250+ The Best Chobits quotes From Anime Lovers

The Best Chobits quotes From Anime Lovers, I just wish the girl robot was age 28 years old but same size looking though . She looks too young for a 18 year old to like that way , so maybe he just means adorable instead of cute I’m guessing he was meaning all the time.

Sumono: [wakes up. Blows a whistle] Good morning! Let’s do the wakey wakey exercises!

Hideki: [feeling embarrassed after buying underwear for Chi] The store workers must think I’m such a pervert.

Chi: [Chi just learned a new word and identifies it with Hideki] Pervert. Pervert. Hideki is a pervert.

Hideki: [now feeling even more embarrassed] No, Chi, don’t say that word!

Hideki: Darn it all! I want my own computer! I want to send e-mail too! But more than anything, I want to see those Internet porn sites!

Hiromu Shinbo: Its a good thing I was careful and backed up all her data. If I had to buy new parts, i would’ve charged you for ‘um.

chobits quotes

Hideki: I dont have any money.

Hiromu Shinbo: You’d find a way.

Hideki: You’re a fiend!

Hiromu Shinbo: You know it!

Yumi: [Hideki silently commented on Yumi’s bust] I’m a D-cup.

Chi: Chii Understands.

Hideki: Oh?

Chi: Hideki’s dirt poor.

“My heart is only thinking of one person. Being able to make that person smile makes me very happy. Staying by that person’s side makes me very happy. {…} If that person is happy, I will also be happy. He is different from others. He is special.”

“Chi… only wants one person. Just one person… the “someone just for me.” No one but the “someone just for me” can touch me.”

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