arya quote. It shows that she’s not interested in being anyone’s lady… just her own person. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

7. “I know Death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.”
Is this one relatable? Not really, but it’s an iconic quote nonetheless. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

8. “The world doesn’t just let girls decide what they want to be. But I can now.”
Said to Sansa during their reunion, Arya reminds everyone that she is one of the most badass feminists on the show. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

9. “A girl has no name.”
Everyone gets this one, right? Right. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

10. “Our stories aren’t over yet.”
This is another quote Arya said to Sansa when they finally reunited and talked about what they had both been through. A pretty epic caption! ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

11. “Fear cuts deeper than swords.”
More words of wisdom from Arya that make for an awesome photo caption. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

12. “I don’t need saving.”
Arya didn’t, and you don’t either. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

13. “Tell them the North remembers.”
This probably in no one way relates to your life, but honestly… it’s just a great quote. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

14. “I’m Not A Lady. I Never Have Been. That’s Not Me.”

Arya establishes early on in Season 1 to Ned and others that she doesn’t want to be a “lady” in the way Westeros society expects her to be. Her turbulent character arch manages to come full-circle when Gendry requests she marry him, so the two can rule the Stormlands together.

Arya reestablishes her independent nature and fighter’s spirit by turning down his proposition and informing him that merely existing as the lady to some Lord isn’t in her character, nor does it fit into her aspirations. It’s a powerful line of dialogue, and largely solidifies Arya’s unique sensibilities of non-conformity. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

15. “I Can’t Sleep Until I Say The Names.”

As Arya and the Hound set camp and ready for some sleep, Arya begins to repeat the names of a seemingly random list of people as if it were a laundry list of important tasks to complete, or a math equation to recall.

Though, most who have followed the events of season 1 will be privy to the fact that these aren’t just randomly spouted names, but rather the people that have killed her loved ones. They are the people that she has targeted to exact revenge and kill. This is an eye-opening revelation by itself, but it’s followed up with this amusing line when The Hound tells her to can it. It shows, in an ever-so-subtle way, just how determined Arya is to get her vengeance, and presents a crystal-clear, singular focus for her character. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes


16. “Stick Them With The Pointy End.”

Arya is partly an embodiment of her father and brother Jon Snow – a fighter with the wolf-spirit of a Stark through and through. This quote stands as one of those enduring, ongoing quotes that Arya speaks which reminds us of her relationship with these Starks.

It was Jon who presented her with the sword she wields, Needle, and gives her this simple instruction in jest. She then tells it to her father, Ned, as a validation when confronted about the dangers of using the sword. Despite its simplicity, this is a charming call-back line that ties Arya to her family and reinforces her fighting nature. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

17. “With The Faces, I Can Choose. I Can Become Someone Else.”

During a particularly tense scene that (wrongly) hints of Arya and Sansa’s relationship developing a schism, the fiery Stark girl justifies her practice in the guild of the Faceless Men. She even establishes that she can become Sansa if she wanted to, which leads the viewer to question if she would do this? After all, Arya has undergone a somewhat dark transformation and has made a name for herself as a renegade assassin.

Alas, this turns out to be a misdirection, but it does provide a hint of sibling rivalry between Arya and Sansa. It also further illustrates the significance of the Faceless Men as a way to grant her the desire to separate and be someone else. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes


18. “A Bruise Is A Lesson… And Each Lesson Makes Us Better.”

In much the same way that the Stark girl quotes lines spoken by her family, she also shows her inspiration and devotion to Syrio Forel by speaking this inspirational line, a variant of “every hurt is a lesson, and every lesson makes us better.”

The bruise analogy certainly fits Arya’s dark, tragic history, along with her philosophy of overcoming hardships and becoming stronger through adversity. This quote has become iconic to the point of birthing t-shirts that display this empowering phrase. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

19. “I Know Death. He’s Got Many Faces. I Look Forward To Seeing This One.”

While Arya has little exposure to the White Walkers, even by the opening of the final season, she makes it clear to Gendry that she’s not exactly phased by an army of undead. She’s had close encounters with death, violence, and has herself slain many at this point, so what’s to fear about some ice zombies?

This is a clever quote that reinforces Arya’s strength, though it also serves as some foreshadowing for the otherwise surprising ending to “The Long Night” episode of season 8. In it, Arya leaps from the shadows and takes out the Night King, catching him off guard as he zeroes in on Bran. It seems her embracing of death has turned her into quite the effective assassin even managing to kill a manifestation of death itself. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes


20. “Nothing Isn’t Better Or Worse Than Anything. Nothing Is Just Nothing.”

Arya learns the mantra of “wiping the slate clean” and existing as “no one” when being initiated into the guild of the Faceless Men. This philosophical food for thought is certainly a representation of her character and place in the world during the middle of Game of Thrones.

Stripped of just about everything and everyone she loves, Arya faces little choice but to lose her own identity. After being trained and occasionally put through the wringer by Jaqen H’ghar and other Faceless Men, she’s is finally able to claim to be “no one” with sincerity. It’s this training in stealth, evasion, and emotional disassociation that allows her to develop further as a character and accomplish her goals of revenge. When asked who taught her to fight during a sparring match with Brienne, she cleverly answers, “no one.” No one, indeed. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

21. “The Last Thing You’re Going To See Is A Stark Smiling Down At You As You Die.”

There aren’t many feel-good moments in Game of Thrones that measure up to this bout of vengeance by Arya, especially after the grim events of previous seasons. After many episodes of anticipation building up to Arya’s sworn revenge of Walder Frey, we finally see her swift plot come to fruition.

This is an impactful line that displays Arya’s cunning as well as her relentlessness of exacting her own brand of vigilante justice. It’s a powerful moment for her character and yet another reminder that, despite her innocent appearance, Arya is not to be messed with. It also acts as a satisfying payoff of the trials and tribulations of learning the ways of the Faceless Men as she was able to disguise herself to get to Walder. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

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22. “It’s Where All The Maps Stop. That’s Where I’m Going.”

This heartfelt scene near the end of the Game of Thrones finale sees the remaining Stark children parting ways. For Arya, this means getting far away from the tragic losses and misery which she has borne witness. This doesn’t mean Essos, but to a distant land never before alluded and apparently not known. She’s going “west of Westeros,” but beyond this, her destination is not revealed. This illustrates that Arya doesn’t strive for the destination, but the journey itself, as well as to “escape” or become liberated.

It is a conclusion which somewhat parallels Frodo Baggins, who is another protagonist seeking to lift their burden. Arya is set to venture on her own, like the lone wolf she is. It’s a bittersweet ending for her, but one that feels fitting. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

23. “Leave One Wolf Alive And The Sheep Are Never Safe.”

One of Arya’s few quotes that actually surpasses the impact of her last line to Walder is when she addresses the Frey men disguised as Walder.

While season 7 as a whole received a tepid response from fans, it started off with a bang when “Walder Frey” addresses his men discussing the slaughtering of the Red Wedding bluntly. We soon discover this is not Frey, but actually Arya, as the men holding goblets of wine suddenly drop. The already powerful scene then closes out with this memorable line. It’s a neat little Stark-themed allegory that adds the exclamation point to a pivotal scene in Game of Thrones. ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

24. “Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

25. “It’s just a stupid sword,” she said, aloud this time…
… but it wasn’t.
Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

26. “Be careful you don’t cut yourself. The edges are sharp enough to shave with.’
‘Girls don’t shave’, Arya said.
‘Maybe they should. Have you ever seen the septa’s legs?”
―  A Game of Thrones ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

27. “She had never loved him so much as she did in that instant.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

28. “Go Ahead, call me all the names you want,” Sansa said airily. “You won’t dare when I’m married to Joffrey. You’ll have to bow and call me Your Grace.” She shrieked as Arya flung the orange across the table. It caught her in the middle of the forehead with a wet squish and plopped down into her lap.
“You have juice on your face, Your Grace,” Arya said.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

29. “I bet this is a brothel,” she whispered to Gendry.
“You don’t even know what a brothel is.”
“I do so,” she insisted. “It’s like an inn, with girls.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

30. “I wish I was home”, She said miserably.
She tried so hard to be brave,
to be fierce as a wolverine and all,
but sometimes she felt she was a little girl after all.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

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Arya Stark Famous Dialogue

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31. “An old man sat down beside her. “Well, aren’t you a pretty little peach?” His breath smelled near as foul as the dead men in the cages, and his little pig eyes were crawling up and down her. “Does my sweet peach have a name?”
For half a heartbeat she forgot who she was supposed to be. She wasn’t any peach, but she couldn’t be Arya Stark either, not here with some smelly drunk she did not know. “I’m . . .”

“She’s my sister.” Gendry put a heavy hand on the old man’s shoulder and squeezed. “Leave her be.”

The man turned, spoiling for a quarrel, but when he saw Gendry’s size he thought better of it. “Your sister, is she? What kind of brother are you? I’d never brought any sister of mine to the Peach, that I wouldn’t.” He got up from the bench and moved off muttering, in search of a new friend.
“Why did you say that?” Arya hopped to her feet, “You’re not my brother.”

“That’s right,” he said angrily. “I’m too bloody lowborn to be kin to m’lady high.”

Arya was taken aback by the fury in his voice. “That’s not the way I mean it.”

“Yes, it is.” He sat down on the bench, cradling a cup of wine between his hands. “Go away. I want to drink this wine in peace. Then maybe I’ll go find that black-haired girl and ring her bell for her.”

“But . . .”

“I said, go away. M’lady.”

Arya whirled and left him there. A stupid bullheaded bastard boy, that’s all he is. He could ring all the bells he wanted, it was nothing to her.”
― George R. R. Martin, A Storm of Swords ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

32. “You are Arya of Winterfell, daughter of the North. You told me you could be strong. You have the wolf blood in you.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

33. “She went to the window seat and sat there, sniffling, hating them all, and herself most of all. It was all her fault, everything bad that had happened.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

34. “The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter. We heard she killed the king with a spell, and afterward changed into a wolf with big leathery wings like a bat, and flew out a tower window.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

35. “You look different now. Like a proper little girl.”
“I look like an oak tree, with all these stupid acorns.”
“Nice, though. A nice oak tree.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

36. “I’m named Bella,” the girl told Gendry. “For the battle. I bet I could ring your bell, too. You want to?”
“No,” he said gruffly.
“I bet you do.” She ran a hand along his arm. “I don’t cost nothing to friends of Thoros and the lighting lord.”
“No, I said.” Gendry rose abruptly and stalked away from the table out into the night.
Bella turns to Arya. “Don’t he like girls?”
Arya shrugged. “He’s just stupid. He likes to polish helmets and beat on swords with hammers.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

37. “All the color had been leached from Winterfell until only grey and white remained. The Stark colors. Theon did not know whether he ought to find that ominous or reassuring. Even the sky was grey. The eyes of the bride were brown. Big and brown and full of fear. ” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

38. “Who are you?” he would ask her every day. “No one,” she would answer, she who had been Arya of House Stark, Arya Underfoot, Arya Horseface. She had been Arry and Weasel too, and Squab and Salty, Nan the cupbearer, a grey mouse, a sheep, the ghost of Harrenhal…but not for true, not in her heart of hearts. In there she was Arya of Winterfell, the daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn, who had once had brothers named Robb and Bran and Rickon, a sister named Sansa, a direwolf called Nymeria, a half brother named Jon Snow. In there she was someone…but that was not the answer he wanted.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes 

39. “And Arya… he missed her even more than Robb, skinny little thing that she was, all scraped knees and tangled hair and torn clothes, so fierce and willful. Arya never seemed to fit, no more than he had… yet she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now, to muss up her hair once more and watch her make a face, to hear her finish a sentence with him.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

40. “We had to throw rocks,” she said miserably. “I told her to run, to go be free, that I didn’t want her anymore. There were other wolves for her to play with, we heard them howling, and Jory said the woods were full of game, so she’d have deer to hunt. Only she kept following and finally, we had to throw rocks. I hit her twice. She whined and looked at me and I felt so ‘ashamed, but it was right, wasn’t it? The queen would have killed her.”
“It was right,” her father said. “And even the lie was… not without honor.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

41. “What do you know of my heart, priestess? What do you know of my sister?” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

42. “Desmond ushered the man inside. He was stooped and ugly, with an unkempt beard and unwashed clothes, yet Father greeted him pleasantly and asked his name.

“Yoren, as it pleases m’lord. My pardons for the hour.” He bowed to Arya. “And this must be your son. He has your look.”

“I’m a girl,” Arya said, exasperated. If the old man was down from the Wall, he must have come by way of Winterfell. “Do you know my brothers?” she asked excitedly. “Robb and Bran are at Winterfell, and Jon’s on the Wall. Jon Snow, he’s in the Night’s Watch too, you must know him, he has a direwolf, a white one with red eyes. Is Jon a ranger yet? I’m Arya Stark.” The old man in his smelly black clothes was looking at her oddly, but Arya could not seem to stop talking. “When you ride back to the Wall, would you bring Jon a letter if I wrote one?” She wished Jon were here right now. He’d believe her about the dungeons and the fat man with the forked beard and the wizard in the steel cap.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quote

43. “Slowly the shapes around her took on form. Huge empty eyes stared at her hungrily through the gloom, and dimly she saw the jagged shadows of long teeth. She had lost the count. She closed her eyes and bit her lip and sent the fear away. When she looked again, the monsters would be gone. Would never have been. She pretended that Syrio was beside her in the dark, whispering in her ear. Calm as still water, she told herself. Strong as a bear. Fierce as a wolverine. She opened her eyes again. The monsters were still there, but the fear was gone.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quote

44. “¿En qué piensas
cuando hueles nuestras velas, mi niña?

«En Invernalia —le podría haber respondido—. Huelen a nieve, a humo y a agujas
de pino. Huelen a los establos. Huelen a las risas de Hodor, y a Jon y a Robb
entrenándose juntos en el patio, y a Sansa cantando alguna canción idiota sobre alguna
bella dama. Huelen a las criptas donde están sentados los reyes de piedra; huelen a pan
caliente en el horno; huelen al bosque de dioses. Huelen a mi loba y huelen a su pelaje;
es casi como si la tuviera al lado.»” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

45. Olaotan Fawehinmi
“One of the very striking life lessons from Game of Thrones.
When Arya was blind; hopeless and helpless. The Waif lured her into multiple stick fights and the Waif would promptly beat Arya in every sparring match.
But through those stick fights, Arya learned to cope with her blindness and how to fight “in the dark.”
After Arya had regained her sight and Jaqen had granted the Waif’s wish to kill Arya. Arya confronted the Waif in a hideout and put out the only light in the room. Arya bests the Waif due to her proficiency in fighting without sight (which, ironically, was trained by the Waif). Arya killed her adversary.
― Olaotan Fawehinmi, The Soldier Within ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

46. “Nothing’ isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just… nothing.” Arya Stark”
― George R. R. Martin ~~~ Arya Stark Quote

47. “The Red Keep was full of cats: lazy old cats dozing in the sun, cold-eyed mousers twitching their tails, quick little kittens with claws like needles, ladies’ cats all combed and trusting, ragged shadows prowling the midden heaps. One by one Arya had chased them down and snatched them up and brought them proudly to Syrio Forel … all but this one, this one-eared black devil of a tomcat. “That’s the real king of this castle right there,” one of the gold cloaks had told her. “Older than sin and twice as mean. One time, the king was feasting the queen’s father, and that black bastard hopped up on the table and snatched a roast quail right out of Lord Tywin’s fingers. Robert laughed so hard he likes to burst. You stay away from that one, child.”
He had run her halfway across the castle; twice around the Tower of the Hand, across the inner bailey, through the stables, down the serpentine steps, past the small kitchen and the pig yard and the barracks of the gold cloaks, along with the base of the river wall and up more steps and back and forth over Traitor’s Walk, and then down again and through a gate and around a well and in and out of strange buildings until Arya didn’t know where she was.
Now at last she had him. High walls pressed close on either side and ahead was a blank windowless mass of stone. Quiet as a shadow, she repeated, sliding forward, light as a feather.
When she was three steps away from him, the tomcat bolted. Left, then right, he went; and right, then left, went Arya, cutting off his escape. He hissed again and tried to dart between her legs. Quick as a snake, she thought.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

48. “You’ll be sewing all through winter. When the spring thaw comes, they will find your body with a needle still locked tight between your frozen fingers.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

49. “Make me a water dancer and a wolf and not afraid again, ever.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

50. “Veloz Como un ciervo. Silenciosa como una sombra. El miedo hiere más que las espadas. Rápida como una serpiente. Tranquila como las aguas en calma. El miedo hiere más que las espadas. El hombre que teme la derrota ya ha sido derrotado. El miedo hiere más que las espadas. El miedo hiere más que las espadas. El miedo hiere más que las espadas”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

51. “I am a wolf and I will not be afraid” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

52. “Swift as a deer, quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Strong as a bear. Fierce as a wolverine. Fear cuts deeper than swords. The man who fears losing has already lost. Fear cuts deeper than swords.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

53. “Tangled in her blankets, she twisted this way and that in the cold dark room, but whichever way she turned, she saw the faces. They have no eyes, but they can see me. ” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

54. “She walked fast, to keep ahead of her fear, and it felt as though Syrio Forel walked beside her, and Yoren, and Jaqen H’ghar, and Jon Snow.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

55. “That was the best part, the dreaming. She dreamed of wolves almost every night. A great pack of wolves, with her at the head. She was bigger than any of them, stronger, swifter, faster. She could outrun horses and outfight lions. When she bared her teeth even men would run from her, her belly was never empty long, and her fur kept her warm even when the wind was blowing cold. And her brothers and sisters were with her, many and more of them, fierce and terrible and hers. They would never leave her.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

56. “Her clothes were almost dry by the time she reached the gatehouse. The portcullis was down and the gates barred, so she turned aside to a postern door. The gold cloaks who had the watch sneered when she told them to let her in. “Off with you,” one said. “The kitchen scraps are gone, and we’ll have no begging after dark.”
“I’m not a beggar,” she said. “I live here.”
“I said, off with you. Do you need clout on the ear to help your hearing?”
“I want to see my father.”
The guards exchanged a glance. “I want to fuck the queen myself, for all the good it does me,” the younger one said.
The older scowled. “Who’s this father of yours, boy, the city ratcatcher?”
“The Hand of the King,” Arya told him.
Both men laughed, but then the older one swung his fist at her, casually, as a man would swat a dog. Arya saw the blow coming even before it began. She danced back out of the way, untouched. “I’m not a boy,” she spat at them. “I’m Arya Stark of Winterfell, and if you lay a hand on me my lord father will have both your heads on spikes. If you don’t believe me, fetch Jory Cassel or Vayon Poole from the Tower of the Hand.” She put her hands on her hips. “Now are you going to open the gate, or do you need a clout on the ear to help your hearing?” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

57. “That’s no law, just a sword. Happens I got one too.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

58. “The wolf blood, Arya remembered now. I’ll be as strong as Robb, I said I would. She took a deep breath, then lifted the broomstick in both hands and brought it down across her knee. It broke with a loud crack, and she threw the pieces aside. ‘I am a dire wolf, and done with the wooden teeth.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

59. “You realize I had half my guard out searching for you?” Eddard Stark said when they were alone. “Septa Mordane is beside herself with fear. She’s in the sept praying for your safe return. Arya, you know you are never to go beyond the castle gates without my leave.”
“I didn’t go out the gates,” she blurted. “Well, I didn’t mean to. I was down in the dungeons, only they turned into this tunnel. It was all dark, and I didn’t have a torch or a candle to see by, so I had to follow. I couldn’t go back the way I came on account of the monsters. Father, they were talking about killing you! Not the monsters, the two men. They didn’t see me, I was being still as stone and quiet as a shadow, but I heard them. They said you had a book and a bastard and if one Hand could die, why not a second? Is that the book? Jon’s the bastard, I bet.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

60. “What were you doing to that cat, boy?” Myrcella asked again, sternly. To her brother, she said, “He’s a ragged boy, isn’t he? Look at him.” She giggled.
“A ragged dirty smelly boy,” Tommen agreed.
They don’t know me, Arya realized. They don’t even know I’m a girl. Small wonder; she was barefoot and dirty, her hair tangled from the long run through the castle, clad in a jerkin ripped by cat claws and brown roughspun pants hacked off above her scabby knees. You don’t wear skirts and silks when you’re catching cats. Quickly she lowered her head and dropped to one knee. Maybe they wouldn’t recognize her. If they did, she would never hear the end of it. Septa Mordane would be mortified, and Sansa would never speak to her again from the shame.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

61. “…But they were all dead now, even Arya, everyone but her half-brother, Jon. Some nights she heard talk of him, in the taverns and brothels of the Ragman’s Harbor. The Black Bastard of the wall, one man had called him. Even Jon would never know Blind Beth, I bet. That made her sad.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

62. “Ago era Robb, Bran, Rickon, sua madre, suo padre e anche Sansa. Ago erano le pareti grigie di Grande Inverno e le risate della sua gente. Ago erano le nevicate estive, le storie della vecchia Nan, era l’albero-cuore con le sue foglie rosse e il terribile volto scolpito nel legno, era l’odore caldo di terra dei giardini coperti, il vento del Nord che faceva sbattere le imposte della sua stanza. Ago era il sorriso di Jon Snow. “Mi spettinava e mi chiamava sorellina” ricordò, e d’un tratto le si riempirono gli occhi di lacrime.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

63. “Septa Mordane said boar hunting was not for ladies, and Mother only promised that when she was older she might have her own hawk. She was older now, but if she had a hawk she’d eat it. -Arya Stark” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes

64. “Ella le diría “Te echaba de menos”, y él también, al mismo tiempo, igual que antes, cuando siempre decían las cosas a la vez. Le habría gustado mucho. Le habría gustado más que nada en el mundo.” ~~~ Arya Stark Quotes


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