15+ Heart Touching A Silent Voice Quotes For Anime Lovers

A Silent Voice Sad Quotes❤️

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A Silent Voice Quotes

“I intended to listen to your voice, but it really was nothing but intentions. It’s pretty obvious, huh? Of course, there’s more going on than what people choose to tell you… But I convinced myself that was all there is to a person. I knew that, but still, I interpreted the stuff I didn’t understand about you in ways convenient for me… That’s just how I am.” – Shouya Ishida ~~~ A Silent Voice❤️

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A silent voice quotes short

“Things would have been so much better back then… If we had heard each other’s voices. I hate myself. I was selfish, and I never thought about anyone else’s feelings. Since then, my classmates have all looked down on me. I’ve lived for seventeen years, and I haven’t lived one of them as a good person. The only time I heard your voice was when we got into that fight. And what pisses me off the most is the fact that I haven’t changed at all since back then! But.,. But now, I think I can understand what you were saying… Nishimiya. Me and you… Can we be… friends? Shit!! I went way too far!! I was just gonna apologize and get out of here! Why the hell did I end up asking her to be friends?… Why did I even say that?! Jeez, that’s so embarrassing! How can you even say that?” – Shouya Ishida ~~~ A Silent Voice

“Back then, if we could have heard each other’s voices, everything would have been so much better.” – Shouya Ishida ~~~ A Silent Voice

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A Silent Voice Short Quotes

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A silent voice quotes

“No matter how good a person you think you’ve become…
…someday, you get what’s coming to you.”
― Yoshitoki Oima, 聲の形 5 [Koe no Katachi 5] ~~~ A Silent Voice

“Just what is a friend anyway? When do people start seeing each other as friends? When they first talk alone? When do they exchange contact information? When do they take a photo together? I’ll bet they know… what friends are.”
― Yoshitoki Oima, 聲の形 2 [Koe no Katachi 2] ~~~ A Silent Voice

A silent voice rating

“There is nobody to give your life meaning! You must grasp it yourself.”
― Yoshitoki Ōima, 不滅のあなたへ 2 [Fumetsu no Anata e 2] ~~~ A Silent Voice

“Bwaha! As long as you have love and a little masochism in you, you can beat a little thing like an allergy, can you not?”
― Yoshitoki Oima, 聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] ~~~ A Silent Voice

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A Silent Voice Love Quotes

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A silent voice shoya love interst

The umbrella I borrowed oh that’s surprising so our young lad has the manners after all that lad’s actually alas huh that’s Shoko’s little sister, I knew that the entire time ~~~ A Silent Voice

I’m guessing you have a cell phone too don’t you so do you ever text like with your friends um from your new school that’s great so uh anyone you want to meet I mean do you need anyone’s phone number, oh good maybe you’d like to have mine what’s that so from elementary school. ~~~ A Silent Voice

Silent voice characters name

special offer here you go special offer okay here you are please come and visit our special offer just give it a try meow meow club, oh wow I’d never have the guts to do that ~~~ A Silent Voice

guess they’re having fun maybe I should reunite her with Nauka as well yeah that may be the worst idea you’ve ever had on second thought I’ll pass here we are shall we meow meow club here we come welcome. ~~~ A Silent Voice

I just could not understand what she was saying what exactly did she say to you the moon it’s an easy enough word but her saying it didn’t make any sense I bet she was so annoyed well if you really want to know how she feels about you then I suggest you just ask her out if she says no you’ll have your answer I guess that you’re right. ~~~ A Silent Voice Quotes

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A Silent Voice Life Lessons

We are all fascinated by this anime because we can’t talk. What do those gestures mean. It is also good to see that others are practicing speaking by this gesture or finger. The boy also jumped to save the girl without giving up his life. You can also use these dialogs if you want to share your feelings with others.

A silent voice love story

why is soya lying in a hospital bed instead of you don’t you dare try to play the victim say something what you finally felt bad for all the problems you created for everyone so you decided to kill yourself and now all you can say is I’m sorry. ~~~ A Silent Voice

hey why are you crying I’m really glad you are okay don’t worry choco I am fine now I promise well more or less so stop looking so gloomy, okay oh yeah I want to tell you that I’m really sorry I never apologized for all the stuff I did to you when we were kids or any of the other stuff afterward ~~~ A Silent Voice Quotes

Shoya Ishida Quotes

There will come a time in this anime when two people will say sorry. Will start blaming himself. I still remember that time. Also, the two of them thinking about each other at the same time. And moving to the same place. It really touches the mind. If you also want to follow this anime movie and use the Selfish dialog or caption, it is for your convenience.

A silent voice love quotes

so I’m sorry but the thing is even though you were going through a lot I was being selfish and focused on myself more than anything I wanted to have a conversation with you I wasn’t trying to hurt you but I must have because I made you feel so bad about yourself that you decided to go and do the unthinkable no you’re wrong it’s because I couldn’t change. ~~~ A Silent Voice

I was so selfish I’m sorry please that’s not true don’t cry did you know we were talking a little while ago I was dreaming and in this dream, I was ready to just give up on everything but I was wrong, to be honest, I’ve thought about ending. ~~~ A Silent Voice

I want to apologize and make sure I do it right should I need some help from you I was hoping that maybe you could teach me how to live please. ~~~ A Silent Voice

A silent voice wallpaper

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