250+ Best Army Of The Dead Lost Vegas Quotes In English

Actually, Dieter is alive. If you have watch “Army of Thieves”, you’ll understand why he should be! Also, in an interview with Zack Snyder about the Army of the Dead 2 (aka Planet of the Dead), he said that “We haven’t seen him die, and I won’t tell what happens in part two.”

Additionally, he still need to find jailed Gwendoline (love interest in “Army of Thieves”). So it is very clear that Snyder still has plans to for this character

“I mean, think about it. Everything we did, all those people we saved, look what it got us. But what if, just once, we did something just for us?” ~ Scott Ward

“I’d say, “Who the hell do I got to kill?” ~ Mikey Guzman

“What would you say about making five hundred grand?” ~ Scott Ward

“Scott, you want to tell me what’s up with the kid, man? I mean, look at him. No offense, but he doesn’t exactly look like zombie killer material, does he?” ~ Vanderohe

“You will enter the city with a thirty ~ two hour window. Whatever zombies are still walking should be no problem for a gang of tough hombres such as yourselves.” ~ Bly Tanaka

“Sorry, sir. We’re not allowed to say that anymore. It’s “lemon squeezy” now.” ~ Dieter

“Try not to get nuked, or murdered by the undead.” ~ Kate Ward ~~~ Army Of The Dead Lost Vegas Quotes

“If I give you something bigger than that, Dieter, you’re already dead.” ~ Vanderohe

“It’s a goddamn zombie tiger. That’s crossing the line.” ~ Martin

“What’s it look like? Weren’t smart enough to get out of the sun. You should see what happens when it rains. For a few hours, they all come back to life.” ~ Lilly

“Are you kidding? We’re about to march into a sea of dead people and commit grand larceny. But excuse me for swearing.” ~ Kate Ward

“Well, we all know the basics. Zombies, shamblers, the undead, whatever you want to call them, when it comes to killing them, it’s all about the brain.” ~ Scott Ward

“Yeah, we’ll probably die. Some of us at least.” ~ Scott Ward

“If you coordinate, and communicate, this should be simple in ~ and ~ out.” ~ Bly Tanaka

“I’ve never left anyone I didn’t have to, or who didn’t deserve it.” ~ Lilly

I think it’s important to remember, especially with main characters, and especially if it’s set up to have more movies, that if you don’t see them get killed or if you don’t see a body, there’s a high chance they’re alive. The walking dead and others have pulled this so many times, I’ve learned a long time ago to be suspicious.

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