30 Best Alicia Sierra Quotes From Money Heist

I can’t hate her, her personality is too bold and confident and smart. I want to see more of her playing the chess game with the gang. I love the fact that the main antagonist is pregnant. I think I’ve never seen that before, she nailed it. The professor is chess. He plays in thinking ahead. Alicia is poker. She plays in bluffing and that’s why they’re really good opposites.

Iconic Alicia Sierra Quotes

“I look fat. I look fat!”

“Have you ever recorded yourself while having sex?”

“I want the queen of bitches here.”

“I want three things” names, sweets.

“Shoot first, and ask questions later.”

“Yes I’m positive, look at me. Super positive.”

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“My name is not Tatiana.”

There are no big battles without big opponents. 

“You love the sound of your own voice, don’t you? You’re like a radio presenter.”

“Shoot first, and ask questions later.”

“Yes, I’m positive. Look at me: super positive.”

“How is your bad-daughter complex going? Because – your mother – she can’t even be trusted to eat yogurt by herself.”

“If you’re calling to ask me what I’m wearing, press the hash key.”

“I wasn’t a bitch then. But I am now.”

“Checkmate, you son of a bitch.”

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