200 Best Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Quotes

200 Best Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Quotes, This is the most important talk between Tifa and Cloud [Final Fantasy – Advent Children]. It is so important because Tifa says what she thinks about Clouds behavior [He never wants to talk to anyone, but he complains about that he’s so alone].

And that made Cloud confident. Tifa has been portrayed as the girl who always put others’ feelings before hers. She always care about those around her and that is what makes her so sweet.

I pity you. You just don’t get it at all. There’s not a thing I don’t cherish! to Sephiroth

I said I’d live out both our lives. Easy to make that promise. (English version)

I think my burden has lightened. (Japanese)

I think… I want to be forgiven. Yes, I want to be forgiven…

I think… I want to be forgiven…More than anything. (English version)

I will…never be a memory…

I wonder which one Mother will choose… Sephiroth or me?

I’m just a puppet after all… Just the same as you used to be! to Cloud

I’m not fit to help anyone. Not my family. Not my friends. Nobody.

I’ve thought of a wonderful present for you…shall I give you despair?

It doesn’t matter who she picks you’ll all meet the same end! Mother came to this planet after a long journey… To rid the cosmos of fools like you. (English Version)

It’s been a while, Cloud (Japanese version, same as above)

It’s unbearable, to think that Mother might want Sephiroth more than me!

Marlene is safe, right?

Vincent Valentine: …I’ve never tried.

Cloud Strife: Never… tried…

Cloud Strife: [to Marlene] Marlene, let’s go home.

Cloud Strife: [to Vincent] Well, I’m going to try.

Cloud Strife: I’ll phone in the verdict.

Cloud: But…I let you die.

Aerith: Dilly dally, shilly shally! Isn’t it time you did the forgiving?

Cloud: Stay where you belong… in my memories.

Sephiroth: I will… never be a memory.ย 

Cloud: What’s this about “Mother”?

Rufus: Oh, did Kadaj say that? Well, it’s not a surprise. All children wish to see their mothers. I understand there are orphans living with you. Don’t you want to put smiles back on their faces?

Cloud: … I don’t know.

Reno: C’mon! With you help, together we can rebuild Shin-Ra!

Cloud: Not interested…

Rude, Rufus: Reno!

Kadaj: Brother! I’m with her at last!.

Cloud Strife: So what’s going to happen now?

Kadaj: [giggles] Mother’s going to tell me.

Cloud Strife: Hmph. I guess a remnant wouldn’t really know.

Kadaj: So what if I’m a puppet.

Kadaj: Once upon a time…

Kadaj: …you were too!!

Reno: Hey, partner.

Reno: This thing, uh, got any bite to it?

Rude: Shin-Ra technology at its finest.

Reno: Oh, so you made this?

Rude: If nothing else it’s… Flashy.

Reno: [smiles] Oh good…

Rude: You love it, I know.

Reno: Looks like today we’re clockin’ out early…

Reno: Mother, shmother. It’s Jenova’s friggin’ head!

Loz: Hey!

Yazoo: We will not have you refer to Mother like that.

Loz: You meanie!

Rude: Our apologies.

Reno: Yeah, your ma’s coolโ€”wait, what the hell am I saying?!

Rufus: Besides, you’re an ex-SOLDIER aren’t you?

Cloud: Hmph…In my head…

Sephiroth: [amused] Where did you find this strength?

Cloud Strife: I’m not about to tell you!

Sephiroth: Good to see you, Cloud. [Throws Cloud to the top of a building and follows him] Your geostigma is gone. That’s too bad.

Cloud Strife: Sephiroth, what do you want?

Sephiroth: The last thoughts of Geostigma’s dead. Those remnants will join the lifestream and girdle the planet: choking it, corroding it. What I want, Cloud, is to sail the darkness of the cosmos with this planet as my vessel, just as my mother did long ago. [Turns the sky clouded] Then one day, we’ll find a new planet and on its soil we’ll create a shining future.

Cloud Strife: What about this planet?

Sephiroth: Well, that’s up to you, Cloud.

Vincent: Kadaj is a remnant of Sephiroth. Think of him as some sort of larval form.

Yuffie: LARVA?! You mean he’s some kind of insect?!

Cait Sith: Lassie, shut yer gob.

Yuffie: Alright, who’s been touching my materia?

Tifa: The bad guys, naturally.

Yuffie: Ohhhhhhhh! [Attacks Bahamut Sin]

Yuffie: Cloud, I brought you materia! [airship rocks] Hey, watch it!

Barret: Yo, Cid, park this turkey!


Cid: Shut up! You want off, then jump! Get off my back!

Yuffie: I don’t get it! Why can’t we help out?!

Cid: This is man talk.

Yuffie: Sexist! SEXIST!!

Cait Sith: Crikey, lassie, shut yer muuth!

Barret: The men don’t get it either.

Tifa: Two years ago…think of all the strength we had when we fought that last battle. It’s only been two years, but already, that feeling is gone. But, I think Cloud’s found it again.

Barret: Tch…he’s got 10 minutes.

Yuffie: That Cloud’s a royal pain in the ass, like always.

Tifa: [Smiles] Cloud is Cloud.

Reno: Holy…

Rude: …shit.

[Rufus pulls away his blanket to reveal the case with Jenova’s remains] Kadaj: Mother!

Rufus: A good son would have known.

[Sephiroth stabs his sword into Clouds right shoulder] Sephiroth: Tell me what you cherish most.

[Cloud grips Sephiroth’s sword] Sephiroth: Give me the pleasure of taking it away…

[Cloud, remembering his loved ones, pulls Sephiroth’s sword out of his arm] Cloud: I pity you. You just don’t get it at all. There’s not a thing I don’t cherish!

Again? Why does everyone keep calling me their mother lately?

Are sins ever forgiven…? To Vincent

But… I let you die… To Aerith

Dilly dally, shilly shally. (English) to Cloud

Good to see you, Cloud. (English Version)

He doesn’t plan to fight at all. (English) To Marlene when she asks Tifa about Cloud at the church

I decided to live for both of us. Yeah, that was my decision, but… to a deceased Zack

I dont want to talk to you anymore, put the President on.

I feel lighter. Maybe I lost some weight with all that dilly-dallying. (English)

I know; I’m not alone. Not anymore…

I never blamed you, not once. You came for me. That’s all that matters. to Cloud

Mother has given me a very special gift. The power to fight… against a planet that torments humanity. She gave this gift to all her children. Thats right, you and I are bretheren! Chosen by Mother when we inherited her genetics through the lifestream! But.. the planet doesn’t approve of that at all! Its doing everything it can to hold us back. Thats why its racking our bodies with pain and filling our hearts with doubt. Now, I will heal you. And we will go to Mother together. We will join as a family, and strike back at the planet! …Do as I do. To children

My reunion. I bet you’re dying to watch… to Cloud, after he abosorbs Jenovas cells

No giving up! When giving Cloud a boost so he can fight Bahamut SIN

No, I don’t think he has the will. (Japanese) To Marlene when she asks Tifa about Cloud at the church

Ohh…where did you find this strength? to Cloud

On your knees… I want you to beg for forgiveness!

See? Everything’s alright. (English) to Cloud

So what if I’m a puppet. Once upon a time… You were too! (English) to Cloud

Somehow, I knew you were there. Thank you. English version of above

Stay there for me, trapped in memories…(Japanese) To Sephiroth

Stay where you belong: in my memories… To Sephiroth

Stop running! I know… Even if you find the kids, you might not be able to help them. Maybe something could happen that can never unhappen. That scares you, doesn’t it? But you need to think about now. Really take it in! Look at you: you think you’ve got it so damn hard. Well, you hate being alone, so let people in! Sure, you may not answer the phone, but I don’t see you throwing it away, either! (English) To Cloud

Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away. to Cloud

Tell me, have we lost to a memory? (Japanese) To Cloud

The last thoughts of the geostigma’s dead. Those remnants will join the Lifestream and girdle the planet. Choking it… corroding it. What I want, Cloud, is to sail the darkness of the cosmos with this planet as my vessel, just as my mother did long ago. Then one day we’ll find a new planet. And on its soil, we’ll create a shining future.

This man is our Brother, too! Unfortunately, he’s what you’d call a black sheep. To children, about Cloud

Those strong feelings we had two years ago during the final battle… It seems as if they have dulled somewhat two years down the road. But now it seems as if they’ve been resurrected in Cloud. To the others in the Shera airship

To Rufus Shinra

Too bad; I’m a delivery boy now. To Rufus

Two years ago… think about the strenght we had when we fought that last battle. It’s been only a couple of years, but already that feeling is gone. But Cloud… I think he’s found it again. (English) To the others in the Shera airship

Well, that’s up to you Cloud.

Which is it? A memory, or us? (English) To Cloud

Wuddup, fool?! It’s Barret! I AM the man! Oil, Cloud! I just found the biggest, damn oil field you ever seen! Surveyin’s done, so I should be able to get out there and see Marlene soon. You let her know, alright Spiky?! after Cloud fights off Loz and Yazoo for the first time (English version)
Yeah, but… That hasn’t stopped Denzel, has it? Don’t run! Let’s fight it together! We can help each other, I know we can! (English) To Cloud after she finds out he has given up

Yo Cid, park this turkey!

Yo, this is Barret! I did it man! It’s a new oil field. Oil-fie-ld! It’s a real big one! (Japanese)

You came… Even though you’re about to break. That’s a good sign. So… Why did you come? to Cloud (English)

You see this man, he’s our big brother. But alas, in our happy flock, he’s what you’d call a black sheep. English version of above

You were there for him all along, weren’t you? Thank you. to Aerith, after Sephiroth’s defeat

You’re all right now, aren’t you? to Cloud

Your geostigma is gone. That’s too bad. to Cloud

Zuru zuru zuru zuru. (Japanese onomatopoeia for dragging) to Cloud

Zack: Cloud, run!

Zack: We’re friends, right Cloud?

Shinentai: Body of thoughts/will

Aerith: You came…even though you’re about to break…That’s a good sign. So…why did you come?

Cloud: I think…I want to be forgiven…More than anything…

Aerith: By who…?

Cloud Strife: [drifting in and out of consciousness; Aerith’s hand caresses his forehead] Mother…?

Aerith Gainsborough: Another one? Why is everyone calling me their mother lately?

Zack Fair: I guess they must be fond of you.

Aerith Gainsborough: [laughs] This one’s too big to adopt.

Zack Fair: [to Cloud] Tough luck, friend. It seems you don’t have a place here.

Cloud Strife: Are sins ever forgiven?

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